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  1. Robb: Wylla Manderly Sansa: Willas Tyrell Arya: Trystane Martell or Edric Dayne Bran: Myrcella Baratheon Rickon: A northern daughter who may not be born yet. Jon: If Jon were to marry, I like the idea of Mya Stone like others have suggested. But I think it's more probable that Ned expected him to join the Night's Watch.
  2. Candor

    So, what's your head canon?

    1. R+L = J. I just think there's too much set up for it to be any other way, but we'll see. 2. Aegon is Fake Aegon. 3. Sansa is directly responsible for LF's downfall. I would be disappointed otherwise, tbh. 4. SweetRobin survives the series. 5. Jaime survives his brush with Lady Stoneheart but dies in the war against the Others in some heroic fashion. 6. Tyrion and Jaime are both not the Valonquar. If I had to say who it will be, my vote is on Arya. 7. Dany comes to Westeros in TWoW and brings some other characters who are in Essos with her... 8. Westeros is divided back into several kingdoms by the end of the series or becomes more democratic. There will not be one ruler over it all. 9. Samwell will be the last POV in the series, and will be writing a book on the Great War, titled, A Song of Ice and Fire. 10. Sansa is the Stark who remains in Winterfell, despite being the one who initially wanted most to be anywhere but WF. 11. Jon will die three times in total, the third being his last. 12. Dany will have a living child. 13. Cleganebowl will happen, and Sandor will prevail, after overcoming his fear of fire to slay his brother. 14. Arya survives the series, but decides to leave Westeros after the Great War. 15. When the Night King is defeated/dies, so is Bran. I think they're linked somehow. These are just a few I hold close to my heart.
  3. Candor

    Do you think....

    Oh, I'm sure there will be some disappointment. There always is with the show when I compare it to the books because there's no way the show can balance as many characters and subplots as the books do, which makes the world overall richer. And there's always the chance that along the way, a character I root for dies, or has something otherwise horrible happen to them... But mostly? I'm excited just to see the culmination of everything the plot has been building toward. I think I'll enjoy it more than I will be disappointed by it. It'd be more depressing if we were already done with the books too, and that was "it" for the series as a whole.
  4. Candor

    Best Season Ending

    I had a lot of issues with Season 5, but the ending did get me good. Even though I knew what was coming for Jon, I still went 'oh crap.'
  5. Candor

    Who will wield Heartsbane in season 8?

    If D&D remember Heartsbane, my money is on it going to Sandor. He needs a weapon that's effective against WW's, and I doubt Sam is going to be making use of the sword anyway. Someone who can use it properly needs to have it. Sandor could also use it in Cleganebowl, which seems likely to be happening, so there you go. Jorah could get it but I somehow doubt it. And sad to say, but I have a feeling he's not going to be with us very long, so perhaps a nice dragonglass dagger will tide him over until the time comes.
  6. Candor

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    I fully expect there to be some conflict between Sansa and Dany at the beginning of the season. Sansa will likely be adamant about the idea that Jon shouldn't have bent the knee, and she'll probably be embroiled in making sure this decision doesn't blow up in everyones' faces with the Northern lords. Not sure what she can do on that front, but I have a feeling that's going to be her task at first. It will make her resent Dany until Dany can prove her worth. Do I think things will blow over between them? Yes. I think it won't be until after the NK attacks WF though... Perhaps Dany's conduct during said battle will get Sansa to realize what she's there for, that she's trying to make common cause with the living. The question is does Bran reveal Jon's parentage early on, or is it a later reveal? Because that in itself will be a big revelation, and will give people a lot to mull over - is Jon even the leader they want in the North? Should the North remain independent? What does this mean for Jon/Dany as individuals and as a relationship? My gut feeling for Sansa's reaction to this info would be that she would be at first shocked, but then pensive. I think it will take time, but she will continue to support Jon as her family, even if he is just a cousin, not a half brother. I think family has become increasingly important for Sansa over time, and it would take a lot to shake that for her now. I expect her to be loyal.
  7. I'd have to say Brienne and on the guy's side, probably Sam. Smuggling aside, I'd almost want to make a case for Davos. He seems pretty purehearted, a simple guy who tries to do the right thing when he can.
  8. Candor

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    In the finale, I'd like to see something that hearkens back to this quote: Basically, seeing the "next generation" showing signs that they emulate the current generation. For instance, Jon/Dany's child not being burned by boiling water, Sansa's child being the spitting image of a little Arya (that would be funny), or little Sam wanting to be a wizard, just like older Sam. I just like how history repeats itself, or seems to. For the actual last words of the series, I'd love it to be something about the Citadel declaring that fall/winter is starting. To strike a suspenseful tone by heralding the end of spring/summer days. Because then it'd be like oh great, what is going to happen this time?
  9. Candor

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    For the battle sequence alone, a 10. The rest, whatever, I'm taking it out of the count. Though Cersei licking water off the ground was pretty satisfying. Also I'm glad to see Arya again, even if for some really ridiculous reason they changed her name to Lana/Lanna?? I like Sansa verbally bitch-slapping Theon in the beginning of their scene but how it ended was kind of lackluster. I wish more had happened, or we had gotten what happened after Theon left. Was really hoping for a weirwood scene or something more than what we got. Also liked: Qyburn: "The work continues." dun dun dun frankenstein a comin' Sam: "Jon... he always comes back." Are you trying to spoil the cliffhanger from the last book Sam? really? That's not cool, man. Night's King with his 'come at me bro' pose at the end. Lol what the hell? Tyrion and Dany was about what I'd expect, so I was content. Didn't like: OLLY. Oh my god end my misery and please stop the overuse of this character. As stated above, end to Theon - Sansa scene wasn't all I hoped for. Ramsey: "I'll need 20 good men." Great so we're going to see some guerilla mission to go mess up Stannis' life? I suppose that would explain the footage of his tents burning. Maybe they just vandalize. Either way I don't have high expectations for this... :dunno:
  10. Candor

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Strangely, I found myself not hating the Sand Snakes this episode, though the fact that they shared a scene with Bronn likely helped... kudos to Jerome Flynn, who does have a lovely voice, the scene opening on him singing cracked me up pretty good. Tyene's sorta introduction in that scene was played out much better than Obara's earlier in the season with her uh, monologue. Which means we're due for some sort of exposition about Nymeria soon? If the trend continues, anyway. I was most struck by Jonathan Pryce's portrayal of High Sparrow this episode. He's been good all season but he really got to shine this week. So glad they included the few and the many dialogue, and you get a sense of doom when he says to Cersei, "what will we find when we strip away your finery?" That whole scene was excellently acted. I also finally felt like I was getting a taste of the unadulterated Book!Cersei this week, with minimal whitewashing, which was a treat. Having her be the last scene in the episode was a fine choice. Also notable in King's Landing was Tommen. I liked his actor this time around, particularly his line, "I love her... I can't save her." He may be under the spell of his wife, but it was nicely portrayed all the same. Made even sadder by the fact that his mother is actually ruining what happiness he thinks he has by her machinations, and she says she does it all for him. :drunk: SO GLAD the fucking candle in the window thing can die now, I knew that shit wasn't going to work out. I really hope Sansa can think of some way to get herself out. She's working on Theon, which I'm almost glad for because in a way she's rescuing herself by trying to use him as her way out, she doesn't have to be 100% the damsel (I'm grasping at straws here but jfc I don't want her just to be powerless and saved by someone else through no wits of her own...). By next episode's preview I have a feeling she's going ot have to think of a Plan B, C, etc. But, this episode she did still prod at Ramsey about his coming baby brother, which makes me wonder if she will get to have some sort of revenge on the Boltons (even if the target ends up being Fat Walda :frown5: ) though pushing his buttons. Also, I missed it, but during the scene with Ramsey, she grabbed something... was it a weapon or... ? I imagine it'll come into play, so I'll have to rewatch that part. The biggest oh hell no moment for me was Melisandre bold as brass suggesting to Stannis right out hey let's burn your daughter alive. I thought for sure she'd get that idea going through Selyse, but she brings it to Stannis who's like yeah no, get out of my tent. I'm blindly hoping that means he keeps Shireen safe, knowing that's Melisandre's goal. Up til now the show has more subtly (sorta) hinted at Shireen's death, but now that it's out in the open I wonder if it won't happen? Finally, yay Ghost came back!! But that also means he didn't go to Hardhome with Jon... :crying: And Tyrion met Dany. Holy shit, but that's awesome!
  11. Candor

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    A 9/10. I mark it down because of overuse of Chekov Olly (every two seconds the camera panned back to him I mean come on, even the Unsullied watching with me are like "Ok who the hell is this kid??"), the entire thing with Edd being a dissenter now, along with some minor things... I have to say though, I was very impressed by the episode overall and it's by far my favorite this season.
  12. Overall I loved this episode, but the scenes I didn't, I feel very strongly about.
  13. 9/10. Overall I'm still reeling from the WTF of certain parts, so on pure entertainment value.... but there were a lot of things I liked, regardless. Took off a point for Chekov's Olly and the continuation of the GW/Missandei love saga (I felt myself not caring so much I left the physical world for a bit)
  14. I'm back........ but not in black. Shoot I didn't plan this whole comeback thing well, now did I?

  15. こんにちは。