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  1. Not a great day for the Aussies but hardly surprising.
  2. Could have won it, but just lack any class up front.
  3. ants

    WC2018: which game to watch? (No spoilers!)

    If people can keep posting, it is really appreciated. The games are mostly overnight Australian time, so on weekdays I can usually only catch up on one match. If we're nominating past matches, apart from the ones mentioned I thought Iceland vs. Argentina was good. Really gripping through to the end to see what would happen, and a few twists along the way. Obviously a few days late now on this!
  4. Fought hard but no cutting edge and they’ll the better side. Could have got a draw, but can hold our heads high.
  5. I’m so nervous. Heart in mouth to see if we can hold on.
  6. Did he get a card for that handball? It was deliberate, and stopped Jedinak trying to head a goal.
  7. Half time. That could have gone a lot worse. By the way, that Sainsbury “shot” came off the defender didn’t it?
  8. Well, France vs Australia is about to start. I’ve got enough drinks to match whatever France do to us via alcohol. Really hoping for the multiple miracles we’ll need just to get a draw.
  9. ants

    Debt to Society Paid?: Luke Heimlich

    Hmm, I thought it was just well known fact... lol!
  10. ants

    Debt to Society Paid?: Luke Heimlich

    Huh? Is that even being debated? I mean, I thought that was a the crux of half the bad outcomes for poor people, especially minorities, in the criminal system. That because of combinations of needing to stay in jobs, not being able to attend court, poor representation and other factors that heaps of (poor) people plead guilty to charges that they are innocent of or have a reasonable chance of winning. And then there are those who make tactical decisions to plead guilty. Or where they're innocent, but they can't prove it. Isn't this pretty well known and accepted???? Isn't this the crux of many debates on whether people should fight to the end, or take a compromise that they then have to plead guilty on?