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  1. So who is more stupid- Ajax or MU?
  2. That’s going to be a problem for any player brought in. Doesn’t mean that MU shouldn’t buy anyone though.
  3. I don’t get the issues with the Lucifer contest that a number of people have raised. Is this a comic vs adaptation thing?
  4. Not read the source material, but loved the show. Good Omens is one of my favourite series so fantastic to see another quality Gaiman TV show.
  5. Click on sign-up, then the cross in the top left, and it’s all good. I can read the full threads and I’m not on twitter.
  6. This seems to be the reverse. Its the civil service making the ministers accountable under the laws they passed.
  7. So I assume that means he’ll beat May’s days in office record?
  8. Brilliant series, Murderbot is such a captivating character. Just a shame the books are expensive.
  9. I’m saying the moderate libs in moderate seats did zilch to curb Scomo’s right wing agenda and got voted out as a result. They didn’t represent their electorates.
  10. I’d rate the October Daye series as amongst the better UF series out there. Good writing, good characters and a strong underlying arc.
  11. At the end of the day, they got punished for not representing their electorate. Whereas more right winglibs did represent their members.
  12. Feels like this is a good get for City, and relatively cheap. Surprised others of the big clubs didn’t go harder.
  13. I was under that impression, that the constitution sets out where Federal powers apply. Obviously with current interpretation of those clauses. Is that incorrect? On whether a federal abortion law would have stood up on its own without Roe vs Wade, I’m not saying this case said anything one way or another. It didn’t need to. But if such a law had been in effect the decision would have had to deal with it (as the federal law would contradict the new state laws) and I feel this court would have found against it.
  14. Which, given that would be decided by the SC would have had to be resolved in the same case and would have presumably been thrown out when the SC overturned Roe vs Wade.
  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but such a piece of legislation would have been superseded by this SC decision anyway. The Federal government can only legislate where the constitution says it can, which doesn’t include abortion. It does include rights, so they could legislate while Roe v Wade was in effect; but when the right ended this became state jurisdiction again. Any such legislation would become void.
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