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  1. Although I definitely think this money should be spent and invested, those acting like government spending/debt creation has no consequences is weird. Also spending when the economy is tanking is very different to spending when there is low unemployment.
  2. Oh, my school didn’t give a shit about sporting careers. It was just if one of the kids did well at sport they’d talk them up, while ignoring any other type of success. The school was 100% white.
  3. The advantage is being in a group which will value success. One where the teachers presumably give a damn. Rather than a shitty government school where half the teachers treat it as just a job, most of the class have no major ambitions, unless you’re good at sport there is no acclaim, and most of the class will deride you for trying to learn and do well. I finished top 2% in Victoria in my year so you can do it. But I also swore if I ever had kids I’d never send them to a standard government school. And my parents were upper middle class so I had significant non-school support and encouragement.
  4. Sounds to me like they just think it would be easier and quieter if he didn’t ref a Liverpool match. Otherwise all the talk and a lot of fan focus will be on him. I wouldn’t read more into it.
  5. comparing a World Cup to the Olympics is ridiculous. Most countries make a fortune off world cups and similar tournaments as you only have to house 32 teams and usually have existing infrastructure. The Olympics, Commonwealth games and similar events are money pits because you’re having to host hundreds of athletes, use a huge number of venues, staff and security on all of them, and the ratio of tourists to competitors is much lower, while infrastructure is more expensive with less reusability.
  6. I would argue that any deserve what is being proposed. But even if they were, as a society being willing to provide that ‘worst’ let alone deriving pleasure from it is pretty sickening.
  7. I find the enjoyment many get at the idea of prison being a brutal punishment where the incarcerated are beaten and/or raped on a regular basis pretty sickening. It is a shame it is such a common view in the west.
  8. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of how much I post, that I missed something in the Me Too comparison, or something else! But taking it as the first, I usually post a little in the UK politics thread, 1-3 times per 20 pages? So, been around but post less.
  9. None of this as you describe it is synonymous with the me too movement. It never said you can’t have a relationship with a power imbalance. Just the question at work and related spheres. You’re also the only one talking about sex, the link you gave doesn’t make that claim. Frankly, without more information it seems a hatchet job. now, the claims about harassment by BBC staff is absolutely Me Too, and if shown to be factual he should have the book thrown at him.
  10. Although I absolutely agree with this, it is also worth noting Australian households weren't as leveraged in 2011, and so weren't as sensitive either.
  11. Is there really much evidence that China has territorial (versus influence) ambitions beyond Taiwan and its immediate borders? I would have thought the trade issues you raise would mean China's main goal after Taiwan would be to gain control via influence, not force.
  12. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Taiwan did choose to begin joining China. Would that completely nullify US/China military tensions? Would it actually impact world GDP one iota? Certainly from an Australian perspective it would actually be a fantastic outcome if it reduced tensions significantly. Which then raises the question, is there an incentive for the US to abandon Taiwan?
  13. It is usually also a symptom of the rich being better at minimising recognised income. Such as being allowed to use trusts. One thing I like in Australia is that capital gains are (mostly) recognised as income and taxed at the same rates. I hate this. We need a review of our entire tax system, including the PHI rebates, superannuation, pensions, trusts and mortgage bonuses. It's been too long since it was all reviewed as a holistic whole.
  14. The logic of both are astoundingly bad. For the Voice, even if she was right about New Zealand, how would that be relevant for the Voice given there will be no veto powers? And for the statement above by Paxter, it's the left who are the ones who do care about indigenous incarceration rates.
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