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  1. That would be really good news.
  2. I really really hope this is fake news or just mistaken. If not, is this WW3 opening up?
  3. But can’t they still invest in market eaters or through government organised investment managers so they don’t know what they’re stocks are in?
  4. I think there can be a debate about what is best. The problem is the more you dig into it, the more you realise the flaws of direct representation and why proportional allocation is much better (for fair representation across an area. Obviously it weakens the bonds to small constituencies).
  5. Isn’t the point she should have managed to take the test 30 minutes before the meeting so she knew the results before starting?
  6. Was that the production where Zouma had the lead role? I believe other versions had much higher production values.
  7. Well, the Catholic priest ones didn’t operate (mostly) like that. It was far more siloed, probably because they had plentiful access to victims. And like the Catholic priests, I expect those covering for them were doing so because they were “good people “ or to protect institutions ahead of victims, rather than because they were participants. The Catholic Church system shows insight into how this can work institutionally.
  8. I’ve not seen it, only heard it described. But wasn’t the rule change to explicitly allow this? If it’s accidental contact and your not the one who scores the goal, it’s allowed. There was a hole lot of talk preseason that if you accidentally touch it, pass it off to a teammate to score.
  9. We’ve got 92%. Mandatory voting rocks. Also love preferential voting and an upper house that is proportional. The upper house has fixed seats by state, so people have mixed views on that.
  10. That may not be the basis on which you voted, but it is the basis on which the system is setup and runs. So as @Mormont said, it is exactly what is intended by the system.
  11. Doesn’t FFP mostly affect eligibility to play in Europe? If so, why should Everton worry about it? When was the last time VAR outright overruled the umpire except for offside? It’s getting ridiculously weak.
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