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  1. Milady de Winterfell

    Journals, notebooks, bullet journaling etc.

    I have a problem with buying notebooks but never filling more than a few pages. I just see another one I like, and then another, and another... The sad part is the only effective method I have of keeping notes or making lists is emailing them to myself. Hence all the empty, sad journals
  2. Milady de Winterfell


    Here, here! I second (or third, or fourth...) this for best thread! You know, there's a great "chickpea paste" recipe in A Feast of Ice and Fire.
  3. Milady de Winterfell

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Mance Rayder. Manse raider. *walks away, ashamed*
  4. That's Lady Kai of the House Snoozehog to you, buddy.

  5. Back on the forums! Finally have a bit of time :)

  6. Moving to London... tomorrow, oh christ.

  7. Moving to London in T - 7 days...

  8. Milady de Winterfell


    I've been roaming around the forums for about two months now so I guess it's time I finally introduce myself :-P Basics? My name is Kseniya, I'm from New York... Started reading the books after the HBO season ended, and finished ADWD about a month ago. Pretty hopelessly into the fandom now, and I'm loving it :D