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  1. Ich frage mich immer: war Freud freudig? Er sah nicht so aus, aber... https://t.co/fOTTCZvfdn

  2. RT @mattdpearce: So as Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat close the doors on even new-media outlets, how long until they hire their own reporters, I…

  3. Revising German pluperfect subjunctive #FunFun

  4. Watching Mock the Week from July - weird how different the news from a few months ago seems. Anyone remember Greece?

  5. @orbyuk I take a lot of hope from Scottish indy Yes campaign. Went from fringe movement to winning 45% of vote, and continues to grow.

  6. On page 112 of Hell's Horizon, by Darren Shan: I was worried I was gonna find this too similar to PotD, but I'm fin... http://t.co/PZqHy4RR

  7. woop woop snow is cool

  8. bored, but ceebs doing sch work, its a friday night!!!!

  9. read one review comparing n.k. jemisin to pat rothfuss, he/she immediately shoots to top of my to-read list :)

  10. Game Of Thrones Season 2: "Shadow" Tease: http://t.co/X19nRpBh via @youtube

  11. someone on fb brought up a good point, how come @Lord_Voldemort7 has a nose in the first film, but not in the later ones? conspiracy theory?

  12. On page 150 of 537 of The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch: Really enjoying this book, at first the writing rem... http://t.co/d4hIeoYD

  13. did anyone watch the #topgear india special? im thinking maybe watching it tonight, but dunno :Z

  14. the highlight of my dogs day so far has been watching the bin men drive past my house :)

  15. On page 132 of 537 of The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch http://t.co/oRIDsbEQ

  16. Check this video out -- Elbow - Grounds For Divorce http://t.co/S6bceo2H via @youtube

  17. On page 68 of 537 of The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch http://t.co/wGb0GqaR

  18. On page 29 of 537 of The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch http://t.co/Ua4W3TzF

  19. kinda need to get that biology rev done...

  20. 4 of 5 stars to Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson http://t.co/UluFeXPn

  21. damn you biology revision! need #Frasier and sleep

  22. retweeting everything you see cause you cant think of anything funny to say....

  23. the darts theme tune is coo' :)

  24. On page 443 of 752 of Gardens of the Moon, by Steven Erikson http://t.co/4Rxx201X