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  1. Hi Woel, with Stylish you need to add !important to every CSS rule otherwise it won't be applied as Woftis is finding here. An irritating requirement and I don't know why they implemented Stylish in this way, it should have been the top layer CSS automatically overwriting all other rules but unfortunately that's not the way it is. As mentioned before I really like the skin, I think it's easier on the eye than my Targaryen skin.
  2. Hi Woel Nice to see someone else working on forum skinning, I like the work you've done here. I did a similar thing a couple of years ago when the latest forum design was introduced and we lost the old Stark and Targaryen skins that were available on the previous version of the board. The Stark and Targaryen skins I created are for Stylish and there's a thread about them in the Help section here. It might be a good idea to add your information from this thread to the Help section before General Chatter moves on and this thread gets lost. ETA: or come to think of it a better suggestion may be to ask a Mod to move this thread to the Help section.
  3. Hi gubemton I'm not sure how that should look exactly. Do you just want to remove the parchment style background? Should all the colors remain unchanged or just certain bits? If so can you be more specific about which parts of the page should retain the default colors and which should be changed? Are you after lighter variations of the sandy and blood red colors or something different entirely? I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work something up but I'll help if I can.
  4. Perhaps my experience of episode 2 was coloured by the fact that I was in a pub with 30 other fans and sat three feet away from George RR Martin, but I think I'd still think this was a brilliant episode had I been on my own at home. So many of the scenes used dialogue straight out of the book and everything looked great, especially Pyke. I definitely prefer it when some characters are left out so the show can put a greater focus on the storylines they are following that week. It works so much better. I was surprised there was no Renly this week but I'm sure there will be a big chunk of his story in episode 3. The only thing I didn't really like was the whole Yara/Asha thing but we knew about that long ago and it's already been argued to death. The gratuitous sex was gratuitous but is fast becoming the norm for this show. I did not mind the Ros/Littlefinger scene this week to be honest because we saw a different side to her character which felt like the right choice for her, although I do think it's a little incongruous with the previous episode where she appeared to have become the madam of the brothel and now she is back to being just another whore. I think making Bronn the captain of the goldcloaks is actually a really interesting change. I was surprised because I thought that Jacelyn Bywater had been cast but perhaps I am mistaken. It does make me wonder if they are going to keep Bronn around instead of having him disappear off to Stokeworth, but he's such a great character I don't think I'd mind if they do go that way. Also I'm glad they kept in the line about how much since that tells you everything you ever need to know about Bronn. The end of the episode was so awesome I can't believe that scene wasn't in the book. The absence of the Others in the second book has always been a strange choice and for the TV show we definitely needed that reminder that the White Walkers are still out there. I got chills when I heard the ice cracking language echoing through the trees and the visual of the White Walker picking up the baby and walking away was creepy and beautiful. It will be interesting to see how they handle Jon Snow waking up next week. Will they have already left Craster's when he awakes in a litter or will he awake in the midst of Craster and Mormont arguing. If I had one complaint about it I'd say the fact that they had not established that there was a newborn baby son in the household when the Night's Watch arrived made it seem like the baby came out of nowhere. Just one line about a pregnant daughter about to give birth or Gilly saying something about her sister giving birth to a son yesterday might have helped with that. And yes Ghost looked awesome. Overall it really was a fantastic episode, a great improvement on the first episode which I thought was awkward and had some poorly thought out ideas. I know George liked it and was happy to see so many fans enjoying it in person. He had already seen the first two episodes before they aired so we did not get to see any reaction from him as he watched but George has not seen any of the other episodes yet. I'm not sure if he will be able to watch episode 3 when he is in Portugal next week but if anyone finds him in a bar watching it you may get to see his reaction, although I suspect he may wait till he gets back home before watching it.
  5. The following skins have been updated: Stark skin v3.1 Targaryen skin v3.1 Option: Remove BG and logos v1.1 I have amended the background of unread topics to a lighter grey on the Stark skin as requested. Please let me know if there's anything else that needs a little tweak.
  6. I will see what other suggestions come in and issue a new version soon with a lighter grey for unread threads. Unless Apple decide to allow developers to release add-on apps for the browser the answer will unfortunately remain no.
  7. New versions of the unofficial Stark and Targaryen skins now available for Westeros: Stark skin v3.0 Targaryen skin v3.0 Also now available optional extras: Option: Hide Avatars v1.0 Option: Remove BG and Logos v1.0 Option: News Right v1.0 Please note you will need to be using either Firefox or Chrome with the Stylish plug-in installed in order to use these styles. Download and installation instructions available on my website www.sermountaingoat.co.uk If anyone encounters a problem using the skins, or has an idea to improve the style of the skins, or even an idea for a new useful option then please let me know and I will see what I can do.
  8. Hey Kat Are you using Chrome? The reason I ask is because I needed to add a rule to the code which moves the Messenger box to the left because for me in Firefox it appears further to the right and disappears off the side of the page and you can't select messages to delete them. Someone else pointed this problem out to me but I don't remember who now. It might be that this problem only applies to Firefox so in Chrome the box would appear in the wrong place. Might need to create two different versions if this is the case. I'm not sure what the route cause of this problem is, perhaps one of the image backgrounds I have removed. Oh I also found the problem with the font-color selector boxes all being grey, this seems to be only on the sig and profile edit windows. The problem here is that the color is being inherited from the <fieldset> tag which encompasses the background. The class which defines this is also the class used on the forum indexes for row1 of the table. I can't find a specific way to target the font-color box and tell it not to inherit the rule from above. I believe there is a way to do this, will need to look into it more.
  9. For anyone that finds the colour schemes of Westeros too distracting, too difficult to read or hard to get away with while at work, help is at hand with these handy alternative Skins. Stark skin v3.0 A plain white background with muted grey tones, perfect for keeping a low profile while in the workplace. Targaryen skin v3.0 Black background with white text and red highlights. For those who prefer the dark side. Also now available optional extras: Option: Hide Avatars v1.0 Option: Remove BG and Logos v1.0 Option: News Right v1.0 In order to use these unofficial skins you will need to be using either Firefox with Stylish add-on or Google Chrome with Stylish extension. Full details on how to download and install the skins is available on the Westeros skins page of my website: www.sermountaingoat.co.uk Please note that these skins are "unofficial" and are for "your own personal use" which means that if the Westeros forum admins change something across the entire website and this causes a display problem because of the skin then under no circumstance should you blame Ran for this and give him hassle about it. In fact please don't give me hassle about it either. But if you do notice anything which is not displaying properly, or if you have a suggestion for a change to improve either of the skins, then please feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do to help.
  10. Hi Alberto

    I do have video of the raffle from Dublin but I have not uploaded it to YouTube yet. This is on my list of things to do along with about a thousand other things. I promise I will get around to uploading it soon.



  11. stark skin v1.1 | targ skin v1.0

  12. Thank you Mme Erzulie for voicing my opinion, I totally agree. And bravo to Min Donner for another hilarious parody :rofl:
  13. Topical and highly amusing at the same time. Bravo sir! I take my hat off to you :hat:
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