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    Aye! Wise words. :) I totally understand about "the descriptive zone" too. Every night my 12 year old asks what happened in the books that day (I'm almost done with SOS) and sometimes I answer, "Oh...you know, the doublets were velvet, the swords aflame, the leaves smelled of death, the weirwoods wept and many meat pies, dishes in cream sauce and lemon cakes were had by all". I love when I see someone break free from The Lurkes and join the boards. Very smart writing and ideas here.
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    Thank you!!! I can't wait to get more famliar with what this place has to offer. I love everything I'm seeing!
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    Oops! I posted in another thread, asking where to go for introductions and finally found this thread! I'm a 40 yr. old executive who'd rather be baking for a living, a single mother and avid television/movie watcher and reader who lives in one of the hottest southern states in America. And I'm VERY happy to be here and to meet all of you! I was an avid participant on a forum during LOST and this is the first time since then that I want to talk and think about a story ALL the time. I was late watching season 1. I'd never heard of this book series, didn't even know it WAS a series and a friend sent me a txt raving about GOT on HBO. I had just moved to a new state, new job, totally new EVERYTHING and was so depressed and overwhelmed and dying for an escape. I definitely found it! I was fortunate to watch all 10 episodes (the first 5 one day, the second half the next) quickly and I'll never forget my existence during the first 10 minutes of episode one. I'd watched all off The Tudors, Pillars of The Earth, and The Borgias so had assumed I was about to see a new historical type period series (and I'd read about a contestant on Miss America saying she was a history buff and loved "Game Of Thrones" :cool4: ). The first thing I noticed was the scenery and camera work. I was mesmorized instantly. Then....zombies? And they were creepy and even kinda scary! I felt my eyes widening and literally said to myself, "what the f*ck IS this?" Then....the music and the opening credits. W O W. I sent my friend a txt, saying "You didn't tell me what I was getting into!" She said, "Just wait......." As with all things, when I'm affected by something emotionally I research it. I found the book series, read about George, couldn't believe he just started these books several years ago and that the story wasn't even finished, read all about the cast, could NOT believe that most of the cast was fresh out of drama school, and lastly, bought and downloaded the book to my NookColor and started reading. I finished it in a few days and watched the show again. THEN my 12 year old daughter returned from summer camp and I told her all about my new find and she watched it with me, absorbing the story (skipping the sex scenes). She's a brilliant young girl, is a voracious reader and it was so cool to discuss the story with her throughout the summer. She finished book one and now we're both reading Clash Of Kings. I've been spoiled to a few details from reading all the Wikis about the different houses and Martin's blog and website but in this case, we've decided that spoilage isn't the end of the world. :) I'm eager to get to know all of you and to learn as much as possible about this story! I welcome any and all comments, questions, PM's, etc. :) So...last night I watched the Comic-con panel on Youtube and finally ended up here! I think this is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read a very very special one at that.