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    Name: House Fyros Sigil: A red dromond, with a demonhead as its figure mast. Motto: Beware the Demon Location: A island on the sunset sea, near the iron islands and lannisport, has the size of old wyk. House wapon: A war hammer encrusted with gold leaves and a black diamond Castle : Great Tower Sworn to: No one Army: 4.500 sea raiders Fleet: 20 wargalleys ( 6 stolen from the old Lannister fleet, 7 from the arbor fleet, 3 stolen from the sealord of braavos, 4 stolen from various lords), 50 longships and a dromond of 800 oars ( belonged to the sealord of braavos) History: 1.000 years before Aegon's invasion, the most notorious pirate in the world was Reznov "The Red" Fyeros, who haunted the seas with his 200 oars wargalley, Demon. He and his crew raided from lannisport to asshai, and were known, and feared, by any sailor. But one day they attacked the vault ship of the iron bank of Braavos, and when they were escaping with their plunder, the Sealord of Braavos got them. The battle was fierce, but there were 10 ships against Demon. After a hour of battle Demon sank, and most of its crew died. The only one that survived was The Red. During the battle he entered one of the braavosi ships and escaped. So, he returned to Braavos and there gathered a force of 1.000 pirates, who would help him in the robbery of the century! No one really knows how this really ocurred, all it is known is that The Red escaped the Arsenal with "The Giant's Hammer", the 800 oars dromond that the Sealord of braavos owned, 4 Wargalleys and the Vault ship from the Iron Bank of Braavos. He settled with his fleet on a small island near Lannisport, where he established himself as "The Pirate King". His house lived for 40 years until a Braavosi fleet reached the Great Tower, burned it and salted its land.
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    Create your Westerosi house

    House Blueblood income comes from trading timber with Braavos. But otherwise they are poor, with most of their equipment being inherited from their ancestors. Since the last dragon died they have been ever more independent from the starks, not sending soldiers to fight on any war they find pointless.
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    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Blueblood Sigil: A Knight in white and red, holding a spear, wounded with various shafts with blue blood dropping from the wounds, fighting several men. Motto: We are the Remnants Location: On the shore, between Karhold and Widow's Watch, near the dreadfort House Sword: A 12 foot spear with a handle of dragon bone and a leaf shaped shaft of Valyrian Steel Castle : Victory Sworn to: House Stark Of Winterfell Army: 8.000 professional soldiers - 6.000 Pikemen, their main force, fighting in the phalanx formation, equipped with light plate and oak shields - 800 Knights, used to hunt down the archers of the enemy, and spread chaos within their ranks. Most are equipped with old plate armors from the time of the invasion that have been passed by generations, and are kept as treasures by the family members - 1.200 archers, used to protect keeps and break other armies spearmen. Story: House Kitos was one of the most powerful houses of the old Andal empire and were known because of their martial lifestyle, that trained every man since they were children to be courageous fighters. As a result the best soldiers of the andal empire came from them. They fought using the phalanx formations and by using knights and archers just as support to their pikemen. The first Blueblood, Amadeus Kitos, was the fifth son of Lord Kitos and was a renowned war commander, that won half a hundred battles and was regarded as one of the best commanders of the Andal Empire. During the Andal invasion Amadeus armies ( 7.000 men ) were sent to secure the northern shore to prepare for a amphibious invasion. He won the first battle and secured one fo the biggest castles of the north, know as Great Keep, which he renamed "Victory". He went on with his mission until the Stark of Winterfell assembled his host and met him for battle. In that battlefield Amadeus lost his first battle, and most of his host. They retreated back to Victory and were sieged by the Northern host. His food was nearly over, only two thousand of his men remained alive, and half of that were able to fight, while the starks had ten times their numbers outside. And so he launched one last attack agaisnt the starks. A task force of 600 spearmen escaped the castle and hit the starks from behind, burning their camps while they were sleeping, the starks had nowhere to run and there were hundreds of archers on the castle raining quarrels on them. The Lord Stark, Umber and Flint were escaping to warn the other lords about what happened when Amadeus caught them. He was pierced by dozens of arrows but was capable of fighting the lord of winterfell on a duel. The duel lasted an hour until Lord Lyonel Stark died, and so the battle was won. As they took Amadeus in, cheering for his victory they noticed that blue blood was coming out of his wounds. He was named Blueblood by his men and adopted that name for himself. House Blueblood stood independent for a thousand years until the coming of Aegon, when they bent the knee to Lord Torrhen Stark.