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  1. What a joy to come back from a hiatus to find you where I was all along! This is exactly my thinking. I have a few things to add and ask though. Apologies if the following was already discussed in this thread, I didn't read past this comment. First, I would suggest that while WWs are hosts for the souls of dead Starks, dragons are the hosts for the souls of unborn Targaryens. Cold preserves but fire consumes. Danaerys' unborn child's soul is in all three dragons (A head must have three dragons). This has many interesting ramifications, for example it could mean that the Targaryen female line is the one that actually is 'the blood of the dragon' (they breed the dragons). I tried to track the Targaryen misscarriages that were deformed (like Dany's) and interestingly enough the last such happened on the day the Dance of Dragons started (where all the dragons died) until the day the dragons were reborn by Danaerys. But there were also non-Targaryen women who birthed such deformities, Maegor's wifes, so maybe both male and female Targaryens can sire dragon-souls. Maegor was the only child of the female Targaryen line though. It also provides a new insight into Baelor's Maidenvault. It can't be a coincidence that directly after most dragons died, all female Targaryen of breeding age were locked away. I think as long as there are dragons in the world this process of soul-transfer happens naturally if egg and unborn are in proximity (achieved through the Targaryen praxis of putting eggs in the cradle). Which is why Baelor locked them away while there was still at least one dragon alive (Sheepstealer). But if all dragons are dead you need something more dramatic to transfer the soul - Blood&Fire. This also puts a new spin on the Blackfyre conflicts because Daemon I. represented the female Targaryen line. How Danaerys was able to birth dragons when the female line was lost with the Blackfyres is anyones guess (I have a few). It would also mean that the male Blackfyre line and its extinction is of no significance. Second, I want to ask you where you think these old Stark souls were between the Long Night and the present story? Do you still believe that the WWs always were around (and the Stark souls with them)? But why do they need Craster's sons now if that is the case? You might remember my theory that they chilled in the Heart of Winter all that time. We know Heart Trees can store souls and we know the Heart of the Undying stored souls. Also if this get out clause ever gets used by Jon I am afraid Ghost will have to die to free the soul from the body.
  2. Armstark

    Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    I would not be as quick to dismiss stories of kings that reigned for hundreds of years and knights before they were knights. Knights is really just a different name for warrior used by the septons/maesters who wrote down theses stories and we know for a fact that it is possible to live and reign for way longer than the normal human lifespan. Theses stories might be true after all and an additional point of confusion for Sam when interpreting the annals and the infamous list. He thinks they have to be wrong because it is impossible that a LC can reign for two hundred years when it might have been the norm. As to the whole discussion around the fisherfolk quote I agree with Matthew on substance but with BC that we have discussed this a bunch of times to no avail, so I am not joining the fray.