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  1. Welcomes to Cotter_Pyke, pdoubleum, Winter Child Obsidian Edge and JeorMormont. :)

    OE, the short answer is 'not really'.

    The longer answer is that the General (ASOIAF) forums is a good place to start. Part of the fun of all these theories is that they are still theories, so there is no FAQ or the like of theories that have become dogma (for lack of a better word and i don't for a moment think that these theories have gone that far) as that would likely sound the death knell for all the discussion.


    Otherwise, Cheers to all and enjoy the place. :thumbsup:

    Thanks Stubby. Really enjoying the site so far.

  2. Newb question:

    Are there any threads that talk about the 5 or 10 most significant ideas and theories for readers and new forum members to investigate?

    R + L = J is one big one that didn't occur to me on my own and makes me think over and re-read evything again.

    Also whether or not Jaqen and Syrio are the same person.

    What happened in the Tower of Joy?

    There are loads of others and I am just barely scratching the surface, but surely prior newbs have asked the same question.

    Are there any threads that can guide us newbs on our way here?

  3. Hello,

    Thanks to HBO for introducing me to the story and to GRRM. They do things right sometimes.

    Anyway, I got the first four books around the 5th episode and finished ADWD two weeks ago and literally do not know what to do with myself waiting for the next book. You poor people who have been doing this for years..! I am taking suggestions on what to read next. Looking for the Dunk & Egg stories on a format I can use for my iPad.

    I read the Narnia books as a kid, the LotR books in high school one summer in the 80's, read Dune and other interesting Sci Fi books here and there, but really haven't read much fantasy stuff, but wow... I am grateful I got to know of it.

    I like Arya and Jon Snow and Theon. Tyrion Lannister is about the greatest character ever created, and I can't believe how well the little feller on the HBO series portrays him.

    Quibble with Martin's writing style: it seems at least 1/3 or the words in his books either describe the color and cut of garments worn by characters in the scenes, the form and variation of banners and sigils present, or describe the meals being prepared and served. By the third book, I started to chuckle each time he got into the clothing description "zone".

    As for me, I live in LA, sell car parts, watch a lot of soccer and play a little bit, I have two rapidly growing kitties, enjoy beer with friends, whiskey with better friends, like words and languages, haven't gotten a speeding ticket in 3 years, just cancelled my Netflix subscription and would like an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

    Been lurking on the site for a few days now and really enjoy and appreciate the well crafted viewpoints and opinions, and have to take my hat off to the mods and admins for running a very productive and functional forum. The Citadel is a wonderful resource.

    Thanks and see you around...

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