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  1. I started Invincible and after three episodes I am hooked. Also, finished Goliath and season four was probably the weakest, despite the great cast (J.K. Simmons!).
  2. Why would it be a surprise? It's a great show, even if mostly slow paced. There ain't many shows I anticipate more eagerly than this.
  3. I just read a rumor that they just decided to throw in Strange Dogs into sixth season, but without touching any material from books 7-8. That would actually make a lot of sense. Strange Dogs takes place more or less at the same time as the fight with Marco Inaros, so no time jump is needed. It gives us a glimpse of Laconia, but without having to resolve anything, just leaves an open door for possible continuation.
  4. Provided season six is indeed only adapting Babylon's Ashes. But if so, I keep wondering why would they show what they showed in season five epilogue. It simply doesn't make sense. And if they somehow plan to wrap up the whole thing, then it is an entirely different matter, undoable in one season no matter the number of episodes.
  5. I second this. We don't even actually know if they have a chance for promotion this season. Probably would be strange, provided 8 draws at the beginning, though getting to play-offs should be doable I guess.
  6. Sorry, my bad. It was postponed for the second time indeed. First from September to October 15th, and then for another week.
  7. As far as I know it's actually October 15th in Poland, not 22nd. And the reason I heard was to avoid piracy after HBO Max release.
  8. There is a fan edit that cuts everything that wasn't in a book. It lasts about 3.5 hours and is much more watchable than original films. I really hope Dune will rise to the hype it gets. Still need to wait few weeks for a premiere here.
  9. The question is: what would be the point of last season's epilogue if they were to cover only Babylon's Ashes? But other than that, it does make sense. The ending of Babylon's Ashes would probably be the most logical and fitting for the ending of the whole series, if they decided not to continue, and yet allowing to change their minds at any point in the future.
  10. Really? Season 4 was definitely the best IMO. After that, it was a long way down.
  11. After trailer I feel inclined to watch a new Dexter, problem is I never bothered to watch the last two seasons of the original series. Do I need to get back to them before the new one?
  12. I think you underestimate the amount of confidence such a win can give Medvedev, as well as quite a few others, who were already able to beat Medvedev on a regular basis, so why not Djoker, if he could do it, and seemingly so easily at that? Not counting Paris 2020, this is the first straight sets loss Djoker suffered in a grand slam final since 2013 Wimbledon after all. And only his third straight sets final loss overall.
  13. Let me rephrase: I wonder if it's the end of the last of The Big Three. Of course, baxus is right it seems ridiculous to write off a player who has just won three slams and almost won a fourth in the same year only because he has lost a single match. As a matter of fact he has just completed one of the best seasons of his entire career at 34. And yet everyone knows how much he cared to win a calendar grand slam, how important it was to him. He couldn't make it after all (even if barely) and I think it would be a real challenge to find similar motivation in him for the next season. At the same time, players like Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Berrettini and few others are making a steady progress and I feel any of them is finally ready to challenge an old champ, who is not getting any younger. Also, what he really craved for, apart from the trophies, as he himself admitted, was the love of the crowd. He finally got that in NYC and has the right to feel fulfilled at last. If I had to guess, I would say he would probably make it to another slam or two, just to make sure he's ahead of the pack, perhaps even as soon as in Australia, but I don't see him dominating the sport like he was so far. Tennis is not about muscles after all, it's about the head.
  14. I really doubt Nadal ever wins another slam and I'm pretty sure Novak will never get to 25.
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