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  1. There was a scene of their conversation this season, when he explicitly encouraged her to try and pop his head, so at least he seems certain she isn't able to do it. Whether it's because he's just too tough or too quick is unclear, but he clearly didn't mind her trying and she seemed to agree with him it wasn't doable for some reason.
  2. The GGK books I haven't read yet: River of Stars, Under Haeven, Children of Earth and Sky, Brightness Long Ago, All the Seas of the World. Does it matter at all in which order you read them?
  3. Huh. Then I will have to watch it after all and see for myself.
  4. No, fifth and final season has already been greenlighted.
  5. I was pretty sure Rafa was gonna announce his retirement after winning RG, with all this talk about how he would prefer a new foot to winning in Paris again, but it seems I was spectacularly wrong once again. I wonder if the ease of winning the final contributed to it. Also, I'm very curious to see the starting list for Wimbledon, without ranking points. But points or no points, it's still a grand slam, right?
  6. Wimbledon will still be tricky I guess (though her coach promised she will be competitive there too, and even last year she made fourth round there), but she had already proved this year she can easily win on hard court, so I guess she will be a great favourite for at least three slams a year, for at least couple of years. And she's just 21, she's probably not even at her prime yet. I just hope great success will not spoil her. She is a very bright, sensitive and compassionate young woman, I would love her to stay that way, and I'm not saying this only because I'm a Pole. I think tennis and sport in general needs more such characters as role models.
  7. Yeah, I guess it's Rafa all the way to the 14th title now, I don't believe Zverev has it in him to stop the king on his own turf, even if he played a really great match against Carlitos (who I admit I was pretty sure would win). Not to mention solid, but without a touch of genius Ruud or Cilic, who may live through the second youth now, but it will not be enough. On the women's side the only remaining question seems to be if inspired Coco Gauff is already mature enough to stop the incredible run of Iga Świątek (just three years older), who would level Venus's 35 match winning streak from 2000 if she won here for the second time. Wouldn't be shocked if she were, though Iga's record at WTA finals is a stunning 8-1.
  8. Remember when I said I was gonna see the girl I was once in love with, in Paris, for the first time in more than 20 years? And the only problem was she was going to Paris with her ex-boyfriend who was clearly willing to become a present one? Well, that much is settled, the ex-boyfriend officially become a boyfriend in the meantime. So we are still going to meet there, but with zero expectations on my part. I'm just gonna enjoy Roland Garros, and incidentally meet up with a woman I once knew as a girl. I won't deny it's a bit of a bummer, but it's probably for the best, I really don't think there was potential for anything serious anyway.
  9. Bar scene I enjoyed. House scene - not so much.
  10. I associate Iggy Pop's Lust fo Life more automatically with Trainspotting. I don't remember almost anything from Season 3, but don't feel like rewatching. A small recap would be in order, perhaps there is something of a sort to be found somewhere.
  11. Great - Station Eleven - Such a smartly written, beautifully acted show! - Severance - Very fresh idea, and great performances from all main characters. - Yellowjackets - Nuff said I always loved Juliette Lewis, since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. But the young cast also rock. - The Expanse - Final season wasn't the best, but overall a worthy ending to the grat show. Good - Minx - I liked it a lot, even if it didn't end on a particularly high note, and even if accumulation of dicks on screen per hour was slightly above my tolerance. - Hacks - Great performance by Jean Smart, the role she always deserved. - Peacemaker - Surprisingly refreshing watch. - Cobra Kai - This show just keeps being better and better. - Resident Alien - It's just the half of the second season, but it's alrerady obvious it's still charming and funny as always. - Reacher - Pleasant surprise and iconic look of the main character. - Moon Knight - I really like both Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac, so they would have to do a terrible job to ruin this one for me. - Our Flag Means Death - Not as funny as I initially thought it would be, but still entertaining. - The Afterparty - Fun show with every episode shot in a different style and from a different point of view. Hit and miss - The Book of Boba Fett - Few great episodes, but mostly just meh.
  12. Watched it yesterday and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but not to the extent of placing it anywhere near MCU top three or something. And of course, one nagging question came to my mind. If Strange, Mordo, Wanda etc. all looked pretty much the same in all universes, why didn't Peter Parker?
  13. Good thing season 6 is available on Netflix here.
  14. I watched this few weeks ago and I literally don't remember what action scene you are referring to. That is saying something in and of itself.
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