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  1. Actually Spain looks at least as good so far. I wouldn’t underestimate Dutch too. Belgium, after the first fuck up, also played a very good match against Romania. Finally, the winner of today’s match between Croatia and Italy will probably want to have a saying as well. Having said that, I also think France should win it after all.
  2. And very interesting situation in their group with every team having 3 points after two matches. Potentially two draws in the last leg would mean someone wins the group and someone else has to be eliminated with 4 points. Unusual.
  3. Well, the most ridiculous goal of the tournament checked.
  4. It’s not great to watch, true, but if it works…
  5. I’m coming to London with my teenage daughters in August. A few additional eyes on them would be nice too.
  6. Extraordinary is nothing special, but I watched both seasons and it’s cool as light entertainment. Few clever ideas indeed.
  7. We played great in ’74 WC, the year I was born, and ’82 too, as BFC mentioned, the first I remember watching. Quarterfinal at ’16 Euro, lost in penalties to the later champions, also wasn’t that bad. But yeah, having said that, we’re not in a good place. Time to say goodbye to the lost generation and start something new with the younger one.
  8. And what was your response I wonder? If HE doesn't mind your political incompatibility, that would be pretty progressive in and of itself.
  9. Yeah, it just looks like whenever they manage to find a host country, they do it.
  10. Huh, another early goal for Albania. Interesting. Pretty poor goalkeeping too. I really don't understand why most keepers avoids using legs to kick out the ball and tries to catch it instead, even if it's clearly harder to do. Edit. Another unbelievable match. Albanians really deserved this goal in aditional time.
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