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  1. Again, like so many times before, I lurked in here with fluttering heart hoping there is some genuine news about the book, only to learn about Frey Bentos. What the hell is Frey Bentos?
  2. Scot, if you like a study of grief and damage, you should also try Dear Edward I think. I started watching both shows at the same time and I like them both, but find the latter more compelling.
  3. Finished Fleishman is in Trouble and liked it very much. It was really cool how they managed to transform this show from the light comedy in the first couple of episodes into much more serious drama later on, without losing any of its appeal. Last two episodes were great.
  4. With the daughter character being a close second. Also two episodes in and I like it so far, probably in part because I like all three main actors, Lizzy Caplan in particular.
  5. Maybe he just wants to be with people and it has nothing to do with his physical needs.
  6. How come leaving the door open doesn't help? He keeps scratching the open door? One of mine.
  7. Pretty much the same at 48. Lower back pain sometimes even wakes me the fuck up. I remember turning 40 haven't hit me at all, but recently I got an invitation for a 30th anniversary of graduating high school, and it did the job allright. I fuckin graduated the day before yesterday!
  8. Saw it yesterday. Didn't expect much and that's what I feel I got. Wasn't terrible, but far from being great either. The humor (with few exceptions - holes!) felt forced, and most of the typical Marvel tropes were executed with no real heart in it. Kang was much less interesting here than in Loki and wasting Bill Murray in such a fashion has to be considered a minor crime. Overall I'd give it 6/10.
  9. Don't think there is any specific date yet, but AFAIK it's supposed to air this year.
  10. There is, actually. According to FIFA, football pitch should be 105 by 68 metres. It's just that English clubs don't seem to care much.
  11. Can't wait for the sequel. Though it would be sad if Boyd is not in it.
  12. Bugger, I don’t remember my literally first one, had to be in the eighties, but the first that really made an impression was a Lowlands festival in the Netherlands around 1994 or 1995, where Radiohead, Foo Fighters Soundgarden, Beck, Green Day and Throwing Muses were playing, among others. It was a blast.
  13. He really wasn't. He was a massive prick much sooner than that, sadly. Every time things didn't go his way he was being a dick towards his team, and his views were unhinged years before pandemic.
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