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  1. Yeah, running on a treadmill is painful for me too, I can't even wrap my head around doing half-marathon this way. On the other hand, half-marathon is painful for me anyway (just made a couple and never under 1:50), so that's that. Was clearly born for shorter distances and I would probably stick to 5km/10km races in the longer term.
  2. Can't stop listening to Alanis Morissette last album Such Pretty Forks in the Road. So good to hear some great new stuff from her.
  3. Oh boy, "totally fine" sounds a bit more worrying than "just fine".
  4. I have a problem with those pro-Trump demonstrants yelling about "election stealing". Supporting Trump because of economy, GDP growth, blah blah blah is one thing, albeit scary, but believing him in his lunatic acusations is quite another, isn't it?
  5. Maybe they should listen to him, stop the count and leave things as they stand.
  6. But PA, along with WI and MI, would be perfectly enough, wouldn't it?
  7. Narrenturm (Tower of Fools) is good. But the last part of the trilogy, Lux Perpetua, is much weaker, I'm afraid. Similarly to The Witcher series, Sapkowski coulnd't really handle the proper ending. But that's only me, obviously.
  8. They would not think it's ok, they would think it's lesser evil.
  9. So it kinda sucks if every democratic president would rejoin the agreement and every republican one would withdraw from it.
  10. So it's gonna be the first time for a hell lot of time when Ohio doesn't pick a winner?
  11. Why is it 24k again in MI after 91%, when it already was 12k after 90%? Quite a big shifts here, or I should say swings.
  12. Same here, and I even heard of 65k after 87% counted.
  13. It's not that dogs aren't (mostly) fit enough to run with us. On a contrary, most of the times. It's just that for a dog it's natural to make tens or even hundreds of short spritns in variuos directions, but also to stop when they feel like it, which is often. Running with a fairly constant, even moderately slow pace for a long time, especially on a leash, is painfully boring for most of the dogs and they just don't feel comfortable with it. At least that's what most canine trainers have been telling me and what seems to be true in case of my dog Freya.
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