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  1. Making a pretty compelling show about chess players deserves every praise it can get.
  2. Whoa, you're fast. Didn't you just finished BB few days ago? Justified has its ups and downs, but season one is definitely not the best, apart from a very tense finale.
  3. Started watching Mare of Easttown. Two episodes in and I'm sold. A bit too many characters and it's not easy to figure out relations between them so far, but I guess that's kinda one of the points of the series and it will get easier later on.
  4. It's a good call I think. Justified is a very fast and satysfying watch (and you can't get enough Olyphant and Goggins). Better Call Saul is just the opposite, very slow burn, though no less satysfying, even before the final season.
  5. He does. And yes, your concerns for season 5 are fully... justified.
  6. I loved Damages, at least in the first few seasons, last one was much worse IIRC.
  7. Yeah, this. Hank, obviously, and then Jessie.
  8. Oh, I can relate to that. It's been almost six weeks since I renewed my old knee injury in mid-March and I managed just three tries to return to trainings, including two in the past week. I still don't feel entirely comfortable in the knee area, but there was no immediate pain at least. But getting back to regular 3-4 trainings a week still seems a long way. Will try another easy run tomorrow.
  9. I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember this episode. Like, at all. And I most certainly watched it, as I watched them all. I wonder if that means I liked it like most of the others or just the contrary.
  10. Never heard there was anything in development? I wouldn't hesitate a second. Justified always had that something which made it much better than it looked at the first glance. Still consider Mags Bennet season as the best, but I agree the last few episodes of season 1 were also great.
  11. 1. The Expanse season 5 2. Shtisel season 3 3. WandaVision 4. American Gods season 3
  12. I watched the show before I read the books, and I consider both season 5 and book 5 to be the best, actually. But that's just me.
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