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  1. Finished Under Heaven and River of Stars. I liked them both, though the former was more engaging. Now only the last trilogy remains unread for me, but I will probably make a pause before starting it, I love Kay in relatively small doses.
  2. That could probably explain why he saved Galadriel from drowning, too, but honestly I would find it kinda cheap.
  3. Finished Resident Alien S02. Still enjoying it a lot. Alan Tudyk is a gem. Glad it got renewed for a third season.
  4. Both Deadpool movies are a lot of fun. Or even three, if you count the kids version of D2 with a Fred Savage shout out to Princess Bride. I can't wait for Deadpool 3.
  5. I'm not sure about this. If he would be about to start regularly losing to the likes of Alcaraz, Medvedev, Sinner or even Ruud, I think he could come up with a conclusion it's a retirement time after all pretty soon. As for Federer, it really was a touching moment. The match itself indicated he could probably stay competitive in the tour for some time, but not to the level allowing him to win trophies, let alone a grand slam. So I fully understand his decision, even if it makes me sad.
  6. I kinda feel sorry for you guys, you live through such a hell watching this "shit", and yet for some inexplicable reason you keep watching, tormenting yourself. Some kind of twisted Stockholm syndrome?
  7. Oh, come on. It might not be great, it might be just good. That's perfectly enough to watch it and enjoy it.
  8. Finished yesterday. Pretty solid season, but I liked the fourth more.
  9. Wow, that's a surprise, for me they simply nailed it with this cast. I think he's brilliant.
  10. Yeah, why would he save Galadriel if he was? Makes no sense at all. I don't think we have seen him yet.
  11. And now it seems it's not even certain he will be able to play there after all..
  12. Yeah, all of us, who actually like the show, must be working for Amazon, no? There is just no other way. If only they were actually paying me! What did I do wrong, Jeff? Did I forget to give you my bank account number?
  13. I was indeed stuck after the 5th episode for a few weeks, I'm not even sure why, as I liked it very much. But I just finished it last week and I loved it immensly. 6th episode with Death was great, and the last sequence of episodes with Rose I had to binge, I just couldn't stop. And I, for one, liked the second part of the season even more. I would be really pissed if they dropped it.
  14. Greatest of the greats in terms of sheer beauty of his game. I could watch him for hours. And it turned out HuHu has played the last match against him on Tour in last year's Wimbledon. Everyone knew it had to happen, but it's a blow nonetheless.
  15. That's not very optimistic... Hope it gets picked up elswhere even if Netflix drops it.
  16. I like the actor who plays Elendil (as well as the one who plays Isildur for that matter). And as I do acknowledge Paddy Considine is a very good actor, I sometimes feel like casting not widely known actors in a fantasy show is a plus, as you don't have to wonder why the face of your favourite elf constantly reminds you of the role said great actor played entirely elswhere.
  17. Same here. I managed to watch the first two episodes so far, but I liked them both and I am pretty hopeful for the rest. In contrast, I didn't even start HotD yet, and I'm not in a hurry to do so, as the book bored me to death. Also, in my case it's decades since Silmarillion, and I didn't particularly like it back then either.
  18. Yeah, and she apparently acquired this rare ability to be able to win even when she struggles with her own game, when her best weapons don't work as they suppouse to. That's what distinguish champions I guess.
  19. So it's ten consecutive finals in straight sets for Iga now. Also, "I'm glad it's not in cash", after presented a check for victory.
  20. Excited for the women's final. Undoubtly two best female players this season, and the only two who made two grand slam finals this year. I guess Jabeur might be a slight favourite on this surface, and with Iga struggling with her forehand the whole tournament. On the other hand, Iga never loses in the finals. After she lost her first WTA final in Lugano in 2019, all her other nine finals were victorious in straight sets, incluging two at Roland Garros. But if I had to bet, I'd give Ons 55% chance of winning tomorrow. Hope it will be a good match.
  21. The thread was started today and you guys already produced four pages of it? Then I can safely go back to tennis thread I guess.
  22. And yet it doesn't prove that she would beat her at all, slower servers are beating much faster ones constantly on both women's and men's tour, there is so much more to tennis than just serve, even if we can agree Serena's serve in her prime was the best in history. BTW, I don't know why you seem to dismiss Henin example, it's a very relevant one IMO, as Justine's serve was definitely NOT a lethal weapon. Their H2H is just 8-6 for Serena, but in grand slams Henin leads 4-3, having defeated Serena in London, New York and twice in Paris. I don't see why Steffi wouldn't, as we can also agree (I think) she was a much better tennis player than Henin.
  23. Of course tennis will carry on, everything always does, but it doesn't change the fact, that what Serena did for the sport was as remarkable as the Big 3. Do you expect anyone to collect 20+ slam titles in the next decade or so? I would be surprised if any woman player had 5 or 6 by 2030.
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