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  1. JapaneseApache

    WC2018 - Match Day 1: In Putin Russia, World Cup Watch You!

    Actually the last three world cups, since when the host plays the opening match, there were two wins (Germany on 2006 and Brasil in 2014) and one draw (South Africa in 2010). And the teams that won were also massive favourites of the whole tournament. So I wouldn't be so sure about today's result.
  2. JapaneseApache

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    You guys are going to taste samurai's katana. We're going to make you all a football Pearl Harbor and no mistake. 日本前方!
  3. JapaneseApache

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Yeah, give me a team to support as well!
  4. JapaneseApache

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    It's a shame the rain interrupted yesterday's impressive run by Schwartzman, it was really possible Rafa might have had a much bigger problem with him than today.
  5. Frankly, I wouldn't give a shit about it. As for the Relic's question, on the other hand...
  6. JapaneseApache

    At what age did you move out of your parents house

    I moved out at 19 to study in another city, which was in 1993, but for the first two or three years my parents were helping me financially, until I got a decent job on my third year at University. After graduating in 1998 I stayed in Warsaw and live there ever since, renting flats at first and buying my first one in 2000.
  7. JapaneseApache

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Yeah, I know thare's lots of stuff from the trailers that don't appear in the movies, I just wasn't sure if I simply missed it. And I guess it's easier to manipulate the footage than direct lines somebody says.
  8. JapaneseApache

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I watched it yesterday evening and I'm stunned. Top three MCU films easily for me. I haven't expected it to be so funny, hilarious even at times. Thanos is by far the best villain of the franchise, even if his motivations are somewhat questionable. (Why half the population, exactly? Why not 45 percent or 61 percent? And what abouts worlds that are far from being overcrowded, that are practically deserted, for that matter?). By the way, did I not watch it carefully enough, or there wasn't the line from the trailer "But this does put a smile on my face"? I wonder if the fact they spared Rocket means he dies in IWII.
  9. JapaneseApache

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Technically we meet Ciri in the first volume of short stories. In A Question of Price we meet her parents, Pavetta and Duny, her grandmother Calanthe, and learn Pavetta is pregnant. And Ciri is promised to Geralt as a child of surprise. At least two other stories from The Last Wish, that IMO should be included in the first season are Lesser Evil and The Last Wish. Which leaves us five episodes for six stories from The Sword of Destiny. If I have to choose which one of those to skip, I would probably pick A Shard of Ice.
  10. JapaneseApache

    AMC's ‘The Terror’ (based on the novel by Dan Simmons)

    If they strictly follow source material, you will never know for sure I'm afraid, at least that's what I remember from the book.
  11. JapaneseApache

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Thanks Ace, it's just that I was so sure I was really well prepared for this race and it turned out I wasn't, not well enough to be fully satisfied at least. Or, and I'm starting to believe it of late, distances over 10k are really not my cup of tea. I was so wasted at the finnish lane that I really did my best. And I improved versus last year by two seconds?
  12. JapaneseApache

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    I'm kinda disappointed with my Sunday Warsaw halfmarathon result. I did menage to break my PB, but only by a mere two seconds. I was also hoping to get under 1:50 and I failed miserably with that, I didn't even break 1:55. I started too strong, first 5-6 k were 10-15 seconds per km faster than I planned, and in the later part of the distance it resulted in slowing down instead of speeding up. Final result was 1:55:57. It's anywhere close to the result I should be able to achieve considering my 5k pb (22:07) and 1 mile pb (6:17). Perhaps I'm just not suited for longer distances. Oh well.
  13. JapaneseApache

    Academy Awards 2018: Oscar Night

    Nah, the bad guy from Luc Besson's Leon was best.
  14. JapaneseApache

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Britannia doesn't rule the waves

    I have just watched Stardust with my daughters (9 and 12) and I must say that after more than ten years this movie hasn't aged a bit. Just pure entertainment. And boy, Claire Danes and Charlie Cox were so good in it, not to mention Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro. It's probably one of the rare examples of the adaptation being at least as good as the literary original (and I do love Gaiman's Stardust as well). My girls both loved it. And the older also read the book. Great movie.
  15. JapaneseApache

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Well, as a matter of fact the difference between Fed's and Novak's GS titles and Novak's and Murray's GS titles is... one. Djoker has eigth titles less than Federer, and Murray has nine titles less than Djoker. Does that mean, that Novak also shouldn't be included in the Big Three, pardon, Big Two? My point being every argument can be used as a double-edged sword.