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  1. Sam with Hooters

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Conjecture: Arya is staging the whole thing to fake her own death. She KNOWS the FM would be after her and that the waif would both volunteer to do the deed and make it slow and painful (gut wounds). The FM would figure out she'd try to get home, so Arya deliberately calls attention to herself ("Hey, Westerosis! Have some cash, ha ha!") at the wharf. She deliberately lets her guard down and has hidden Needle somewhere. She has also planned to throw herself into the canal and carefully memorized where the closest canal-stairs are. Notice how she sank like an anchor? She's wearing armor under her shirt with blood-bladders on top (arranged by Lady Crane). Once out of the canal she staggers around gasping, making sure she is SEEN. (The onlookers do nothing because if they did the believeable Middle Ages thing--a mercy killing--it would foil the entire subterfuge). Ideally she'll "die" in a way that makes her face un-harvestable. (Wonder if the waif will face a penalty for this? Wonder if Ja'quen is actually aware of the ruse? Maybe the FM have Klingon promotion. Wonder if the showrunners were actually smart enough to run this angle while ruining so many other characters). I predict Arya will indeed be doing the Parkour thing next episode, none the worse for wear. No magic necessary. Of course it might've been even smarter to let the FM assume she'd drowned and arranged for a suitably-bloated-and-unrecognizeable dead body in Arya's clothes to drift up the canal in a few days. (Arya's done enough handling of dead bodies to not mind digging up a convenient corpse.) Let's hope she also has sense enough to ask Lady Crane for a really good disguise! Remember, I called it! Edit: Looks like several people beat me to it. Not trying to steal their thunder, honest.
  2. Sam with Hooters

    [Spoilers] EP605

    She knows Waif Fu (not waifu: that's an entirely different thing).
  3. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    No, no, for that last you need a cock merchant! Cockles are a type of shellfish!
  4. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Christi84 asked how Davos would verify Rickon's identity. Simple -- he's the kid with the big honkin' direwolf.
  5. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Indeed, the whole POINT of trial by combat is that "the gods" render a judgement through it. Loras has nothing to lose by asking for one.
  6. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    White Harbors Wrath, Not saying the characters really NEED to be humanized, but let's face it, the Unsullied come across as rather generic. One could argue that that's a result of their training, that they're encouraged to subsume their individual identities into their fighting unit. The identical armor and equipment doesnt help, from the viewer's point of view. On a totally unrelated note, the slavers scene would've made more sense if: 1. Dany's new policy is to buy and manumit foreign slaves. 2. The slavers were on their way to SB with human cargo and opportunistically added Jorah and Tyrion to the bunch. 3. Cock merchants (as Dave Barry would say, perfect name for a rock band!) prefer to keep their dwarves alive until a customer shows up with money. 4. Jorah is surreptitiously brushing his greyscale-infected arm against every slaver he can reach. (He might also comment on the irony that he was exiled for slaving in the first place).
  7. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    You gotta admit, when you play the game of thrones, lying perfectly and being able to tell when others are lying is practically a superpower. Also hints at the end that Arya will be learning impersonation and disguise. Future Mistress of Whisperers, maybe?
  8. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    A few comments: 1. Yes, the wedding was rushed. Maybe Roose has an idea that Stannis will be marching on Winterfell soon, maybe he wants to consolidate his claim to WF before LF can return and try to foil his plans, maybe he wants a spare trueborn heir-grandchild in the picture because he knows Fat Walda and her baby won't be around much longer if Ramsay can help it. 2. About Sansa's wedding dress: not sure if intentional, but a white raven is a harbinger that "Winter is Coming," and that Sansa represents that Winter--harsh, cold, and unforgiving. Not to mention reinforcing white=virginity. 3. People are still misinterpreting and underestimating Sansa. That she would put up with such a disrespectful bedding shows just how much of a price she's willing to pay to come home. Now all she has to do to stay there is outfight/outmaneuver the Boltons, Stannis, LF, and the Lannisters--and get some revenge along the way, if she can. If D&D are smart, this is the path they'll take, rather than Sansa-as-perpetual-victim. Possibly even play up the "childhood's end/you can't go home again" angle. IF they're smart. Not betting on it, though. This would also make Sansa "THE Stark in Winterfell," and give a window to explain Chekhov's Aphorism. 4. Once more Dinklage gets the best line: "Guess. Again." Liked the scene where Jorah finds out about the Old Bear's death. Liked QoT dealing with Cersei. Hated all the Dorne scenes. You mean the Water Gardens are so ill-guarded that not one but TWO sets of kidnappers (that don't even know about each other) can infiltrate them at the same time? Doran can't be that stupid. Please let this be a setup to trap the Sand Snakes with Jaime and Bronn as an unexpected bonus. 5. About Jorah's greyscale showing up so soon: I figure it isn't visible except to the viewers--maybe it tingles a bit or is starting to go numb at that point, so he's not sure if he's infected yet. He may be figuring that after he sees Dany he can have the arm amputated, you know, with what passes for proper medical attention in a feudal setting. 6. On an unrelated note, to provide a bit of humor, I'll be quite disappointed if we TV viewers don't get a decapitated-dwarf-head montage this season. C'mon, D&D, you need some humor to break the dramatic tension a bit. 7. This is an unpopular position, but I actually like the Missandei/Grey Worm romance so far. Humanizes them both a bit.
  9. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

    All together now: "And now his 'wash has ended."
  10. Sam with Hooters

    Official Testing Thread

  11. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Yes, that would work, Ebevan...the point is to delay Tyrion's imprisonment until the next episode.
  12. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Well, yeah, IMHO this is how Joffrey's death scene should've gone down: Joffrey: *choke,gag* (Points at Tyrion instead of vague "reaching" gesture). Joffrey: *dies* Cersei: (shriek) "He's dead! My son is DEAD!" (hysterics) (Camera pans out for crowd reaction shot) (END OF EPISODE, roll credits!). Next episode's opening scene: Cersei total meltdown: "You did this!! YOU KILLED MY SON! Seize him!" Why D&D didn't do this is beyond me...
  13. Sam with Hooters

    Official Testing Thread

    Trying to see if I can force a line break.<BR>Break<BR>Break<BR>Yeah, ENTER doesn't work any more!
  14. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    J_Crews wrote: Yeah, that was the shortest marriage ceremony since Robin Hood: Men in Tights! Did anyone else notice the parallel wording (paraphrasing, "You're mine and I'm yours") between the marriage vows and the conversation between Tyrion and Shae? Deliberate, coincidence, or just sloppy writing? Is Robb trying (unsuccessfully) to keep his marriage a secret? If no outsider but the septon knows about it, Robb's men can hardly complain about the "wrong" gods being invoked. Tellingly, this ceremony uses handfasting but no visible public outer signs of being married (such as American and European wedding rings, lady Hindu red-dot-on-the-forehead, or Amish men letting their beards grow out). Like the RW setup with Joffrey and Cersei's lip service about betrothal being a solemn commitment, with handy, politically-acceptable excuses for getting out of it. If Talisa DOES turn out to be Jeyne Westerling, would this be grounds for annulment? I could see Cat pushing for that and Robb refusing ("I love her no matter who she really is"), and the Freys feeling even more insulted and provoked once they find out.
  15. Sam with Hooters

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Big Noyd wrote: Either the writers totally dropped the ball here, or maybe Robb is secretly plotting to set the marriage aside (though he doesn't seem the type). Or maybe in the case of mixed-religion marriages, the bride's faith takes priority? And summer_stark wrote: Well, if I were in charge of the show's plot, the wights would collapse (turn dead again) as soon as Sam kills the White Walker(s), proving the wights are definitely under outside control (let's face it, zombies aren't very bright). Edit: Tried to turn bold & underline off. :(