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  1. Here we go... #TWDfinale

  2. Watching #Galavant Fun

  3. Excited to try #ChildhoodsEnd #TheExpanse and of course #Fargo finale

  4. #janicedontgiveafuck

  5. @PBS Loving #WaltDisneyPBS Amazing program!!!

  6. I loved the giants and mammoths...they looked amazing! Ghost kicked ass! The whole scope was epic. I really enjoyed that one long shot of the whole battle-impressive. Jon Snow finally coming into his own was satisfying. Very sad about Pyp. Would have loved to see Stannis but there hasn't really been much set up in the show for it. The last we've seen him on the show wasn't he in Braavos with Davos asking for money? I am very curious how they are going to handle Mance since the show is obviously going in a very different direction. Will we get Val and how would work even? So, jumping ahead but I am looking forward to the episode where Stannis offers Jon to be a Stark and marry Val..if it will even happen?!
  7. DanyStark

    How would you rate episode 405?

    The Jon and Ghost reunion was everything! Interesting play between Tywin and Cersei. Is there mention of Westerland gold mines in the books? I don't recall. I wonder if non book folk even realize at this point who Jon Arryn is and how much Littlefinger owns everyone!!!
  8. DanyStark

    How would you rate episode 404?

    My my favorite deviation so far of course besides the Tywin/ Arya scenes. I agree with the fellow posters about how they were able to capture Ghost. The Hodor torment was particularly brutal didn't like that at all. As far as the book readers being spoiled about what the White Walkers are doing with Crasters sons I wonder if that's how GRRM intended it to be or if it will be revealed as different in the later novels.
  9. Amazing of course but gave a 9 because wanted to feel the weight of the Old Bear's death more.
  10. DanyStark

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Does anyone else think Mel is going for Gendry as the sacrifice?
  11. DanyStark

    How would you rate episode 210?

    What the hell was up with walker army at the end?!
  12. I cannot stop thinking about this episode. I think it may be my favorite not only, of this season but the entire series so far. Little nuances keep coming to my mind at such random times. I was saddened to hear that some non-book readers were bored because in their words "there wasnt' any of the blond girl." I'm wondering how much many who haven't read the books are really reacting to the Theon story and if they GET it. I mean, to us it's just the beginning of Theon's incredible journey. Also, Tyrion and Varys are perfection together I cannot get enough of them. Margaery Tyrell is very spicy! It's funny when I first heard about Natalie Dormer I immediately pictured her as playing Asha Greyjoy solely based on how we meet her. I was a fan of hers on The Tudors where she played Anne Boleyn, but her interpretation of Margaery is intriguing. I supposed in the books we didn't get an extreme insight into Margaery's drive just other people's interpretation of her. But still. AMAZING!
  13. DanyStark

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Can I just say that one of my favorite parts of the show is the opening I jumped for joy when I saw Pyke in the opening credits. It is a brilliant sequence and I am trying my damnest to spread the word to non-book readers that you shkould not just fast forward as many of them have told me they do! For shame! So help me fellow GoT lovers to tell people to watch the beautiful beginnings!
  14. can't wait to watch community #coolcoolcool