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  1. The fight of Sandor and Brienne was one of the highlights among the show-only scenes. Two so very dedicated and charismatic actors. And the outcome was a litmus test for me: I may like Sandor as interesting fictional invention - but I like Brienne as character much more. And there is a long forgotten scene, the talk about their marriage between Cersei and Robert from the first series, not very present anymore among fandom. It was great.
  2. What are you saying? A rape isn't a rape if the rapist believes it isn't rape???
  3. I did not see it as anyhow sexy or romantic in the books either, I found it hugely disturbing, but it was not meant by Martin to be so very disturbing. The way the helpless girl gets aroused by the big male beast when the author should have written about fear, pain and disgust from the abused child. This is what annoys me in Martin's writing here. But let's leave the topic, I don't think we are so far apart from each other here.
  4. Yes, of course the "marital" rape of Dany in the show makes me hugely uncomfortable! But the point is: it is meant to make the watcher uncomfortable, it is brutal, cruel and straightforward rape, not romanticized at all. A clear description of an awful situation. While in the books Martin romanticized the abuse of a very young girl, suggesting that the frightened and shy child would be easily aroused by her abuser, rape turned into vanilla romance ideology. The situation may be glorified and on the surface easier to digest but the ideology behind it is imo gross: She doesn't really dislike it, she'll come around as soon as you do it. An abuser's wet dream. Now I am sure that Martin really, seriously intended to romanticize the situation, it was a different time at the beginning of the nineties and the awareness for the topic of child abuse was much lower. I bet Martin would never have written it that way today and the show corrected an error from Martin's side. I love Martin's books but we can find some misogyny even in the works of the greatest writers. If the show had given the situation the same way Martin did back then there would have been a shitstorm about rape ideology all over the web. And rightfully so. This way the show made a clear statement and preseted a disturbing and ugly act of marital rape as such.
  5. Did Varys speak to a dying man? Did he speak to Kevan because he suddenly felt like confessing or because he loves his own voice so much? No, Varys did not speak to the dying man before him, he spoke to the ears hidden in the walls, his own little birds or some other informer who was to be convinced of having heard a big secret. He counted on them to transport the message about Aegon to those whom Varys wanted to believe the story. This does in no way mean that he, Varys, himself believed what he said to Kevan.
  6. Yes, you did. Jeyne has so far not turned out pregnant since her mother secretly fed her moon tea.
  7. We should stop this now. If you desire to have the last word you can do another spiteful post after me, enjoy. If Martin had written Dany's wedding night the way he did today I would call him insensitive at best or even misogynist. But he did not. I think it is great that the show presented Dany's wedding night as what is was: abuse and rape. If they had done it with the same accent Martin used there would have been a shitstorm in the Web, and rightfully so. But they did not. I am done with that topic and nothing you write can change my opinion. But this exchange is not about convincing me or anyone or defending poor Mr Martin, is it? I do not care about what it is, go on without me. This thread is too interesting to get locked, we will all behave.
  8. @sweetsunray And why is it sooooo unthinkable to you, such a horrible desecration of the Holy Book that Martin might do something differently if he did it again? Hasn't he himself said that Tyrion's tumbling in AGOT wasn't the best idea, that show Osha and show Shae were great? It can in no way be offensive against an artist if I imagine he might do things differently under different circumstances. It's not diminishing Martin's work as a whole, everyone can be criticized. I do not really know what Martin thinks and you do not really know but rethinking one's artistic work is a healthy process. But what I know for sure is that he is in no need of protection against any of my infamous suggestions. Be his white knight if you like but he does not need you against me. I love his books.
  9. @sweetsunray I actually have no idea why you are fighting with me. You try your best to present me als white racist and I am none of those , LOL. Stop it and don't twist my post! I try to give explanations why many high quality writers in a different timesetting have not been free of inconsiderate ideas that are shaped by precisely that timesetting. We all learn and these writers might have done things differently today. Art happens in a social and political context, there is no such thing as standards of "perfect art" in some timeless space, valid for eternity. Every good artist knows that and Martin will as well. I love Martin's works but they are not beyond criticism to me. Nothing is, actually. Should they be in your opinion? Does it mean I do not love ASIOAF enough if there are elements I do not like? The child characters are great but too young imo and Dany's story starts out in a way I do not find believable and I would not find it believable if she were five years older either, full stop. Though I think it believable that later Dany takes charge of her situation with Drogo. Remind me about what we disagree. Because you find Dany's wedding night believable and I don't? Because I think the show did better here? Heresy? So many spiteful words from your side about that one point?? I forgot, this is internet anonymity and I am old fashioned.
  10. Actually I love the show and I enjoy it very much. There are some things I like less, like the twisting of Ellaria, or Tyrion being a little less complex in the show. I miss the mystical magical aspects of his journey. Though that is richly balanced by Dinklage's great acting (Only - how even greater could Dinklage be if Tyrion were as nuanced as in the books... ). I loved the books right from the first page and I will never stop loving them. Of course, as books, they are so much more rich, a rare experience. There are some aspects that annoy me though in the books as well, first of all the cartoonish way to deal with Cersei. No, I cannot say that I love the show more than the books. I love both. At present I soooo much want the next book and I can hardly wait for season 7. Lucky me, actually. Two events to relish.
  11. Ts, I am aware that the nineties were not the dark ages. And yet the political situation has fundamentally changed. There is not only the recent threats to thousands of women by terrorist organizations, there is fortunately a bigger awareness what forced and arranged marriages mean as violence against women. I guess the show knows that and Martin does as well. I am not much younger than Mr Martin and I know myself that even some feminists back then in the nineties belittled some far away violence against women as being part of "cultural diversity", and you know, other cultures have a right to their culture........political correctness misunderstood. But "far away" is not far away any longer and many women and girls concerned are right among us. Martin is a politically aware person, he will know that himself, and know better today like many of us. Martin never writing a rape in a POV would by logic mean that no POV character could ever be raped. Now I do not see why Theon's torture - he is a POV - or Shireen's burning should not be just as gruesome to read as any rape. Do you literally need to be told how fire on skin feels? Martin could for sure imply that rape has happened and write about what that does to a person. We cannot be sure that POV characters are safe from rape, torture, mutilation and horrors like that.
  12. Cersei She is far more complex, more subtle and more relatable than in the books. In short she is far more interesting and Lena Headey has a huge part in it. Tywin His show only scenes with Jaime and Arya were awesome. Charles Dance! Sansa's story I prefer Sansa's show story to her book story - so far since I am quite sure that she will get more into the center of attention in the books as well. I guess she will have some ugly experiences in the books too, Martin won't spare her, no more than any other character. Sansa won't go on organizing parties, her book story will be as interesting and as gruesome as her show story already is. Margaery Natalie Dormer's grown up, clever and sexy Margaery was great. Hardhome and the battle of the bastards. I generally prefer that the young characters are older in the show. I like it that they presented Daenerys' wedding night as what it was: rape. Here Martin in my eyes did a misstep: A frightened and shy thirteen year old girl getting aroused by a guy who gropes her when she has no choice in It - that is a juicy fantasy for those who love scenarios where virginal girls are "introduced" by a superior aand strong male. Wet dream as long as it stays a fantasy. But In reality a scenario like that is rape and abuse. Now back then when Martin wrote the books we were not aware as much as today of children forcibly married, women enslaved by terrorists etc. Today Martin might decide to do the scene differently and I am glad that the show did, given the present political situation. Otherwise I would call it rape apology. Be aware that I am not against showing atrocities within a timesetting like that as long as they are presented as atrocities. Shireen's burning was certainly the cruelest of all and it will probably happen in the books as well. KFC Inn Show Shae Tyrion and Dany have met!
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