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  1. The three eyed Raven can't be Bloodraven since he said that he had been a thousand years in that cave
  2. This was an excellent episode. I am not one who always needs wild action scenes and breathtaking fights though I love them from time to time. But I am not bored without them. I enjoy subtleties just as much and there were a lot of it. Cersei-Tommen-Jaime-High Sparrow, now we know why they needed a good actor for Tommen. Sansa and Briennne, Sansa and Theon, Meera and Asha, sorry, Yara is Asha to me, I am not tone deaf. A propos, the music was not as spectacular as in he first episode but just as good. I loved it when Tyrion told the dragons that touching childhood story exactly like it was in the books. Tyrion is bitter now but he could really stop going at Varys, we got it, writers. Let him be bitter elsewhere. But Varys looking at Tyrion - let the forum burn Arya desperately fighting where there was nothing, that was so Arya. Now we all want to know if Jon is still the same nice guy. I would not like it if having been dead has no impact at all, if he can simply go on and have a complete and normal human life after that. Martin knows his philosophy, will he belittle death as ultimate challenge, as ultimate affront to mankind? What I did I not like was Roose getting killed, he should have continued to be the great villain he was and McElhatton was fantastic. Walda and her baby - that was to be expected, after Shireen my soul has turned to ice. The man of my heart watched with me and despite loving the episode he would certainly give no more than 8 for a very trivial reason: the episode was too dark, for some parts we could not see much since we don't have a movie hall at home.
  3. I gave it an 8. there was Dorne....ok....we know by now...it won't be over since there are the two assassins left, so let's see what the show is going to make of them. I nurture a tiny sparkle of hope that Areo is not dead in the end, I guess I am delusional but he did not deserve this banality of an exit. And the Varys/Tyrion dialogue was a bit lacking, we know that Tyrion makes cock jokes by now. If they want to present his cynicism they could have found something else! I expect more from Tyrion, make better use of Dinklage! I loved Cersei, Headey was great, and Jaime, this is promising and it is far better for the story if Jaime and Cersei do not fall apart so soon. Theon and Sansa running was so well done, the light, the colors. It's always Sansa who gets the best coloring, the best use of light and optical effects, magical. Yes, there is inconsistency with dogs and surviving the water. I have run marathons myself at below zero degrees C. If they had taken their clothes over their head before going into the water they could have been fine. But this is nitpicking, it does not diminish the beauty of the scene. I liked the desperate moment of closeness between the two. And the oath was so beautiful. Of course Sansa takes every advice she can get, in that case from Theon, her next advisor may be Pod or Brienne. It would rather be unbelievable if Sansa in that situation could have recited the oath properly. And I am sure there is a reason Pod has to be established, once again, as being far more clever than he appears. He did his best to fight, touching. Davis was, once again, great. The athmosphere at the wall, everything had that melancholic tension. And I liked how the Melisandre revelation was done. She had given up, no need anymore to keep any illusion not for others nor for herself, withthat look into the mirror she said goodbye to the world and she went to bed, maybe hoping she might sleep forever. yes, they had the courage to show a really old woman naked, nice subversion of all image of GOT.
  4. I'd sign every word you wrote about Feast and Dance. I loved both books with the exception of, well, some chapters.And I was really disappointed that they did not present my favorite character's, Tyrion's, descent into moral and emotional misery in the show, the more a pity since they have an actor with Dinklage who could have given us all that and yet return to the complex antihero character Tyrion we will root for when the story goes on. A character may have been down there and yet he can decide to do the right thing - and is not beyond that artificial moral event horizon lesser books try to sell to us. In some undefined future I would love to read an interview with D&D why they decided to take away from Tyrion and from Dinklage - beyond the always working and certainly realistic excuse lack of screen time. There are other issues like why is Ellaria not the voice of peace and reason, meaning Martin's voice, but the voice of revenge? Will they give her a slow and cruel learning arc at the expense of one or more of her daughters? A character who seeks revenge over all is doomed in Martin's universe, one of the most important author's messages. And readers who cheer for cheap catharic revenge will be disappointed. But it is the message, the spirit, that has to be kept in, not the details. Some of us love some of the characters and their story while others, who would have thought, love other elements. We all have different favorite characters and of course their respective story is the essential one that should be sacrosanct. Some changes are necessary, given that there are seven series and, who would have thought, 500 fans have 1000 different opinions here. I e.g. love the changes done to Cersei, she is better and more complex in the show. I believe the changes done to Sansa are a good thing or at least will pay off in the end. The actress is great where she is but would be a miscast as little girl charming hollow boys. I do not miss much of the Ironborn apart from Asha. The animalistic sex appeal of one eyed pirates killing women is lost on me. Remember that dance group where the female dancers landed right on the erect penises of the male ones? Ouch!!!! I can do without. Ridiculous writing from Martin's side, sorry. Talk about sexposition in the show! A big LOL! Actually i do not think that showing sex and naked people, called "nudity" in US America-speak, is anyhow negative. Like everything else it is only bad when poorly done - which sometimes happened in the show. But there would have been no excuse for including that disastrous dance scene from the books. And what is "gratitious"??? Gratitious dinner descriptions, elaboration of costumes and dresses (I love the costume design in the show), gratitious sex, gratitious architecture descriptions - everything that puts flesh on the bare story bones is gratitious. Everything that makes a story, books or series, come alive. Puritans stay away! I have some issues with the books and yet I love them more than most I have ever read. And I have some issues with the show. And yet I love it. Maybe the last episode was not more than a nine due to the overuse of cliffhangers, certainly something done in favor of the author, so he can tell his own story first. But I gave it a ten since I am thoroughly annoyed about the insulting, poor mannered and pubertarian schoolyard bully way some people treat the showmakers in this forum, not necessarily in this thread. (Though I would not know, I have the worst on ignore ;) )The showmakers are after all artists like me, only on another field. Why would they ever take any critic serious that personally insults them and calls them names. I guess they have given up reading this forum at all, the bridges will be burned by now.
  5. I wished more of those heavily critical posters would admit that they first of all want the show to be great. Actually love and hatred, not indifference belong together as emotional investment. Which in no way justfies the hatespeak towards the showmakers in many posts, that is simply juvenile.
  6. LOLI gave it a ten and I am proud of it ;) I might have given the episode a nine because there was one or two cliffhangers too much for my taste but I am quite sure that the showmakers agreed with Martin to let him write his story without having it spoiled. Actually the series might have been even better in itself if the show had cared less about giving Martin the time he needs.
  7. Well, they might look for a big burned spot with scattered bones ..........
  8. I got a warning point for calling someone "boring" who suggested Martin himself were a pedo.
  9. This I think the showmakers were really careful here. No, I am not so happy about all those cliffhangers since I somewhat dislike cliffhanger overuse but it is obvious that the last episode precisely took up and collected all those damn open questions. And now Martin is free to answer them first and in his own way. Which makes me believe that the next book wil come out before the next season. That way we can enjoy both: eat the cookie and have it
  10. Is Stannis dead? Maybe he could redeem himself at least a tiny little bit if he died sacrificing himself for another young girl, Sansa, after having murdered his own daughter.
  11. What makes me nervous is that with Myrcella dead Trystane could now go to Mereen, try to marry Dany, be as unsuccessful as Quentin and get scorched.
  12. You give me hope.And why should they have casted a different actress for those few minutes!? I found that on Watchersonthewall: Some people know how to enjoy themselves in a non masochist way. Congratulations to them for having a good time!! :)
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