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  1. I feel like I need to somehow burn the White Walker scene out of my brain. That was some painfully bad television.
  2. Hated, hated, hated hated hated hated the way the Other looked. I almost laughed when it popped up on screen, it looked like some sort of goofy snow ape that belongs in Avatar 2 or something. A couple of good scenes but overall a weak episode, not exactly ending on a high note.
  3. salt

    How would you rate episode 209?

    I thought that was too general to be considered a spoiler, but I'll tag it.
  4. salt

    How would you rate episode 209?

    GRRM is great at writing these. I hope he gets the
  5. salt

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Starts during the day, continues through night.
  6. salt

    How would you rate episode 209?

    You know nothing. I have the feelings we'll be seeing much more from this up and coming Greg R.R. Morton fella.
  7. Oona Chaplin naked :wideeyed:. Not saying she's worth a sword in the heart, but certainly a sword in the shoulder, possibly a leg. Also, was that a Stannis scene I didn't hate? Hooray!
  8. Beautiful episode. I don't know what caused the lull in the early episodes, but GoT has securely reclaimed its spot as one of the best shows on television.
  9. No horses for the king and his escort at the riots...barely any horses for the crows beyond the wall...but plenty of horses for the Ironborn :P.
  10. salt

    W:TW Information Collection

    The current version is quite playable. What you want to do is download the current .53 alpha version http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=256115 and the Enhanced Submod http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=477004 Its certainly not complete, there isn't much in the way of custom units, but its still quite fun for a few campaigns.
  11. The first 10 I've given out of the season. Perhaps it deserves a 9, but the "there's not much fish left in you" line pushed me over the edge.
  12. Why can't every episode be as good as this one? This was absolutely incredible. Pitch perfect TV yet enough deep ASOIAF jargon to keep any book fan happy. Truly amazing work.
  13. Terrific episode, probably the second best of the season. Loved the Harren the Black reference and the shout-out to the Brotherhood Without Banners.
  14. One thing I don't understand- the Tyrell tiny army :shocked: ? Littlefinger says its the largest in the realm, after the Starks and Lannisters- suggesting they have less than 20,000 men? Is there a point to that?
  15. Not only does he let her go after the lie, he lets her serve him water after she looks him dead in the eyes with an unwavering stare and tells him "anyone can be killed". ASOIAF is indeed where anyone can be killed, especially people who do stupid shit like that. ACOK was about Arya learning how to survive in a warzone, and I don't think a "You tell him gurl!" moment like this fits the atmosphere that Game of Thrones should have.
  16. They seem short because they generally are. This one was about 55 minutes, many of them have been closer to 52. Take out 4 or so minutes for episode recap and the intro and that's disappointingly short. With such a massive book to fit into 10 episodes one would hope they would all be 60 minutes long.
  17. They may have added some negative traits, but they took away all the ones that existed in the book. The carelessness, the apathy, choking off the food supply to King's Landing, his glee for killing Stannis and Joffrey even when he thought he was his nephew, the plan for a rash and unnecessary attack at dawn marching his men directly into the rising sun...they made have made him more of a pansy, but they sure as hell made him less of a dick. I agree that the Loras reaction sucked, the whole assassination scene could have been so much better and the lack of rage on Loras's part was disappointing. That and the shaving scene from the first season made it appear that Loras mainly saw Renly as a means to power and put the idea of kingship in his head. In the books it was Renly calling the shots, and Loras genuinely worshiped the ground he walked on. And speaking of gay men, I don't love the fact that Xaro is now straight- and wants to be king of Westeros?? If I recall correctly he just wanted a dragon, but it looks like they will probably leave out the details of how a Qartheen marriage works. I've never been one to want the show to directly reflect the books, I just hope there is a point to the new Xaro. For a character that looks like they will play a much larger role in the show than they did in the books, I wish they had found a better actor.
  18. His conversation with Cat made them sound like equals fighting together. He did say Robb would need to pledge loyalty to him, but that clashed with the rest of his sentiments. I felt like show tried to make it seem that had Renly not been killed at that moment he and Robb would have teamed up and saved the day. In the books I never got the impression that they were that close to making a deal that Robb would ever support.
  19. Good episode, but Renly accepting a King in the North :bs:. They're really going out of there way to make Stannis look bad and erase everything resembling a negative trait from Renly.
  20. Being parodied on SNL is a massive compliment, it means the show has "made it". And since the entire season was filmed long before the SNL parody, I'm not sure how the show could be "busy trying to live it down".
  21. Well, there was that deleted scene from Aladdin where the Genie stabs him in the heart, saying "Hey ho, Jafarr send his regards!". Robin Williams really sold it. But seriously, no way in hell would Robb have married someone who wasn't nobility.
  22. And LuisDantas since you're happy with the Stannis portrayal, you can imagine how I feel about it :D. I'm also nervous about the "Jeyne" storyline. It looks like she won't be a noblewoman, and while that might help to explain the eventual Frey outrage, if they do indeed go with a "Prince and the peasant girl" type storyline its going to feel too Disney to me.
  23. The ancient rite of cutting your hand for the sake of plot progression. It seemed that Xaro was taking on responsibility for Dany and her people- if they did anything bad in the city Xaro would be to blame, and would presumably be severely punished. It was not in the books.
  24. Harrenhall in the opening credits looked amazing. The castle itself...I envisioned something with more of a Soviet, Eastern Bloc feel to it- big, gray, big, empty, and big. It looked decent but I couldn't help but get a spooky Halloween graveyard vibe. I was half expecting jack-o-lanterns and boiling cauldrons.