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  1. So ... what happens with Biden’s inauguration? Can it still go ahead out in the open? With so many of these Trump fans saying they’re coming back for that? Do they have the security for that? Or reliable security, anyway.
  2. Does the police letting them in affect these laws? I mean, I went to Capitol Hill as a tourist. What if I’d walked in, and no security had stopped me, am I still breaking the law? Obviously there’s still plenty of vandalism and theft, but the majority just entered the building. Just wondering if that changed things.
  3. Not my thread, but that is a good title.
  4. From the Streets song about a break up, due to our parting with the EU (which already happened, but the transition period ended).
  5. Tuesday always carries a backlog from the weekend, and this time it was a bank holiday Friday as well. All things considered, I thought it would be more than that. Still bad though of course.
  6. “Hey Alex! You look like you’ve got something to say! Do you?” ”Yes I certainly do. I HAVE TO GO NOW. MY PLANET NEEDS ME.” Note: Alex died on the way back to his home planet
  7. Actually you’re right, found this on the government website: I was also reading a Reddit thread where someone claimed that mild asthma sufferers would be included in group 6 if aged between 16-64 (and had checked with the DoH, not just a random comment) which is good to know.
  8. Oxford vaccine produces strong immune response in older adults
  9. We could do with a better definition of ‘vaccinated’, I’d prefer it to mean ‘has received a full course of vaccination injections’ but the government seem to be using ‘has had a dose’. I’m also wondering if there’s an argument to switch strategy once you’ve finished with the first four groups (everyone over 75, vulnerable, and NHS staff) to targeting those who are doing the most transmitting. Would it make more sense to prioritise key workers? As much as I’d like a vaccine, I couldn’t argue against a teacher younger than me getting it first. Although if everything was open, I’m not sure there’d be a clear enough picture of who was doing the most transmitting.
  10. Well my post was a personal worry, I don’t want the virus. But I understand that I can’t level that against people’s livelihoods. However, I do think that a fully open economy, with no under 75’s vaccinated, with the current variants, had the potential to overwhelm the NHS. It still hospitalises a non-trivial number of people.
  11. I’ll repeat what I said about a month back: I’m still worried that restrictions will have absolutely no backing once deaths drop, but under 70’s still won’t have been vaccinated, and Covid will run rife through the country. I know I’m a low risk, but I still massively don’t want this virus. Boris explicitly laid out a timetable that said the restrictions will drop as soon as that happens. I guess I’ll just hope that the rollout continues at pace through the lower age groups, and that the existing vaccines put a dent in the transmission as well as the death rate.
  12. I really don’t understand Boris at the moment ... the numbers today are largely the same as yesterday, why the fuck did he drag parents and teachers through this ridiculous 24 hours only to announce a lockdown now? It was incredibly obvious last week that this would be happening, but no, he couldn’t possibly have looked decisive for once and got out in front of Starmer and Sturgeon. I picked a weird day to start a new job tomorrow...
  13. There’s still an episode left to explain more, but no, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with them. At least I hope they explain more in the next episode, otherwise it’s a bizarre choice of mystery for the season based on what we already know.
  14. Actually that was me that had (minor) issues with Naomi, although it explains a lot that all the forum’s memories of perceived isms is attributed to HoI. I think she’s a good actress that’s had a good season so far, my point before was a broader one about English accents in American productions: there’s an accepted English accent that has developed which doesn’t quite correspond to an exact geographical accent, it’s generally a south-east middle class accent, except everyone pronounces all their consonants. It makes it seem like the characters are interviewing for a job, or meeting their partners parents for the first time. Random aside, but the ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ episode with Ricky Gervais has him pronounce ‘poverty’ as ‘pover-y (pover-ee)’ and Jerry Seinfeld picks it out as weird - because Americans so rarely hear that accent, despite it being extremely common. Anyway, Avasarala has had a good season too, for my money the actress aims for a high standard and hits it most of the time, it’s just a bit jarring when she doesn’t. But yes, Holden is the show’s real weak spot, he just can’t seem to convey emotion particular well so all his seems come across as flat and lifeless. I can’t say I understand what’s happening with Alex, I thought he’d be written out but then I thought maybe they’d already filmed this season? Or is this intended as a kind of proxy punishment for the actor, that his family don’t want anything to do with him?
  15. Bit late to the party, but I’m watching Raised By Wolves. Was there a thread about it? On the one hand, I kinda like sci-fi that’s comfortable being sci-fi and just goes all out with the robots and wars and spaceships and what not. But it’s also not truly great in any particular area, and the general world building of the factions is coming across as a bit corny. I feel like it hasn’t yet made some ham fisted commentary on religion, but it’s heading there, the way the ‘atheists’ and the sun worshipers are so neatly divided. I can’t decide how much I enjoy it at the moment.
  16. Yea, I think this is a long way from clear cut. I wouldn’t like to have to make this call. My gut says that right now, the priority is to reduce numbers as much as possible and a longer gap seems to be the way to do that. If we weren’t looking at over 1000 deaths a day again soon, then maybe play it safer. But if the first dose is over 50% effective, then (very crude maths that I’m happy to be corrected on) I’d rather two people were less than half as likely to get the virus than one person was 90% less likely. That seems to be the greater good at the moment.
  17. Maybe I misread what they were going for, but I saw them as reaching out to Adira because Adira was lonely. They’re an adult, not only that, a Trill host (our main reference point being Jadzia; wise beyond her years) who never struck me as needing a paternal figure. So I got a bit of whiplash going from ‘professional equal / friend’ to ‘I’m basically their Dad’.
  18. I didn’t notice this, but I see what you mean. Not major I’d say, I’d personally stick with chronological.
  19. I enjoy the anthology style too, but Rebels isn’t really any different to the vast majority of TV; it has characters and lesser characters, and it explores all of them to differing degrees. It’s tempting to view it as a follow up to TCW when it really isn’t, it’s just a different show set in a different time. It has far fewer skippable episodes (maybe even none, as far as continuity goes) which is a plus for me, it always feels like the story’s moving somewhere. The season 2 finale has my favourite scene in any of the shows, by some distance. I’m not sure what this is referring to, I watched chronologically and I didn’t notice anything. So I don’t think it can be anything major.
  20. 2020 has been the first full year I’ve logged everything I’ve played on the BG stats app, and I’ve been keeping an eye on my H-index as the year closes (for those that don’t know, your H-index is the highest value for which the following is true: “I have played X number of games X number of times”, so if you play 5 games 5 times each, it’s 5). I actually quite enjoyed steering my plays to get a higher number, it almost acts like a random button when you can’t decide, you can just say “what game do we need to play to get our H up?” Ended up with 10, although two of those are Gloomhaven games. 1. Crokinole 70 2. Railroad Ink 55 3. Decrypto 38 4. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion 23 5. Gloomhaven 22 6. 7 Wonders Duel 15 7. A Feast For Odin 11 8. The Search for Planet X 11 9. Great Western Trail 10 10. The Castles of Burgundy 10 Crokinole feels a bit weird being top, we got a board last Christmas and played a lot in January, but it’s really a game we bring out for when people are round which stopped happening pretty quick. We usually play 5 or more games in a session so that’s why the number is so high. Decrypto is there purely because did how well it works over video, and we started playing every week with my Dad. And Planet X will be waaaay higher next year, we got to 11 plays in a very short space of time.
  21. Can we make this a TV spoiler thread, so that if there are spoilers, we can assume they’re book spoilers?
  22. I think the DS9 writers realised we hadn’t seen a Klingon child age, so they could make the rules up purely for the concept they wanted; Worf having a teenage son. He also had a personality transplant so it stretched belief that it was even the same character.
  23. I don’t doubt DC found plenty of other ways to fuck up a movie, still willing to assume Disney knew what they were doing hiring Jenkins. I haven’t seen WW1984 though.
  24. I think she can be good in roles like this (though I haven’t seen this film), she just had a very weird start to her career as Dany and Sarah Connor, neither of which she was suited for.
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