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  1. 25 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    Guys, seriously, there are episodes in TOS and TNG where you can see that nobody is hitting each other in a brawl, and when people (mostly Klingons) are stabbing each other in DS9 there is no blood - neither at the so-called 'wound' nor at the weapons involved.

    That's not something one can take seriously in our day and age.

    So there are no intermediate steps between those examples and graphic eye removal?

    Violence aside, the more I think about the episode the weaker it seems. They aimed for a comedy team-up caper, but there was too much else to get done and so it fell flat. Picard has about two lines in his french accent, and the reasoning for dressing up at all didn’t really land. The mixed up chronology didn’t really seem necessary and it ended up looking like a weak Ocean’s 11 attempt, and the scene with Raffi’s son was out of place and fairly poorly acted. I guess I miss Picard being in charge, he didn’t seem like he was all that necessary to the episode.

  2. 5 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    Have they established that Geordi didn't die in the Mars attack? The only way I could see him surviving was if he had off for First Contacy Day. 

    I haven’t seen any short treks (I don’t think I have the means in the UK...?) or read any prequel comics, so I’m not sure if there’s any relevant info there, but Picard’s Romulan buddy said a few episodes back something like “why don’t you round up all your old buddies, Worf, Georgi...” which would be a weird thing to say if he’d died.

  3. Gotta side with Toth a little, I’m open to seeing darker elements of the universe and I don’t want Star Trek to be one thing and one thing only. But was it entirely necessary to have an immediate eye-gouging of an established character? No, Icheb wasn’t anyone’s favourite person but why not just leave us to imagine he lived happily ever after? What’s next week, Geordi gets his skin flayed in the opening seconds of the episode? Especially if you don’t have the same actor (for whatever reason), what did we really gain from that scene? Similarly, I don’t really see why they made this character Bruce Maddox if they don’t have the actor and they’re just gonna kill him after one episode. 

    I still feel like we’re waiting to get to the point of the series, it’s just following a trail of breadcrumbs at the moment. I enjoyed the first few episodes where it seemed that Data would be relevant but not resurrected, but I’m not really into the meandering around the seedy back alleys of space. I agree that Seven’s arc seems appropriate enough, that she’s not in Starfleet but is doing something selfless. Kinda hope she has more of a point to her being here than this one episode though (and god I hope that wasn’t a backdoor pilot to Star Trek: Seven and The Fenrir Rangers).

  4. 20 hours ago, BigFatCoward said:

    Slightly political. A petition to get a change of law called 'Flacks Law' just popped up on my facebook. Basically stopping press harassment of celebs. While I agree the tabloid press, especially womens magazines who basically stalk d list celebs with impunity are absolute scum.  I'm not sure naming a law after someone who was pretty certainly a domestic abuser is the right track. 

    Yea I just saw that ... strange choice. Not to open a can of worms, but let’s face it, if a guy beat up his girlfriend he’s not gonna get any laws named after.

    And of course, people rarely follow the money with these things: the paparazzi act this way because there’s good money in it because people buy this shit. That’s what needs to stop.

  5. 2 hours ago, RumHam said:

    I don't really get the difference between the Doctor's brain and Data's brain, I never have. I assume mobile emitter technology isn't widely available so holograms couldn't follow you where there aren't holographic emitters. But others than that what is the difference? I can't see why one type of artificial life-form has been banned and the other apparently hasn't.

    I wish they’d never done Moriarty / Vic Fontaine / EMH to be honest. It makes Data more unique if recreating consciousness is just super difficult, and no one’s really sure how Noonien Soong did it. You’re right, there isn’t a difference as it’s presented. It makes sense if the computer simply fakes a person being conscious for holograms, so I guess if you cracked open a hologram’s program it would be full of algorithms about appearing conscious but nothing suggesting it is. Whereas Data’s brain is genuine emergent consciousness, in that it was designed like a human brain and consciousness emerged naturally, and there are no algorithms for faking anything.

    But, we’re clearly supposed to be believe the Doctor is conscious. Hence why it bugs the crap out of me that anyone would ever treat him inhumanely or, oh I don’t know, enslave a bunch of them to work in a mine (wasn’t there a great speech once upon an episode about not condemning new life forms to slavery?).

  6. 1 hour ago, red snow said:

    Does the EMH have multiple personalities for different functions? Accents/behaviours seem to be all over the place. Guess it gives the actor more to do than just be boy scout

    It’s separate holograms, there’s an EMH, an ENH, an EHH, I think another one.

    For some reason it was the languages that were bothering me in this episode, what language has the Romulan spy brother been speaking to pick up on the fact that Soji was watching in Romulan? And so what language is anyone on the cube speaking? Was that a Romulan translation of Three Musketeers? Does the kid speak and read English? Picard tried out his Romulan briefly, so does that mean everyone else there spoke English? 

    I’m finding I’m not all that enthusiastic about a mystery these days, I’d rather everyone just got on with the mission. Not all that interested with this ancient prophecy about a Destroyer.

    I did really like when Picard got angry with Legolas, it’s the first time we’ve seen him act like he’s in charge. Really felt like Picard then, he’s mellowed the rest of his performance I think.

  7. 2 hours ago, RumHam said:

    @DaveSumm Seven appears in the fourth episode. 

    So there are a lot of weird rumors flying around about Star Trek this week. One was that Seth McFarland and NBC made a pitch to buy Star Trek from CBS. The other was that the franchise is in trouble again, Discovery filmed it's season three finale as a series finale and probably won't return, and Kurtzman is about to be fired. Oh and CBS all Access will supposedly be merged with a forthcoming Viacom streaming service (which is the most likely of the rumors in my opinion.) 

    I'm really not inclined to believe the guy "confirming" the "everything is fucked" leaks cause he was the same one supposedly made shit up about Captain Marvel because he hates women or something. But apparently he's not the only source. Time will tell. 

    Seems really severely pessimistic ... and I’m not sure I buy the ‘Fuller offered to run everything’ rumour. Why on earth would they do that? He’s gone massively over budget on recent projects, and nothing’s really changed since they scrapped him from Discovery. CBS All Access not doing well I could certainly believe, but there’s gotta be a fair amount of cash coming from Netflix / Prime showing outside the US?

  8. 1 hour ago, Werthead said:

    Don't you run 2 characters each in 2 player or is there some modifier to reduce difficulty if you're just running 2 characters?

    That’s an option, but I think the official version is is just running one character each (not sure if you’ve started yet but running two each would seriously hurt my head). Each scenario has three different enemy placements depending on player count to scale them (the hexes around each enemy are colour coded for player count in the scenario book).

    The problem with two player is that you might get some combos that don’t work as well. The game never fully breaks of course, and there are those that see it as a way of increasing difficulty, to intentionally pick mismatched pairs. My girlfriend and I started with Scoundrel and Spellweaver, and then discovered this is arguably the worst combo (Scoundrel picks up XP and +X attack when allies are adjacent, meanwhile Spellweaver doesn’t want or need to be adjacent to enemies). I switched to Cragheart which is a great, fun, all rounder.

    There’s more than a few characters that are ‘support’, in that they shine when they’re aiding allies rather than fighting. Stuff like ‘Bless All Allies’ or ‘Heal All Allies’ becomes inherently weaker the fewer allies you have.

  9. 2 hours ago, HokieStone said:

    Ah...yeah, that would make more sense.  Stronghold has a made a mint off that game...not sure why they can make an edition with custom art.  The picture of the cow always makes me shake my head.  Now...I went in on the Kickstarter for the latest expansion, "Turmoil", and it came with new player boards that had inset areas for all the cubes, which is very nice.

    I think there’s too many expansions now to bother with a second edition. You’d be upsetting fans who wouldn’t have matching components, and it’s been out long enough now that most people who want to own it probably do.

    I really hope they do what A Game Of Thrones second edition did, take the cream of the expansions and update all the art in one package. Then I’d be tempted to pick it up.

    After 89 plays, we finished Gloomhaven. Just started Forgotten Circles. It’s kinda nice to be back on track on a campaign (Gloomhaven core can kinda trail off if you’re not sure where you are) but I’m struggling a little with the class the you have to play with this expansion. Full support character, which is always tough in 2 player.

  10. I think we’re on the same page, I’m assuming Reed is right.

    Discussing this makes me realise that the transporter has to be the most far fetched technology in Star Trek; even leaving the principle itself aside, the fact that the device can reassemble molecules hundreds of miles away from where it’s located is pretty insane. Telling particles where to be from a distance is essentially telekinesis, it should be able to move rocks around on planets from orbit just as easily.

  11. 22 minutes ago, Arch-MaesterPhilip said:

    I took that as Reed having a limited understanding about how the transporters worked.

    Well, see Wert’s post I guess. Seems that’s how they work. I imagine all the crew of NX-01 have a pretty decent understanding of its technologies, particular the chief tactical officer. Plus, there’s literally one starship in the whole fleet at this point, he must damn qualified to have made the cut.

  12. 2 hours ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    Yes.  That is what that means.  The reason no one talks about it is that there isn't another version of you.  You are destroyed every time.

    I just watched the Enterprise pilot, and Malcolm Reed states “I’m not ready to have my molecules compressed into a data stream just yet”. I thought it was an interesting phrase, implying that your molecules are literally sent to wherever as opposed to reproduced. The next question I guess is why; it’s more work when they have replicators that could just replicate the same thing. This is before biological transport of course, so it’s not so that people feel better about it.

  13. 8 hours ago, RumHam said:

    Voyager (spoilers for that one guy)

    Thanks for thinking of me. :) It’s actually my girlfriend who hasn’t seen it, I just wanted to check that Picard didn’t spoil the end before we watched each episode. We’ve finished now anyway (some stats if anyone cares; we gave each episode a mark out of 10 and averaged it for the season, the official season rankings are 4, 7, 5 tied with 3, 6, 2, 1. I always thought Seven saved Voyager but it turns out the writers just upped their game generally, 4 has some solid episodes.)

    Back to Picard: I forgot who proposed that the Romulans may have created the Borg a few pages back, it seems like this episode went a bit further down this road? We know the Borg tried to assimilate some Romulans for the first time (there was actually an assimilated Romulan in Voyager but let’s ignore him) and something went very wrong, do they have some kind of inbuilt defense against it? I guess they don’t need to have created them for this, maybe their fear of AI meant that while the Federation were working on weapons and shields to defend against the Borg, the Romulans were more concerned with the AI aspect and have been working on individual defense against assimilation all this time. Janeway, Tuvok and Torres all got intentionally assimilated in Voyager with some kind of suppressant that meant they retained their mental faculties, presumably with Seven’s help. So the technology exists. 

  14. 4 hours ago, Lord Varys said:

    By the way - since you are doing a rewatch of Voyager right now. Can you check whether there's an explanation there why they have not yet taken over the entire Delta Quadrant? The guys they meet in the first two seasons or so are mostly not very impressive, and Borg space is not that far away from where they start their voyage.

    I’m just finishing up a rewatch myself, their journey is punctuated by enormous leaps every now and then. They’re only just on the edge of Borg space toward the end of Season 3, and Kes throws them straight across it. Surprisingly, Voyager made it 65% of the way home before the events of the finale. It doesn’t quite work like most things in Voyager, but I think that’s the idea. It makes it incredibly ridiculous when they reencounter people they’ve met by chance, 10,000 light years from where they first met.

  15. 10 hours ago, Tywin Manderly said:

    What would it take for the UK to rejoin the EU? 

    A government willing to offer a referendum on it. Now that we’ve decided referendums is how this is done, that’s the only way back in. So I’d say, minimum 30-40 years but probably never? I can’t see a government even 50 years from now looking at the last 3 years and saying “yea, let’s go for a bit of that again”.

    Maaaaybe if things got so blatantly worse that it became a viable pledge in a manifesto for one of the parties and they subsequently won, but I can’t see it. The actual truth of whether we’re better or worse off will get buried under a sea of bullshit from here on out, so it’ll never be clear to the public how things have turned out, particularly with something like this where the truth would be quite complex even without the bullshit.

  16. 35 minutes ago, Toth said:

    That doesn't sound right to me. The only thing mentioned was that Locutus was supposed to be the collective's voice with the Federation as they thought him saying 'resistance is futile' might make them sound a little more diplomatic as opposed to it being just some other dude. Well, that and getting his knowledge of Federation tactics was a nice boon in dismantling their defenses I guess. I am a bit baffled where this idea comes from that Locutus was any special, given how he didn't act any different from any other drone.

    It was in First Contact, I can’t remember the exact line of dialogue but when he remembers the Borg Queen he also remembers that they wanted him to come willingly to the collective. I mean it’s a retcon, of course. But still, there was clearly a distinct manner that Locutus has and Picard doesn’t, which is what bugs me about Seven. She retains her entire personality, memories, skills, from her time as a Borg. Other than looking different, there’s no meaningful way in which she was actually de-assimilated.

  17. 8 minutes ago, Toth said:

    Have you guys forgotten that Picard himself was assimilated, managed to fight it off enough to give the crew a fighting chance against his cube AND was completely restored with no further damage to his self? He was literally the first borg drone reintegrated into society. Seven's problem after being saved was that she couldn't just fall back on being Annika Hansen as she was assimilated as a little kid yet in the process of developing her personality. Being a Borg was all she knew, that's why I find it fitting that she never used Annika in the show but always remained Seven as that was who she is.

    I must say that for that very reason I severely dislike First Contact as changing Picard's character for thishamfisted Ahab allusion hurt him very much and I also hate very much how many people love this movie solely for being 'dark and gritty'.

    First Contact explained this, they never fully assimilated him as they wanted a willing human on their team. I still think Hugh is the best example we have; he began to develop a personality and a code of ethics of sorts, but there was never any mention (that I recall?) of who he was before being assimilated. Whoever that guy was, he died a long time ago.

    Seven essentially acted exactly the same after she was ‘liberated’, she just had less tech and more hair. Which makes you question exactly where her personality resides, how is she carrying over so many traits if she’s had all that removed? Or does she still have a largely Borg brain? Maybe it would have been cleaner to go the Hugh route, she’s just a Borg who can’t remember a thing about Annika Hansen, who has no connection to the hive mind anymore.

  18. 12 hours ago, The Mother of The Others said:

    For the love of God, let's see a Seven who's fully transitioned into human behavior and keeps her robo skills around only as a toolkit, not as her persona.  That Seven stint on Voyager was hellishly acted.  No more, please!  

    Totally agree, she’s the most over rated character in the history of Trek. She had a great arc to get her teeth into across 4 seasons and, whether the actress or the producers choice, she stays exactly the same. You could trade her acting in the finale for her debut and not notice the difference. I don’t think Jeri Ryan is a bad actress, she does well when she plays the Doctor, and when she turns schizophrenic with all the other personalities in her. But she’s just not good at Seven. She’s constantly stand-offish, cold, and seems like she has a chip on her shoulder about something the whole time. Then we have all the crew talking about how far she’s come in discovering her “individuality” (I think she got paid by how many times she could say that word in an episode), and we don’t see any of it on screen.

    Frustrating as well that they had to break a serious rule of the Borg just by creating the character at all; you’re supposed to basically die when you get assimilated. As Picard says in First Contact “if you see any assimilated crew members, shoot them. Trust me, you’ll be doing them a favour.” Hugh wasn’t whoever Hugh was before assimilation, he was still Borg ... just one isolated from the collective. But Seven is sort of Annika Hansen, sort of Borg? Now all of a sudden, assimilation is just an inconvenience to be overcome. Picard was apparently flat out murdering crew members that could have been treated. And they double down on it all the time, Echeb and the other kids, Unimatrix Zero, the four Borg who were left alone for a while and just started remembering who they were...? 

  19. 10 hours ago, Werthead said:

    Star Trek has a horrible history of following up logically on its own inventions.

    Indeed. I love an in-depth discussion about Star Trek but there’s no way this will ever reach a conclusion with so many counter examples to every possible example. It got forgotten on account of it being a terrible episode, but remember in Threshold* where Paris invented Warp 10 but turned into a lizard? And then the Doctor completely cured the lizardness with zero side effects? So basically, load up you de-lizarding meds on to the shuttle, go home, take your meds, sent the shuttle back for more of Voyagers crew, repeat. They could have got home back in Season 2.

    *Just on a Voyager rewatch now and how this episode gets remembered as bad but The Fight doesn’t is beyond me ... The Fight is a complete mess, comfortably the worst ST episode for me.

  20. 1 hour ago, Arch-MaesterPhilip said:

    The first episode was absolutely amazing.

    I’m doing a Voyager rewatch with my SO who’s never seen it, and we haven’t quite finished it so I was gonna preserve the minor spoiler that Voyager and Seven got home. Can I ask a favour, could you tell me if Seven (or less likely, some mention of Voyager) appears in this first episode? If not, we’ll watch it I think.