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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Our dogs hip x-rays came back already (did them yesterday) and no sign of hip dysplasia (its a mandatory check for boxers).
  2. I do love our dog, but I wish his hairs would stay attached to him and not cover the floor. Whew, cleaning in 30 degrees, bad plan.

  3. Anyone viewing https://t.co/LZXMx9OfIb on a really, really large screen? Anything go weird with the new design? When does text get too wide?

  4. @AKA_Qthulhu True. I got soft ones, rather than dried. Those can be too chewy.
  5. @venustastic The same to you! :)
  6. Goddess in Furs: A new round of the Secret Affair has opened and it is full of wintry goodness and... https://t.co/yMclMiRfU9 #SecondLife
  7. Finished my reread of @guygavrielkay's Tigana. I should write something about this brilliant book but I seem to have something in my eye.
  8. We may finally be reaching the halfway point or so with all the paperwork for the new company. Not my idea of fun, for sure.
  9. That feeling, when you want to beat your head against a wall. I missed it. ;P

  10. Danae in the Desert: Another busy weekend and I find myself with a long list of new releases that... https://t.co/DhPJ6CgNgH #SecondLife

  11. Midsummer Night: It is that most Swedish of holidays today, aka midsummer. This year, I have not ... https://t.co/RPDllnvWyp #SecondLife

  12. Excellent news! So excited. https://t.co/dFhFqni61e

  13. @Fani_Karamanou Thanks! We likely need a good dose of that, no matter how much we train. He has his own ideas. ;)

  14. Ghost Town https://t.co/QiMfz6vlQq #SecondLife https://t.co/NSrcs4l1kx

  15. Baroque Play https://t.co/kUTx1OVk12 #SecondLife https://t.co/YBmY9V92yl

  16. Exhausted after this weekend, dressage competition and dog show. https://t.co/Eu5Qo9Dg8O

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