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  1. Haven't looked through the whole thread, so I may be repeating something, but almost everything we've seen so far of clothing and outfits make me shake my head. Why do costume designers insist on ignoring existing descriptions when adapting a book? Especially when the author provided massive amounts of detail about costumes. We saw it with Game of Thrones and its clear Wheel of Time will be as bad. So frustrating and unnecessary. And don't even get me started on the casting.

    I'll probably try to watch, because WoT was my big obsession before ASoIaF, but I am expecting to rant as much about that as GoT. Damn it, don't adapt books if you feel you have to change a bunch of things beyond what the constraints of a different medium demands. 

  2. Hello everyone! This message was also sent out to those of you who have an active email registered with the game.
    With a new year just around the corner, we're looking at changing a few things up on the game, and we'd like to find the best way to communicate to our players about news and upcoming events.
    We understand that MUSHing today is very different from 10 years ago, with fewer and fewer people having the opportunity to stay logged in for long periods to catch scenes. Given this, we want to find out how we can ensure that at least planned events/scenes reach as many people as possible. If you could take the time to respond to this quick poll, it would be greatly appreciated!
    I would like to learn about news and events from:
    A) The game's webpage (https://www.westeros.org/BoD/Announcements)
    B) The game's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BloodOfDragonsMUSH/)
    C) The game's subforum (https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/forum/16-blood-of-dragons-mush/)
    D) Via a mailing list (either all registered players or opt-in)
    E) Other (please describe your suggestion)
    Thank you and happy new year!
    Nymeria & Balerion
  3. ==================================<+Events>===================================
    Title:         Away to Dragonstone
    Submitter:     Balerion 
    Date & Time:   Nov 17, 2019 at 12:00 Game Time
    Participants:  Josella and Burton

    The Prince of Dragonstone, Aegon, sails to his seat after a long delay, accompanied by his household, certain guests, and others from the court as he installs himself in the ancient Valyrian citadel.

    Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1!

  4. Address: bod.westeros.org: 3000
    Guest Client: http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Client/
    Webpage: http://www.westeros.org/BoD/
    Forum: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/forum/16-blood-of-dragons-mush/

    Current/Upcoming: King Baelor and much of the court has just returned from Sunspear and the wedding of Prince Daeron to Princess Mariah. We have now entered the last year of Baelor's reign.

    Blood of Dragons is set in the low-magic, medieval-inspired fantasy world of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" (and HBO's "Game of Thrones", though the game is strictly based on book canon). The game is the only MUSH operated with the approval of George R.R. Martin, together with whom the game's owners also co-authored "The World of Ice and Fire".

    The game takes place 140 years prior to the start of the first book, "A Game of Thrones". King Baelor I Targaryen still sits the Iron Throne, with his uncle Viserys doing what he can to manage the king's increasingly erratic behaviour and see to that the realm is properly governed. In Dorne, Prince Marence -- who never recovered fully from being poisoned -- has abdicted in favour of his son, Prince Maron. The new young ruler is immediately tested as the Iron Bank comes to Dorne on the hunt for a man who defrauded them.

    This choice of time period allows players to explore a less defined period in the history of Westeros while still experiencing how past events referenced in the books may have played out. The roleplay is focused on the political and social interactions at the courts of King's Landing and Sunspear, with players taking up characters from various noble households. Players have a choice between CGing a character themselves or taking up a previously played, fully pre-generated role. Choose the latter option and you can often be ready to roleplay within minutes.

    Blood of Dragons is focused on offering high-quality roleplay in a rich, immersive setting with a strong sense of history and continuity. A key ambition of the game is to stay as true as possible to the world-building of George R.R. Martin and in doing so offering an authentic experience of Westeros in the time of the Targaryen kings.

  5. On the game +cdb/wanted will list the currently most suggested characters. We'll occasionally try to post a sample of where it stands at here in the forums.

    If you are a prospective player and none of the wanted characters appeal to you, or if you are a current player who would like to see a particular character in play, please post to this topic as well.

    Prospective players interested in PC family members can post here and ask if anyone wants to recruit them for their family. A good idea is to post some general ideas for the kind of character and concept one is interested in.

    Current players can recruit for family member, characters otherwise connected to their character or just characters they would like to see in play. Keep in mind that these character suggestions may not have been cleared with the Admin and are not guaranteed to be suitable.

    NOTE: If you post a recruiting message for a specific character, try to remember to remove it if someone takes up the character.

  6. Curious about the MUSH? Use our convenient browser-based login to try out the game:


    The above link will log you into the game as a guest, which means you can ask questions on the Guest channel, browse the CDB (character database) and check out if the game seems interesting to you!

    If you experience any trouble logging in or if you have any other questions relating to trying out the game or getting started on the game, ask them here!


  7. Hi everyone,

    I think you have all noticed that we have hit a slow period following the summer and the Dorne plot. We have also ended up being more absent than we expected thanks a couple of short-notice trips.

    In any case, now we need to look at what we want to do during the rest of the autumn on the game, and perhaps even plan as far ahead as next year since time seems to fly. We are in the last year of Baelor's reign, so we have a few little canon events to work in, but much of that is background material rather than something that offers a lot for PCs to do. So that is where we need your suggestions!

    Please give some thought to what you would like to see on the game. It could be specific plot ideas or more general thoughts about types of roleplay you would like us to facilitate.  A constant issue for any game is new player recruiting & retention, so if you have any thoughts on that, do add those as well. You can also submit your thoughts and suggestions via +jobs or via email to [email protected] but we thought it might be handy with a topic here on the forums for discussing ideas as well.


  8. That the message regarding ad blockers shows up is intended. However, it should not be showing up if you have whitelisted the site as the first poster reported. If you haven't whitelisted the site, then it will show up.

  9. Sorry, no it isn't. It blew up badly last time we tried to install it. We may try again once we have completed some other upgrades, but they are taking a while.

  10. Unfortunately, we have an issue with the wiki login. It used to be handled by a plugin that gave you access to the wiki once you had a forum account, but this plugin was never updated for the new version of the forum. We have been pursuing other solutions but not been able to solve the issue.

  11. We are testing out the chat at the moment. It is a fairly new product and as of yet there's no way to permanently dismiss or disable the chat on an individual user basis. We have had quite a few requests for a chat system after the old one became inaccessible.

  12. Hi,

    At the moment we are unable to setup new accounts as we have not found a good approach for doing so after we upgraded to IPB 4 and the plugin which gave automatic access to the wiki for board members broke.

    We are looking for ways to solve this, but we have not found one as of yet.

  13. We'll probably be attempting another upgrade once support is back after the holidays and we've looked into whether we can find a better solution for the high traffic periods this year. The new version forces us to abandon the less resource-intensive search engine we switched to for a while, so there's a risk with that going forward.

  14. Heads-up: I have posted a new announcement regarding the forum issues. In brief, older posts should not be fixed, but only up until September 17th. Posts from September 17th to November 10th were not restored.

  15. Correct, the only additional content that will be restored (beyond repairing the quote issue in older posts) is content between September 17th (which is when this database was taken) and mid-October (which is when Invision grabbed the database they have been converting).

    And we still don't know for sure if the insertion of this database will mean that we lose all posts made here so far. One option may be to leave out the October posts to be able to preserve the new posts here.

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