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  1. And you're pretty ridiculous too, so it evens out.
  2. There's quite a bit of faithful and/or well-adapted material in this episode. Did not care at all for the show's Selyse, though. And then there's the Loras scene. That's a shared second place for worst travesty of the show (#1 is the House of the undying, the other #2 is Catelyn's and Talisa's scene about Jon) and its a complete character assassination.
  3. Mostly, a pretty lacklustre episode. I actually found it very hard to remember much about it at all when we sat down to work on the reviews. Nothing really stood out, except the awful, awful Catelyn scene. Awful in the sense of the complete mess they made of the character; I suppose the acting was alright. I continue to find Margaery nothing but annoying the way Dormer portrays her; miscast, for sure.
  4. The wiki has had to be taken down, something has gone very wrong and it brings down the whole server if we put it up. But hopefully the server move will solve this.
  5. There are necessary changes due to different medium, budget, etc. Then there's "we just liked this better". I don't respect the latter. At all.
  6. So you don't care how it entertains and who it entertains? Jersey Shore entertains a lot of people, I am sure. This is why most fantasy on tv has sucked in the past. Yes, of course a story has to entertain, but if it doesn't care about how it entertains, it will be soulless.
  7. Well, I don't consider it an hour well spent. So, for me something was harmed: my enjoyment. I watch to see the story I love on TV. No other reason. GRRM...has a very different personality to Alan Moore, who is pretty unique in many ways.
  8. What is not the point of it? I honestly cannot see why that is a question. We are, first and foremost, fans of the books and we watch it as an adaptation. To review it in any other context would be pointless for us. I am not interested in the TV-show on its own merits, it cannot exist on its own merits.
  9. The main aim of an episode is to entertain? Well, why not send in the clowns then? Or a parade of naked women, or maybe a string of gruesome killings? I am sure that will entertain. I am not sure it is the sort of entertainment the show should be. And yes, no one stole those dragons despite Dany being in a dangerous situation. Maybe you should stop and think about why that might be? If you just like the episode and don't care about the changes or don't care about it being true to the spirit of the books, fine. That's a different approach to watching and it is valid too. But I am going to question someone's knowledge and understanding of the books if they claim that this episode was entirely true to the spirit of the books. I am going to question them as a reader. That said, each person can obviously take different things away from a book and focus on different aspects of the books. But there are scenes in this episode that I cannot imagine ever having been written by GRRM. And I don't see how anyone else would think so.
  10. That's nice. Then read their analysis instead. If anyone thinks that is true to the spirit of the books, I question their reading of the books and I have no interest in their analysis because it is coming from someone who doesn't really know what they are talking about. Myrcella being noted as not crying was a rather defining aspect of that character.
  11. For my own part I have said from the start that I am completely uninterested in watching or commenting on this show just on its own merits. I am only interested in how well -- or not -- it adapts the books. We watch the show as fans of the books, we review it as fans of the books. That's it. This does not mean it has to follow the letter, but it better follow the spirit of the story and stay true to the characters. The start to episode 6 is an example of excellent adaptation which compresses and changes but stays true to the story and the characters. If you just want a bit of action, well, whatever.
  12. Worst episode of this season and last despite a great start. Idiotic writing for Arya's sequences, utterly lame writing for that horrendous Robb & Talisa scene and a total destruction of Dany's storyline. What an utter waste.
  13. That episode almost had me in tears, for all the wrong reasons. Renly's death was so underwhelming, not to mention the complete change in Loras's reaction. That could have been so much more. And then the utter mess that is Qarth. It was painful to watch, despite a few strong bits.
  14. After the first two episodes, I was literally feeling "I am not sure I want to watch more of this". This one (and the next) changed my mind, at least for now. It has great scenes more or less straight from the book and it has a great added scene (Theon's). The one thing that makes me cringe is Margaery. I can't stand the casting (wasn't a fan of Dormer on the Tudors, I can tell I won't be a fan of hers on GoT either), can't stand the huge change in the character, and her scene with Renly was just one huge WTF moment. It was ... laughable, and not for good reasons.
  15. This topic is used for reposting posts from the in-game Roleplay board. The Roleplay board consists of postings both from Staff and Players, unlike the other topics that are auto-posted to this forum; they all come from boards managed by Staff alone.
  16. Good suggestions, all. Bran's visions of the past can go into the FAQ, much like Meera and Jojen's story of Harrenhal. And yes, we will be going over and updating "answered" prophecies as well. :)
  17. And thank you. :) Alright, so far we've put in all the dreams and visions we've found from ADwD. If anyone comes across any now missing from the listing on the Prophecies page, do post here. We have yet to go through the Prophecies to add new evidence to older ones, however.
  18. Now that the new book has been devoured comes the next phase for myself and Ran: updating the Citadel. This time around, we thought we'd solicit a little bit of input to make sure we didn't miss any crucial updates. CONCORDANCE: Updated through AFfC and parts of TMK. There's not really much input needed for this, its just a matter of Ran going page-by-page. FAQ: Which sections need to be updated and do we need to add any? I've already noted down the following for updating (and possibly removal in some cases): What happened at Summerhall?, What happened when during Robert’s Rebellion?, Is Aegon Dead?, Is Davos Dead? (possibly remove altogether), Is Gregor Dead?, Is Brienne Dead? (possibly remove altogether), Who are Jon Snow’s parents? Who is the Prince that was Promised/Azor Ahai reborn? Who is Coldhands? Who is the false Arya? For additions, I am thinking a "who am I" for the knight that Queen Rhaella had a thing for. I know we also asked in the past about collecting the various homages, and we'll try to get that in as a topic too, so any new ones from ADwD would go there. HERALDRY: The summaries of house histories and current events for houses & house members are lagging a bit behind, but Ran will try to do all the remaining updates in one go for each house. As with the Concordance, not really possible with any input until he's gone through it once. PROPHECIES: We've already started adding in prophecies from ADwD, but take a look at the page in a day or two and see if we've missed any. We're also going back and adding D&E prophecies.
  19. One addition to what Ran posted above: we will look at moving over some of the active threads to the new subforum, to avoid shutting up ongoing discussions. They'll also serve as good examples of the sort of threads to request that moderators set up.
  20. In terms of an actual encyclopaedia, with a list of terms, places, etc and definitions for each, the eventual plan is to add one to the Citadel (the space has been there for years, heh). Right now, with the Worldbook and all, we don't have the time, and I am also waiting on 2.0 of the CMS we use to see if it adds any of the functionality I need (like tags). If not, I'll need to save up and buy the add-ons. :)
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