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  1. No one posted this yet? More trolling - a Partygate souvenir bottle of champagne signed by Johnson: https://twitter.com/jayrayner1/status/1525017632029679618
  2. Agreed. Jack Munroe is an example of such a young person, and don't the Tories hate her.
  3. Indeed. Suella Braverman is another sycophant, hand picked for the role because of a willingness to come up with rulings as required. Given her track record she would be happy ruling that black is white if that is what she thought Johnson wanted.
  4. Also those smaller energy companies that failed were generally always undercapitalised and were never going to survive any big price shock. They were set up in the name of competition and mostly worked as really designed, making plenty of money for the people running them who then walked away with full pockets when things went south, leaving the energy user and the tax payer to deal with the fall out.
  5. Indeed, all the stats I have seen show Germany's excess mortality rate comfortably less than the UK (and similar results when comparing other Covid indicators). Which matches my anecdotal knowledge or conditions there.
  6. The only response to a phrase like that to describe forcing a woman to carry a child to term against her will is - certainly when it is men using it. And that is even assuming that those using it are willing to whisk the baby away at birth and to take full responsibility for it from then on. And that they are willing to ensure that the father takes personal accountability and does his share - after all he didn't have to have sex either. P.S. I imagine that a large majority of women would find that phrase vastly more triggering than the oh so kindly spoilered out word "rape". After all the possibility of rape is a daily concern for most women already.
  7. The problem is that the Labour leadership knows that, and has known that for a long while. They know that a substantial number of people tick the Labour box to vote against the Tories, and are scared of losing those people.
  8. Personally I think that the closest parallel is with Czechoslovakia in 1938, Of course on that occasion the UK sold out the Czechs with the "peace in our time" deal, so we have already diverged from it.
  9. I am not sure that "but they were the top search result" justifies quoting the Mail when posting a story. And given the Mail's long track record of printing distortions and outright falsities (and always biased in the same direction) I think that people are justified in outright discarding and refusing to engage with anything controversial that they print, unless it is backed up by more reliable news sources (which this Rayner story does not really seem to be). And of course Rayner is in the classic age old female bind. Ignore the sexual smear and be put down by having widespread sniggering behind her back, or lean into it and have the HoI's of the world belittle her as a slut. (And as already briefly mentioned, this smear actually originated with the Mail months ago and is now merely being recycled with more volume.)
  10. Yes, the old Tory party would have cleanly defenestrated Johnson without a qualm, probably a few months back. But I am not sure if those rules still hold. They have had a sea change since 2016.
  11. It does seem quite possible. I really don't see Johnson going willingly. Certainly I think he values his own egotistic satisfaction more than the Tory party, I think it would take a very broad based consensus of Tories leaning on him very hard to make him resign. So I think that the majority of us who don't support the current incarnation of the Tory party can hope that he will do them a good deal more damage before he is finally forced out.
  12. Rather good video of a solar eclipse. On Mars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKK7vS2CHC8
  13. Ouch, that sounds very unpleasant. They do seem to reduce the weight of some of there components down to the point where sometimes they only just have structural integrity don't they?
  14. Getting interesting. It seems that enough Tory MPs have had their ears sufficiently bent by their constituents that they were not even willing to vote for an investigation into Johnson's conduct to be delayed, let alone blocked. Despite the three line whip to try to make them. I wonder how much Johnson having (very typically) run away has influenced their thinking? Edit: And now right wing pro Brexit Tory MP Steve Baker has called for Johnson to quit. That feels significant. He says that Johnson's behaviour in the 1922 meeting on Tuesday night was the last straw. A good characterisation of Johnson's behaviour too:
  15. I was going to point out that, historically, the Cossacks were a pretty effective military force. But then I realised that they probably count as having been Ukrainian rather than Russian ...
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