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  1. Yes, the government is right out in the open now. Blame the NHS GPs. Never mind that there are not enough of them because the government has failed to recruit and retain them. Call them lazy for in many cases not wanting to work more than 3 high pressure 14 hour days a week. Wield a stick that will only accelerate the trend of them leaving or retiring early. While I generally tend to assume incompetence rather than malice, if they are not trying to wreck the GP system then the incompetence here is extraordinary. Surely they are not that afraid of the Daily Fail and its readers? Dr Phil Hammond in Private Eye on GP's relentless treadmill of appointments: And on top of that they already had to deal with a plague of abusive and even violent patients egged on by the Daily Fail and its ilk, even before this latest "campaign".
  2. I suppose I must admit that Sweeneys has never quite been the same since June retired. But on that recommendation, I will definitely give Green's pies a try sometime.
  3. And fair enough, an extreme right right wing "crazy" killed the last MP to be murdered. But on the whole it tends to be right wingers rather than left wingers who are violent in the UK. (And elsewhere as well?) Edit: violent to the point of murder that is.
  4. Sounds like a fellow fan of the famous Reading pie shop Sweeney and Todd!
  5. I will go out on a limb and say this murder was very unlikely to have been because of his pro Brexit views. Edit: Ninja'ed by Hereward.
  6. That is an interesting take. I think Jared Diamond's argument was, that at the high level he is viewing civilisation, that politics, sociology and economics are largely irrelevant.
  7. So many, yes. Though this one needs to be read with some care and background knowledge. For example there is a single letter from the "Mischling" to her boyfriend's sister in Holland in the book, written when she needed to pass on some important information (the sister, despite not being anti-semitic herself, had still advised her brother to end the relationship). This letter is full of praise for Hitler's regime. My first thought was "poor brainwashed idiot". But then my second thought was "she knows she is likely being watched and wants to avoid trouble for herself and to make sure this letter gets through".
  8. I have been reading up on European social history around World War II and have come across a fascinating book "Between Two Homelands" by Hedda Kalshoven. This consists of the 1920 - 1949 correspondence of a German woman who in 1929 married a Dutchman and moved to Holland. It tells an extraordinary story and gives some real insight into attitudes of the times. For example in the 1930s she is supporting a charity looking after Jewish refugees in Holland while her mother is writing from Germany "I know I am not supposed to talk about politics, but our wonderful Fuhrer, marvellous rallies, we all owe him our loyalty, ignore the lies in the news, he is quite right to address the Jewish Question". (Parallels with the current day are inescapable, but could be taken too far.) Then later, in the war, she is still close to her Nazi brother in the German army while her husband is involved in the Dutch resistance and she herself is sheltering Jewish people in hiding. Though the brother's Nazi allegiance clearly wavers when he falls in love with a "Mischling" (1/4 Jew) that he is not allowed to marry. And then comes the Hunger Winter ...
  9. Some quick fact checking for people not familiar with UK politics The UK starting vaccination first was nothing to do with it leaving the EU. It was still in the EU at the time and could have acted just the same if it had not been leaving. Extra funding of the NHS has been mostly smoke and mirrors (for example Johnson's lies about "40 new hospitals"). The government has now actually returned to subtly attacking it instead, complaining that doctors are not seeing people face to face (there are no longer enough GPs to go round) and that waiting lists are still way too long (not enough hospital resources to bring them down, especially with them having been stretched to the limit in the last 18 months).
  10. Now, now, be fair. The Star's headline is actually "Totally sane (old psychic desperate for any publicity going) says that aliens broke the internet, lol."
  11. Our new Health Secretary knows how he wants the care home crisis solved: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/sajid-javid-health-nhs-family-b1932886.html Bit of an insult to the UK's 7 million family carers that.
  12. Didn't realise Biden uses it too. But I doubt that Johnson's script writers intended any connection to be made between them. I also found this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/biden-boris-johnson-build-back-better-b1613419.html
  13. Basically Johnson;s government are masters of the empty three word slogan which they will repeat ad nauseam for a while until they more onto the next one. Pure PR with no substantive policy behind it.
  14. Yes, possibly this murderer might still have done something similar if the police had not employed him. But the point is the peculiar horror of this case - abduction by means of what to any layperson appeared to be a perfectly legitimate arrest. An "ordinary" rape and murder would not have attracted anything like this attention. The case for the prosecution here is that the Met police contains areas where institutional misogyny is so ingrained that red flag behaviour by this murderer was regarded as the norm and ignored or glossed over. Indeed, horribly, it may even have encouraged him. Now this may not be true, but I have not seen any reaction from the police to cast doubt on its truth, and there seems to be little intent to address any such issues. As for police commissioner Cressida Dick, I am just about old enough to remember with nostalgia when people running organisations actually took responsibility and resigned when something went badly wrong, with no quibbles about whether they could have been expected to know about it or have been able to stop it. It might not have always been fair, but people like that are never going to starve, and the possibility of such an event would certainly have concentrated their minds. Now we just get infuriating stale platitudes, "any lessons will be learnt", which everyone knows means that she intends to take no substantive action. Not to be entirely negative though - at least they caught this murderer and obtained a successful prosecution. A definite improvement on the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence a generation ago.
  15. I am most gobsmacked at the comment by the North Yorkshire police commissioner: That is taking victim blaming to a whole new level. He should resign, not just "retract his comments as they were insensitive"
  16. Prediction: Johnson is only going to call an election soon if he gets some sort of bounce out of having been perceived to have beaten Covid. Otherwise he will hang on for as long as possible in the hope that things will improve somewhat after another few years.
  17. Hasn't the stupid idiot heard of Nextdoor? Or is the undoubted fact that this will be used to harass minorities, ex girlfriends etc a feature rather than a bug as far as she is concerned?
  18. For the record, £15 an hour is approximately the median pay rate for full time employees in the UK. Making that the minimum wage is going to increase the pay for 50% of us (and probably result in some knock on increases for other people as well). I have to agree with those who have been pointing out that this is not something that could possibly be brought in overnight, however much we might think it would be a good idea.
  19. Can't get into the Matthew Venn books either. For me the issue is with his characterisation. As with Vera's skin complaint (though that gets forgotten after the first few books), she has given him an initial character trait to make him more interesting, but failed to flesh it out and make it plausible. I suppose details are a mild spoiler:
  20. Well that resignation was clearly designed to do as much damage to Starmer as humanly possible. Which makes him, a little bit hypocritical with his resignation comment about "Labour now being more divided than ever".
  21. It is an objective fact that people who don't get vaccinated are increasing the danger to others because of the increased risk of passing it on and also the increased chance they will get sick and further overload already overstretched resources - unless they live in total isolation, and while as a millionaire he does not have to work, I bet he is not cleaning his own house, washing his own clothes or cooking all his own meals, even if he is trying to self isolate. Similarly, while it is conceivable that some personal circumstance might prevent him getting vaccinated, then it would seem only sociable for him to declare it, so as to avoid the risk of other people using him as an example and following his lead. Not to mention that if there was such a reason then they might consider making an exception and allowing him to play anyway.
  22. In the UK it is a great deal easier to get your first book published, and to get the publisher to push it hard, if you are already famous or connected, and so the dice are loaded in your favour. Though it is still quite possible that no one remembers the book a few years later. At least in Osman's case we can be reasonably sure it was not ghost written by someone else.
  23. I love that we are being told that the government has "struck a deal" with the company. A safe bet that what this means is that the government is just giving them tax payers money. Classic late stage capitalism - the state propping up private companies in bad times.
  24. Nothing on bans, but I used "nuke it from orbit, its only only way to be sure" in a technical IT meeting a couple of years back and got blank looks. It turned out, to my surprise, that none of the other half a dozen people present knew the quote (though I was the oldest there by about 10 years). So it might not be as widely known these days as you might think.
  25. Sure things seem to have been going downhill slowly since not long after privatization. (Which laughably was justified by how it would result in much needed investment in the system.) And runoff from the increasing amounts of pesticides used by farmers has also become an issue.
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