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  1. Now... What do your fires tell you, Red Whore?

  2. Hasfast

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Ok, I read five pages straight of comments. Agree with most and strongly disagree with others. As for my personal opinion, this episode extremely ROCKED!! It's been a while since I concluded that, unlike the first season, which clearly seemed to have been made more like a close adaptation of the novel, with many parts even strictly resembling the actual scenes as described in the book, this season sets off its own path, and is as much a complement to the original work as it is an adaptation of it. We see characters and events much more developed and/or interpreted from different angles. In the book, Stannis is rather absent from this battle, merely mentioned. Even later, his leading the siege is referenced only vaguely. In here, we see part of what he did (And we can take it for cannon. Martin himself wrote this, after all). Those who judge too harshly should actually be opening themselves to the perspectives of events already related in the books, because most of the times, we only have one, two at best. This battle probably has the most POVs involved in any scene of the books, with Davos, Sansa and Tyrion all providing feedback to what's going on, but that's a rare case (The only one I can remember). To those who actually believe this was a cheap battle scene... well... you should either stop watching the series or start taking it for what it is: a TV show, with limited budget (With which they've been doing seriously HELL OF A JOB, particularly in this episode). Odd, that readers of fantasy have such a hard time opening their minds to interpretations. Purism in fiction is... rather antithesis, I think. I absolutely loved this episode, and have loved the season ever since I decided to play by its rules and not the books'. I encourage all who still have trouble with the series, to do the same. D.R.
  3. Hasfast

    How would you rate episode 202?

    I gave it a 5. Ros' scene: absolutely irrelevant. That character is not necessary at all, although... Rakharo's death... I don't see its point. He's more important than Doreah, yet they decided to keep her over him? Weird. I only give this event credit on behalf of its dramatic relevance. All Tyrion scenes, while improvable, are magnificent. Tyrion owns this book, really, and it couldn't be any less for him in the series. He's sometime lacking witty answers, though... he keeps silence before "valid" arguments. That's not much like him. The last two scenes... I can't say just how disappointed I am of them. In a single scene, they stomped on Stannis' inflexibility regarding justice and laws, which is probably the most important feature of the character. In this and all the other books, he recognizes Shireen as his heir. Why would he want a boy over keeping his vow? Seems like a rather weak narrative resource. As of Jon's scene... well, absurd, from A to Z. As some people has said here already, it's quite convenient that one of Craster's girls gives birth to a boy precisely when the Night's Watch is in there... And Craster's attack on Jon, dramatic cliffhanger, I give you that, but it incredibly complicates things., and it was unnecessary. They could've simply have Jon see the Other taking the boy, and then returning to camp pondering over what he witnessed. Also, I doubt Ghost would've been too far away from Jon if a White Walker was around. Kind of a doubt... Does Valyrian steel need any sharpening? I don't believe I read anything about sharpening such blades in the book. D.R.
  4. I can't see how someone who doesn't like the show would be interested in keeping track of it and even bother to post a vote in this thread. This, I believe, is for people who generally like the show and admire the work HBO is doing, along with the ever so WONDERFUL CAST they've put together. I did like the casting, and I did like the poor dressing too. It fits a man as stern and grim as Stannis. We still must see how this all develops! D.R.
  5. I gave it an 8. I have my reservations about Melisandre... like someone said in a previous post, the actress seems plain. I really do hope it gets better, or it will ruin all the importance that character gets. I hoped it would start at Dragonstone as well, like the first season started beyond the Wall... I wanted to see Patchface. I somehow doubt he'll appear at any point. Craster was a disappointment, and the whorehouse was absurd. I would have wanted the Small Council scene to be as long as it is in the novel, too... particularly with the three slaps, hahahaha. I loved that part. The general feel is great... I really liked they presented all the different settings with a shot of the Red Comet. And I loved Grey Wind. D.R.