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    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    I refuse to let my passion for the books ruin my love for the show. I’m not totally cool with everything that is happening on the show, but I wasn’t totally cool with all the choices Martin made in the books. I know some people are just hard to please and they have a hard time accepting radical changes to something they love, but I urge everybody just to enjoy Game of Thrones for what it is - good television. As viewers, we are lucky to see something that we love be adapted for television. It’s a privilege to sit down every Sunday and watch this show. I have a question for those who love to whine about the show. Would you rather have a world with no Game of Thrones or a world with Game of Thrones that isn’t as good as the books they are based on? I for one choose the former. It’s better than anything else that’s on TV at that time. Take it from me, I’m typing this while “watching” The Killing. There are far worse shows out there. If you can’t separate the two then I’m not really sure why you are watching the show. Go watch The Killing or find something more entertaining/important to do with your time. Good luck with that by the way. Also, I’m shocked at how many people disliked Ygritte in the books. I always thought that she was great. And for the one guy that didn’t like Jon Snow in the books, that borderlines on blasphemy. In the end, the show is a great way to satisfy our appetite until the next book comes out. We are all going to miss this show when it’s gone (which is hopefully years from now.) Enjoy it while you still can.