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  1. I felt like going "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" throughout the episode. YAY Jaime and Brienne! YAY the Reeds! YAY direwolves! YAY the Sansa scene with the Tyrells! YAY Mance! YAY Arya and Hot Pie and Gendry! YAY Thoros! etc.

    One thing, though - isn't it a bit too soon for the Sansa-Tyrell conversation? They really are rushing her escape plot, but I still don't see how that can happen without the Purple Wedding, and how the PW could happen this season.

    I keep finding myself confused as to what exactly they are doing with Catelyn Stark on the show. First, she's much more lovable than on the books, then they make her unbearable, and now she prayed for Jon Snow's life? I can't see book!Catelyn doing that, but, hey, still a touching scene so, not complaining.

  2. 2. Is it just me or was Jon and QH's scene not obvious enough - and by this I mean that their scene played out as if Jon killed QH as an accident in the midst of his rage. I'm just thinking for the non readers it may not be clear. What do you guys think?

    I think they didn't have enough money to bring Ghost to the scene :eek:

    Truthfully, though, I think it's complicated to bring that to the show, because in the book we know what Jon was thinking and feeling, but how can you translate that to the screen? Not to mention that Kit Harrington is far from the best actor in the cast, but I still think they managed to show well enough Jon's confusion and reluctance in all that.

    I agree with all your other points. Also, I think it was inevitable that this episode would be so underwhelming. If the Blackwater had never happened, we might have liked it, bu as things stand anything that came after that would be a bit frustrating.

  3. What a complicated episode! For one thing, I absolutely loved the scenes featuring Jaime and Brienne, Stannis and Melisandre, Jon and Quorin and the wildlings, Theon, Arya and Jaqen, and the beginning of an attack at the Fist of the First Men. Seriously, the Other was fantastic! And the way it looked at Sam and just decided he wasn't enough of a threat shows a bit more of their intelligence, which is good. And I loved the zombified wights!

    And, yay! It seems Ros will finally have a purpose next season. Thank you, Varys.

    The only thing that truly bothered me was the House of the Undying. That's basically the best Daenerys chapter ever (maybe one of the three good Daenerys chapters, really), and in the show it was just... I mean, I loved the glimpse of King's Landing during Winter, and having Jason Momoa back for another scene was absolutely great, and I get that they wouldn't be able to show all that she sees in the books anyway, but still... I wish they had focused on something else instead of Drogo, something from the past perhaps. And why how the Wall? (I'd be okay with that if they had included the blue flower growing in it).

    But, oh, Robb was such a deluded jerk that I can't express how happy I'll be by the end of season 3. :devil:

  4. That was a great episode, even though we had no Stannis. It reminded me of just how much I hated Theon before Ramsay made me pity him, how much of a little piece of sh-- he was. I also absolutely adored how delirious and stupidly megalomaniac Daenerys already sounded this episode, something I only truly felt in ASoS and, mostly, ADwD. Oh, and the spice merchant's condescending tone was just priceless! lol I love that guy! I don't know how to feel about the dragons being stolen yet, but was that tower the House of the Undying?

    And was it my impression, or is Arya actually beginning to like Tywin? Can't really blame her, and thumbs up for this show for showing just how great their dynamics would be.

    Nat Tena is simply perfect as Osha, no wonder GRRM wants to expand the character's role based on her acting! I love the animalistic aura she gives the character. And Rodrik... truly the saddest death so far, maybe even sadder than Ned's where the show is concerned (but that's only until season 3 or 4 kills my favorite Dornish, of course).

    And really, does Littlefinger have to appear so much like a noob this season? I wonder if Martin approves it, and if he does, if that could be considered a clue to his general incompetence in the last two books. Watching him this season destroys all my illusions the same way reading Cersei's chapters in AFFC did.

    Oh, and I liked what they did to that crucial scene in KL, with all the alterations. I don't think it would have been easy to use horses on that scene like in the book. I also think it was a good idea to change slightly the attack on Sansa, builds up the tension. For a moment I actually thought she'd be the new Lollys. And the septon... ugh...

  5. Best episode so far anyone? Though by far the most cruel... First of all I must say I absolutely loved what they did to Harrenhall - not as great as I imagined, perhaps, but certainly much more realistic. Arya's arc promises to be the best. Tyrion was as great as usual (that scene with Lancel was simply lol), Renly and Stannis meeting was good enough, though a bit rushed (is it just me or Stannis' scenes always seem too rushed?), and the shadow baby scene was much more creepy than I could ever have thought.

    The only thing I didn't like was Baelish. I don't know, the character seems to have lost something since the first season.

  6. No Dragonstone :bawl:

    But well, I did enjoy the episode. Yoren's death was just as painful as in the book, and considerably more shocking. Catelyn's criticism of Renly and his playmates did make me like the character a bit more. Tyrion's deception couldn't have been shown in a better way! And Cersei's reaction to Tyrion's plans to Myrcella was one of those great acting moments Lena Headey has had more frequently than ever this season.

    Brienne was simply perfect, entirely worth the wait! I did like Renly and Loras' scene, it was convincing. And honestly, two men kissing is a good change from the frequent two prostitutes rehearsing... Also, Margaery's behavior just proves what many had speculated: that she knew about them and that Loras might have been a part of their, uh, baby-making process.

    The Pyke scene captured Theon's drama in a very competent way,and Alfie Allen was amazing. Yara scares me, but I assume I'll get used to her, and her name, eventually.

  7. Hello there! My name is Aline, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, and I started reading the series last January (didn't get to my country before that; it was the first time I heard about it, actually). I've been visiting some threads for a while, registered in the forum a few months ago, but didn't have the time to post here before. This place has the deepest discussions on the series I've seen so far, which is basically why I intend to visit this as frequently as possible, and preferably make some useful contributions to one discussion or another. I started re-reading the series a couple weeks ago, so maybe being useful isn't that unlikely ^.^

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