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  1. 8/10. Mainly casting for the negatives. D & D are closer to the spirit of the book than I thought they'd be.
  2. It's like you know me better than I know myself. So I guess you are best qualified to address that creepy thought. I see no need to repeat my opinion of the performance or his appearance. He seems like a good actor and a nice person. If he's reading this I hope he's just laughing at the disdain of him and his work.
  3. I can tell a man from a woman, a useful skill
  4. I dare you to find any watcher of any breed who was confused by that scene.
  5. I gave you a definition but you know better. Extras don't audition, they don't have characters or lines. You know nothing. Goodbye.
  6. He markets his uncommon look. Maybe that's one reason they picked him. Maybe it wasn't a factor. Whatever, he pwned that scene. Can you speak low Valyrian and not sound annoying? Anyway that's your opinion. I thought he was a fantastic fit for that scene - here's a poor grief stricken apparently starving guy wanting to talk to the queen because his beloved daughter has been killed by the dragon and he wants her to know this. He isn't angry as much as sad and shocked and wanting to tell the queen with such urgency - otherwise he would never approach her. I can't even imagine why they would use the same goatherd.
  7. No they don't. http://www.moviextras.com/articles/what_is_a_movie_extra.php "What makes movie extras different from actors is, by definition, extras never speak. When a movie extra is given dialogue, even if it's just one word, then the extra becomes an actor." The Fermat spiral that Dany body surfs are extras.
  8. You were wrong. The actor is male. He was not disguised as female. Therefore by definition he looks male. Your sample set is expanded. It's an opinion. It's a fact that it's your opinion. The show did set up goat-reparations. They aren't needlessly repetitive with setups TG IMHO.
  9. It was true when I wrote it. This is the first post I've seen against it. His twitter profile sells his distinctive appearance. Extras don't have lines. They don't have scenes. The don't play parts at critical plot points, to address later comments. Extras form Fermat spirals for Dany to crowd surf. Women don't have beards.
  10. Or Spokane, NotABlog said Finland had it :(
  11. I am coming to Finland with Needle and I'm not taking any crap about it.
  12. Tyrion still has great things to do. He is essential to the major plot - whatever that turns out to be. Several characters who excel at judging people have said so. The very fact that Mel the Inconstant, who thinks the cold mist is good and BRs cave and its inhabitants are bad, hasnt even seen him is a good sign. Moqorro who is reliable has predicted great things. He, Jon, and Dany are in it for the long haul. And one Stark. The Wall is essential. That's what keeps the bad guys contained. That's where Jon stands with his red sword and his armor made of Special Ice. If anyone in Essos has to worry it's the Varys-Illyrio team. They, and LF, have worldly aspirations. They'll go down like bowling pins, as they deserve to. Who the fuck cuts out kids' tongues & makes them into Child Spy Assassins? Today's prediction for the last line: "Oh, fuck it. My watch has finally ended." -Tyrion I might be wrong but of those things I am certain. :D
  13. People used to line up at the port where the ship would land bringing the magazine with the latest Dickens installment. Sound familiar ;) Speaking of Great Expectations the surprise in that book is repeated as grand themes throughout ASOIAF. I was actually thinking of that when contemplating littrachewer comparisons.
  14. You should read his TF. This isn't a big star promoting himself. He's far from an extra. He had to learn the Low Valyrian lines. Book readers were anticipating this scene big time. It's difficult to nail a scene that book readers want to see done right but he disappointed no one. Even you aren't bashing his performance. Even actors are real people. You seem unhappy in general which is no way to live.
  15. I hope this is just a failed attempt at humor. That quote was incredibly hard to relocate but you can see it here http://poetry.rapgenius.com/3327031 The man has fewer twitter followers than *I* do
  16. Faulkner and Kesey did OK with that style and I like GRRMs use of it too. Every style has rules. Limits are only those of the authors for any style. If he wants to tell more about the Others well he's writing F/SF, he invented them and can find a way to tell us whatever needs telling.
  17. On rewatch I was surprised at how short that scene was ... I don't think I breathed through it the first time. The actor said IIRC he went off and cried for 20 min after which sounds about right. When he tried to straighten out the skull onto the rest of the body it was so sad.
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