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    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    In the world of Westeros, guarding Jamie Lannister The Kingslayler is absolutely a big deal!!! In the SHOW, he only has One guard so he only has to kill One guard. In reality he would had to have killed at least a few more just to get out of the camp. IF in the books Robb had taken Jaime camp hoping I can Only imagine he built his camp Around Jamie's cell and did not leave it on the outskirts with One Guard!! like in the show:)
  2. DirtyRobes

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Perfectly said! That is exactly how I went through my first read. Only Real fantasy I had read before was LotR and while I did love the book, I also found it difficult to get through at times. I hear from ppl a lot who 'consider' reading Asoiaf but are worried because their only real fantasy exposure is the same, all they see is the size of the books and just IMAGINE what they're diving into. At first it really seems like a big commitment(atleast for those that arnt speed readers). All I ever tell ppl is PLEASE just read the first book! If by the time thats over and you can just Start another series Then Asoiaf isnt for you. I read but im not a heavy reader and after a month on the first book(I blame that on travelling Europe/Thailand att), had to wait 2 WEEKS for book 2, finished it in 3 days. Book store didnt hav a time on the next ones, went on amazon, kindled up & finished the remaining 3 books in 1 month. I believe it would have been less if AFFC wasn't so initially confusing;-P Bottom Line; PLEASE Read! Atleast the first book whether you're a big fantasy fan or not, its a Masterpiece!, you'll never read a series like this one!!!
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    If you read the aforementioned quote, the lack of understanding is in relation to the Other Posters statement about it being horrible to shoot on-screen. Which imo is crazy, just a shot of a giant chain being made or a mention from someone about the blacksmiths being held up by the hand. Also I think its clear that ive read them. It also seems that atleast a few people here think this is actually an implausible thing or that it just couldn't work. This is actually a Real military defense tactic from the middle ages to protect harbor's from invading ships. In the Blackwater its effectiveness was due to after it being decimated by wildfire, whatever ships that might have survived(however intact) to possibly run ashore or even to escape to fight another day, were ripped to shreds & those resulting deaths would have been catastrophic.
  4. DirtyRobes

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I Don't understand this at all, just a Massive chain being lifted out of the ocean, a great WTF moment for the audience And it turns the tide of the battle. Stated perfectly below.
  5. DirtyRobes

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Tyrion loses Both chains???:( With any luck he'll have it next season
  6. I honestly doubt it would have been budget, but it would have been HELL to film that scene with horses + having to do it take after take. Horses scare Really easy, the show "Luck" learned that the hard way. Also if the narrow setting of the riot was a real place and not a set/stage(although that creates a Whole new set of problems) if even one horse got spooked it could trample countless extras/cameras/sets.
  7. Thats a real shame, I also hear the dipping accent at times but it definitely does not detract from my enjoyment of Mr Dinklage's performance. I absolutely cant imagine a better Tyrion, every week I look forward to what hes going to bring to the role. As "Currawong" said with all the differing accents currently in Westeros I can easily look past this. Speaking of Perfect casting, I think the actor playing Varys is Incredible! I really hope he gets some recognition this season as Dinklage did last & the way the two play off each other is really exciting to watch.
  8. Tyrion knows how old Pycelle is, he puts the second coin down after he sees Pycelle putting up a reasonable fight(for his age) against his clansmen. I took it as Tyrion did not expect the Grand Maester to be that much "work".