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    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    I would resist using Robespierre as a measure, especially those sources. The charged language used in your quotes I think render these unreliable & bias. Robespierre was a tyrant trying to use scientific methods to create a perfect politically republic populace. This in entirely seperate mindset to medieval/fantasy environment Dany is in. As people have mentioned Dany has gone through a life of trauma, there is little to suggest the loss of Missandei would push her over the edge bearing in mind she has been through worse. As stated I think she's not insane but believes what she's done is a necessary evil.
  2. RobertOfTheHouseBaratheon

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    Agree with everything you have said but I am not 100% they are going down the madness route. We have just seen her looking crazy angry. They like to stylize the show & dont put it past D&D to have her all cold & calculating next ep.
  3. RobertOfTheHouseBaratheon

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    If she goes for the Red Keep as you say, Cersei & her minions burn, Kings Landing falls easily then tomorow she has to fight Sansa with Jon, Tyrion, Gendry & who knows who else possible defectors. In her [wrong] opinion she keeps giving mercy and being taken advantage of. For example agreeing with Cersei, going North to "save" them from the AOTD, giving Tyrion chances after chance. She feels all this should make her loved but doesn't. Aegon burned Harrenhall & it was enough to set his reputation, Tywin did for the Reynes to make his name. Both murders of innocent women & children.
  4. RobertOfTheHouseBaratheon

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    I agree a bit with the Dresden analogy. But dont think this is a fictional history. I think there is a lot of confusion over what she says to Jon. She's not tripping out because he doesn't love her. The conversation isnt about them, she is talking about the people not loving her, the lords. Everyone, even her closest advisors are considering switching to Jon. She knows Sansa knows Jon's secret & likely is prepping 3 regions against her. Dany needs to send a message that keeps her supporters in line (with fear as she cant have love) & to make sure Sansa doesn't resist her control of the North. The surrender of Kings Landing is not enough, burning it down after surrendering though does send a message. In Dany's head she may even think she is preventing a long war against Jon, Sansa & the North. She does not need to be insane for this or this to be someone's bias view or Bran warging her. It is brutal but there is some strategy to butchering the citizens. D&D cud have done with a Daario or someone giving this advice to make sure the audience understands but they like the twist.
  5. RobertOfTheHouseBaratheon

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Sorry I think I'm the only one who thinks there was a cold calculating reason for what Dany did and a sound strategy. Don't get me wrong it's horrific but bear with me: - Dany knows Jon's secret is out - she knows Sansa likely has 3 regions prepping against her - she knows everyone prefers Jon, see the love in they've all been having with him & that her own advisors have been whispering behind her back about Jon's claim. If they were not considering him they would have spoke to her first. So Dany needs to send a message that says, I am the true Targarean and don't think of resisting me advisors/Sansa or anyone else in Westeros. If they don't stay on her side for love they'll stay for fear. In her mind she may even think this is preventing a future war between her and Jon/Sansa. The first moves in the war had already started despite Jon's reluctance so it was coming unless Dany did something. KL had surrendered but she had no intention of letting them live no matter what happened, if anything the doing it after the bells increases the merciless message she wanted to get across. GRRM will do this a lot better I'm sure & i think D&D did need a Dario or someone on screen reminding us this is a military option.
  6. RobertOfTheHouseBaratheon

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    I did try to make a new topic about this, looks like it wasnt approved but is Robin being merged with Harry the Heir?