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  1. I'm getting very frustrated. My avatar pic keeps going back to my FB profile pic all the time, doesn't matter how many times I choose a link for a picture I want to use. Why is this happening? Edit: I removed my FB account from my profile here, I think that fixed my problem..
  2. Hello. I'm new here! My name is Sara and I live in Sweden. Before I discovered GoT/ASoIaF I wasn't into fantasy at all but I decided to give GoT a chance to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly got hooked and after watching S1 I bought the books as well. I could hardly wait to watch S2 first, it feels like forever until that will start. I'm currently reading Crows and I'm about half way through. So far I think Swords is my favorite of the books. Favorite characters are Arya, Jon, Jaime and Tyrion. Also really like Brienne.
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