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  1. Hooded Wayfarer

    "A Feast with Dragons" - advisable for a first read or not?

    I used the combined reading order on one of my rereads. You should probably read it the first time through the way the the author intended. Chronology isn't everything,(GRRM could have split the books up that way if he wanted to), there are thematic linkages that you might miss if you choose this for your initial read.
  2. Hooded Wayfarer

    Most Powerful and Beautiful Moments

    I think Brienne going out to fight the Brave Companions at the inn was incredibly powerful. It nicely parallels a lot of the themes of her chapters, what being a true knight actually is. It's also a cool action set piece.
  3. The truth is that if you love the show so much that you're seriously contemplating reading 5000 pages worth of dense fiction, than you'll probably love the books too.