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  1. I know he planned to do it in two sets of 5. Hopefully the first 5 stand alone. Because 3 years between just isn't going to work. With 6 books to go.
  2. There were some carnivores as well. I meant consequences for the girl for unleashing animals that are going to kill a bunch of people.
  3. This was bad. Plot and dialog were atrocious. Little girl unleashed a bunch of ravenous dinosaurs on humanity that are going to kill countless people, and no one seemed too bothered by it nor will there be any consequences in the sequel. You can tell these movies are made for international market, though. No character development, thin plot, lot's of shit blowing up and people getting eaten.
  4. I liked the plot, a lot. I think Duarte is the best villain they've had in the series so far. I thought the character development of the Roci folks was awful, though. The 30 year time gap not changing anything, as mentioned by others, killed my suspension of disbelief. The Amos and Bobbie fight was ridiculous. Bobbie just randomly beats the shit out of him after he insults her for prying into his emotions. Amos the guy who goes on base and beats the shit out of people didn't gelwith Mr. Morality Jim HOlden.
  5. sperry

    The Deuce

    I am so excited about this, although going to remain cautious. No matter how beautiful the setting, how great the actors, how "dark and gritty" you get, if the story isn't good the whole show is worthless. I.e. True Detective Season 2. Now I don't think there is much chacne this show is that bad, but it could also just be a beautiful looking mediocre story.
  6. Good podcasts usually do tackle issues and topics. The problem is that celebrities and athletes tend to be morons, and it's just not very interesting to hear them talk.
  7. Am I the only person that hates celebrity/athlete interviews on podcasts? Very much prefer when the hosts have guests they are personally friends with, as the rapport is there and it doesn't feel weird.
  8. They are expressly liberal advocates. They aren't even pretending to be fair. I like them, and listen to them, because they are funny and I tend to agree with them, but they are advocates.
  9. I've been listening to Exponent lately, a tech strategy podcast. It's excellent, and was wondering if anyone has any business podcasts they listen to. I've tried Planet Money, which is fun, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Also not looking for finance podcasts, or things looking to prognosticate the market. Exponent talks about what the big tech firms are doing, what the strategic business implications of these moves are, and where it's going. I think it's fascinating stuff, and looking to consume any media similar to it.
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