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  1. I have a questions. How do you guys feel now that you know that house Stark is extinct in the show?
  2. You're kidding, right? The writing was horrible! The entire episode was extremely predictable, from the dragons burning ships, to Grey Worm killing those two guys, to the knights of the Vale coming to the rescue, and even to Rickon's death. It was poor writing at its best. God damn it, I can't believe you guys. What the show did was completely against everything the story stands for. The show is giving the audience what it wants. But that's not what Martin's doing in the books. That's why Ned's dead. That's why Robb's dead. That's why many other characters are dead. Of course we all want the good guy to succeed, I wanted that too, but not with the help of things that just don't make sense. Explain this to me. 1. Why would Ramsay abandon the strategic advantage offered by a huge castle? 2. Why would the Umbers and the other Northern lords join Ramsay? He's a bastard. They all hate bastards. If they like bastards now, why not join Jon Snow? 3. How the heck did the Vale knights travel all the way to Winterfell without Ramsay knowing? And I'm letting out the part where characters are teleporting themselves all over the place, cause I'm a nice guy. 4. I get that Jon Snow is the Lord of Light's favorite, but that still does not explain why he would just start running all alone towards the enemy. 5. 3,000 is not that big a number. Why would Ramsay bother? 6. Why is Sansa smiling at the end of the episode? She just lost her little brother. That's poor writing right there.
  3. How was Sansa right in every scene? I mean, the last one was just stupid. She had just lost her little brother and she was smiling because she got to kill an idiot. Why would you smile? There's no smiling when something like that happens to you. Crying maybe, because of all the relief that you feel, knowing that you're safe and feeling sorry for your dead brother. But not smiling. WTF? Is Sansa psycho or something?
  4. The episode was really bad, kinda like this whole season. Season 6 is about a 2 in my book. It would have been a 1 if it wasn't for that Tower of Joy scene. And if they don't finish it in episode 10, then I will definitely give the season a 1. I feel like the show has strayed too far from the books. I mean, I get that it's fantasy and that a show needs to have action, but what I don't get is why they have to mess with the characters. Turning lord Bolton into hugger(like he'd ever hug anyone), showing Ramsay and Jon as the dumbest commanders ever, the Umbers and most of the Northern lords are traitors who hate the Starks, making Littlefinger into the Flash. And, to top it all, this season they killed off how many important houses? Martell, Stark, Bolton, Baratheon - these houses are all gone. Yeah, the Starks too. And I see a lot of you giving it a 10. Why? Just because they showed some scenes where some guys were pushing some other guys? Come on! Those battle scenes weren't even that good. It was like watching Spartacus, with a little bit less blood. I am super disappointed. Benioff and Weiss have ruined the show.
  5. I'm just saying. If they did it for Gregor Clegane, they could have done it for Rakharo too. There was no need to remove that character from the show. Oh. come on. The show is based on the books. I understant having a purple eyed targaryen is hard but a white dude playing the part of a pirate is easy. They just wanted to make Saan look more exotic. But it does make a lot of money, doesn't it?! He eats the poison that is meant for Daeneris :D I hope they won't cut too many characters. I like Garlan and the sand snakes and others. White Harbors Wrath I think they were just careless when writing the scripts.
  6. I knew that. But the books clearly say that Rhakaro is a youth that is still growing. By the fifth book we see him as a man, bigger and brawnier, completely changed from the boy in the first book. The same thing happened with the character of Gregor Clegane. The actor that played him in the first season, Conan Stevens, went to make The Hobbit. They replaced the actor and did not kill the character. They could have done the same thing with Rhakaro. No, they're not. They did not abbandon Theon, not even once. And Dagmer was a pretty loyal dude. He gave Theon good advice and did what was asked of him. Remember the scene in the fifth book where Reek goes to Moat Cailin to ask the ironborn holding the ruins to surrender. They are reluctant to do so, they want to stay and fight and die. Only after they hear about Crow's Eye winnin the kingsmoot do they accept to give up. And also, the one that came and told them to give up was balon's son, not a nobody. You're right here. I forgot about the part with the cook :) You may be right here as well. Though he may play a bigger part in the books that follow. Salladhor Saan is a Lysene pirate. The Lysene have white-blond hair, blue eyes and smooth fair skin. I know. But it still makes no sense. The talk almost always comes to the financial part. People keep telling me that the actors need to be paid. But it's not like the show is not making any money. I would guess it makes a whole lot of money. A buttload of money. A Scrooge McDuck load of money. And we're still talking about paying actors?! Come on! That would just be wrong. Then they should also scrap the sand snakes, the damphair, Stannis' knights, the rest of the tyrells, etc.
  7. I took a look at the scene again. Robb and Talissa got married under a huge tree! Not a Weirwood, but a tree non the less. And they spoke the words of the seven...... WEAK! The actors carried the show this season. That is the truth of it. Tyrion, Joffrey, Theon, Jaquen, Jamie - I love these characters more because of the actors that gave them life! What is dead may never die!!!! .... sorry about that. Theon's speach still has me in its trance... :D
  8. Good point. However, Robb's religion is not that of the Seven and neither is Tallisa's(if she is from Volantis). I doubt that two people with two different religions would marry into a third different religion. Come on! And there are weirwoods in the south. The Blackwoods still serve the Old Gods and a lot of castles have their own Godswood!
  9. I thought about that but then I remembered that Rickard Karstark also swore by The Seven when they released the Kingslayer. I don't think Robb swearing by the seven was a major plot point. I think it was a mistake. I would like to think it was a mistake. Cause, if not, it would just be a huge "fuck you" from the producers to all the readers of the books. I don't like some of the changes they made. Totally unnecessary. They did not kill Doreah only to have her betray Daeneris. They killed Rakharo, Irri for some unknown reasons. They made lord Tywin look like an old uncle. The ironborn are now traitorous bastards. Ghost is awol. Osha is a slut. Shae is a main character. Ros is.... what is Ros? What is her role in all of this?! Robb's wife is some unknown bitch. Xaro is dead. Salladhor Saan is black. Drogo is Obi-Wan Kenobi. The House of the Undying has only one undying. Ser Barristan did not appear. Neither did Strong Belwas or the Reeds. Episode 9 was the best this season has to offer. It was actually one of the best in the entire series. No wonder since GRRM contributed to its making.
  10. So Robb swears by the Seven. I have to ask. Does it cost to much to make a scene where a northerner swears by the Old Gods and not by The Seven?
  11. By Jupiter... when I read that, shivers went down my spine... :D
  12. 10 out of 10. One of the best episodes in the series so far... Mr. George Martin's influence was clearly visible!
  13. I think it was supposed to show that Joffrey wanted to get rid of Tyrion and his men. It was meant to explain why Mandon Moore tryed to kill Tyrion during the fighting at the Blackwater. And I also think it was meant to present both characters as great warriors.
  14. Interesting episode, the best one this season.No wonder since it was written by GRRM himself. I did not agree with seeing Stannis as Achilles, first one off the boats, leading the men into battle without even an iron half helm on. It kinda makes him look like Robert. When I first heard Bronn sing the Rains of Castamere with the men, I started singing with them. I was laughing like a mad man. When, at the end of the episode, I heard the song again, it gave me goose bumps. It was like the entire room was closing in on me, trying to crush me. A great episode! Full of emotion! One of the best episodes so far. Taking both seasons into consideration.
  15. I hope you all realize that the fact that Bolton's army was separated from Robb's led to him betraying the Starks. In Harrenhall Bolton was KING! With Robb he is just another lord. In Harrenhall he answered to no one. With Robb it would be really hard for him to send messages and communicate with the Lannisters. Bolton taking Harrenhall was the key to him betraying the Starks. I don't get the producers. I feel they're making fun of us, making fun of the books. Do they want to create their own unique show? Maybe they want to make something original. I don't get them. Why kill Irri when Doreah dies in the books? Why kill Rhakaro when he could have easily been replaced. The book clearely says that the guy changes, grows taller and brawnier. I understand the actor left for another movie, but why kill of the character? Didn't the same thing happen to Gregor Clegane? And they just replaced the actor. What the hell?! Why create all this drama with Daeneris? The things she did in the books were supposed to show us how she evolves from a beggar queen to a conqueror. Was dragonnapping really necessary? Why make Robb and Jon look childish when these two characters mature in the second book, becoming men?! Why make Tywin Lannister look like an old grandfather? Where is the Greatjon?! Why kill the Tickler? Where are Jojen and Meera? And, finally, why is Rickard Karstark swearing by the father?(this gives me headaches) I feel like the producers are giving me a huge FU! Am I the only one?
  16. You know, you're right. A tvshow has to spend money to create scenes. A writer just spends ink. I hoped to see Robb destroy the westerlands. All I saw was him flirting with some unknown chick and then doing her. I guess it would have cost too much for her to be called Jeyne Westerling and be the daughter of a Lord from the Westerlands. I hoped to see the Bloody Mummers. Instead they killed the Tickler, cutting out Arya's best scene. It would have cost them a hell of a lot of money to kill off some other randon dude and not the Tickler. I hoped to see the lord of Casterly Rock and learn more about the character. I hoped to see lord Tywin. Instead I saw an old grandfather, telling stories to some unknown serving girl like the good old chap he is. It costs a lot of money to present Tywin Lannister as Tywin Lannister and not Bill Cosby. Lastly, I wanted for the show to pay attention at least at the minor details, those details that actually cost nothing.What did I get? Rickard Karstark saying he wants to cut out his heart and give it to the Father. It would have bankrupted the show if he had said "The Old Gods" instead of "The Father". I understant that there are some things that a tvshow can not show. I understand that there are things that need changing. I don't understant why they have to screw up so much! Season 1 was awesome. It was at least 10 times better than this one. Judging from the point of view of a book reader. Judging from the point of view of someone who hasn't read the books, both seasons are awesome. It's a great show but it could have been better. Some things they should not have changed. And, CrypticWeirwood, if they really do bring Jaquen back and make him into a pussy, then they only ruin another character. But I'm really sure it will be epic to see some guy run after a young girle and give her an iron coin. "Hey, wait! You left before a man could give you a coin. Here, and Valar Morghulis. Oh... a man just deserted from a Lannister army but no problem. It's not like a Mountain is still here hunting for outlaws. Let a man just change a face." Can you taste the epicness?!
  17. They called the first episode of the season "The North Remembers". And I ask you: WHAT? That they killed Ned? THOSE BASTARDS! No, that's not what the north really remembers. The North really remembers the Red Wedding. That's what the North remembers. Like I said before, I don't think Valar Morghulis is tied to Arya. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I explained in the previous post why it doesn't make sense to me to see Jaquen run after Arya.
  18. Valar Morghulis is not tied to Arya. But let's just say Jaquen turns back after Arya, to give her the coin, to tell her the words. Wouldn't this be stupid?! Why would he do that? Why would he care? He paid his debt, he owes her nothing. What? Is he in love with her? Does he feel the need to protect her? Why would he return? If he does feel the need to protect her, why not take her home or to her brother? Why just give her a coin and tell her 2 words? It makes no sense that he would do that. Ofcourse, now that I think about it, you may be right. Seeing as how Greatjon Umber shouts in the first season loud and clear for everyone to hear that "even their gods are wrong" and Rickard Karstark tells us now that he would cut his heart out and give it to the Father, the deity Greatjon said was wrong, it makes absolute sense that Jaquen would return. It hurts my brain to know that the Karstarks, descendents of Starks and of the first men, lords of Karhold, a really NORTHERN castle, bow down to the Seven and not the Old Gods. p.s. The taking of Harrenhall by lord Bolton's men was one of my favourite scenes in the books. It showed how Arya evolved, going from child to grownup. When she first asked Jaquen to kill the first 2 guys, she acted like a child. She could have asked him to kill lord Tywin and some other 2 important dudes and end the war. But she acted like a child and gave in to her rage, didn't think clear and gave the wrong orders. And that's about her last mistake in the books. From that point on, Arya becomes an extremely interesting character, very badass, very complex. When I read the fith book and found out how she killed that guy she was supposed to kill, it made me extremely happy. That act alone was more "kill the boy and let the man be born" than anything Jon ever did. Now Arya is a smart, mature, extremely dangerous character. She is the biggest threat to every character in the book. It's just my oppinion. You may not agree.
  19. You're lying to yourself if you think you'll ever see Jaquen again this season!
  20. I give it a 1 for the scene where Rickard Karstark swears by the Father! p.s. Too bad for the Iron coin - Valar Morghulis part.
  21. Yes, cause lord Tywin Lannister always enjoys a good chat with his sevants. That's totally him!
  22. Lorch is a monster, not an idiot. He may very well be illiterate but, if so, lord Tywin would never give him the task of sending messages. Come on now. We are talking about Tywin Lannister, a man so diabolical and smart that he manages to take advantage of every little mistake his enemyes make. I mean, the man even contacted and bought Robb's mother-in-law. Okay, so maybe he didn't have to try very hard to persuade her to betray Robb, since she was his mother-in-law :D... but still... SMART MOVE! With one message he eliminated Robb's children. With another, he eliminated Robb. And then he sent another message to the Leech Lord and won the north. To me lord Tywins looks like a man who thinks everything through and whose plans are perfectly done. I don't see him making mistakes. (Taking a northern girl as a cupbearer is something he would have never done. We're talking about the guy who inspired the Rains of Castamere...)
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