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    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    The problem isn’t that Jon killed her...it’s the fact that they set the story and characters up so that he had to do it. There were so many better ways they could have depicted her descent not some kind of pavlovian horror. This shows that they didn’t care for her character as much as- say, the lannisters. Fine, you are free to pick your own favorites but if you are scriptwriter adapting someone else’s story and not your own, at least be objective about these characters.
  2. Are you trying to prove that she’s selfish when it comes to certain things? That’s kind of out-of-topic isn’t it? A lot of characters in GoT are selfish at some point, she isn’t the only one and this isn’t a Disney show. Also, Dany’s selfishness is besides the point. Being selfish does not mean you wouldn’t make an effective ruler. It doesn’t mean she’d turn into an evil murderer either. Those scenes were probably set up to show why the North needed to be independent- I wish they could have done this without affecting her character but they were clearly willing to do much worse. I don’t think she cares for the North anymore than Jon cares for the unsullied. It’s not for her to take, which is fine* Had she had more time to get to know Westeros, she could have grown to care for it and the North but that’s not how the story goes. The moment she enters, she has to deal with an unfamiliar problem. Her mistake with that execution was terrible...it still doesn’t mean she’d turn into a murderer. There’s a difference between someone who makes a stupid mistake that costs an innocents life vs. someone who actually meant to do it. Both horrible crimes but only the latter connotes cruelty and malicious intent.
  3. Another thing that makes it difficult is that the screenwriters changed so many things from the books...yet they retained other things as well. They completely whitewashed Tyrion and made him a lot nicer than he really is. Book Tyrion, by A Dance with Dragons, is just awful. Show Tyrion is a saint. Book Jaimie is less dumb and willing to forgive wrongdoings ‘in the name of love.’ Show Jaimie will continue to stand by Cersei until death. Pretty significant differences there. They are basically deciding what to adapt and what to leave behind. Who to whitewash and who to vilify. Can we really blame those who feel that Dany’s change in character was too abrupt? Take those instances of ‘foreshadowing’...couldn’t they easily have been disregarded as red herrings? I mean, if I had been one of the show writers, I could easily have written Dany to NOT go mad and point out that those ‘foreshadowing instances’ were planted there to ‘keep you guessing’ but that I ultimately decided to keep her good. Or say that those instances just showed she was capable* of going insane, not that she would*’ I don’t think people are against Dany going mad, only how they executed it. Even Cersei’s blowing up the sept of Baleor (while unjustifiable) had a better build up. She had just gone through a traumatic experience and which made anything related to the faith of the seven hateful to her. If they had handled Dany’s descent to madness half as well as they did Cersei’s destruction of the sept, perhaps there would be less complaining.
  4. What I don’t get...how is it that Cersei blows the sept and presumably a lot of people but the plot treats her like a lost little girl who just can’t help herself and needs a shoulder to cry on? :/ I am not saying that the walk of shame was justified ( it most certainly WAS NOT) but I really got the impression that the tv writers keep trying to soften everything she does- she blows up the sept of baelor but st. Tyrion and everyone good and supposedly smart constantly plead with her to show kindness, try to appeal to her humanity etc...even to the last minute she responds in kind by beheading missandei joffrey-style. Then in her death scene, is further rewarded with idiotic jaimie coming to cuddle and die with her while she cried like a lost little girl? When Dany does something similar, she gets stabbed to death as a mental case. Isn’t the other one just as much a mental case as she is? But no, she just can’t help herself...why?
  5. digiFemme

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Regardless, I saw them as equals. To have him be the protagonist of the series strikes me as a bit cliche. “Unwilling mistreated all good hero saves the day” is found in a lot of fantasies already. Star wars, harry potter, LOTR... I can just watch those if I wanted to see that. :/
  6. digiFemme

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    The issue I had with it wasn’t even that Dany died- it was how it was executed. By having snow kill her and for the script to treat him as a hero for it, made him her ‘superior’ which I could not accept. I have always seen Jon and Dany as equals* He was a representative of ice and she was fire. Their stories paralleled each other. I didn’t know how their relationship would go in the books. They could have been allies, they could have become enemies- it didn’t matter for as long as they were portrayed ad equals*, narratively speaking. If she was going to go crazy and die, I wanted it handled in a way that wasn’t so abrupt and illogical. If she was going to go out in disgrace, so would HE- but in a different, opposite kind of way...being a perfectly good character in this series isn’t always the ideal for a leader anyway (this was supposed to be THAT type of series that went against the norm and fantasy tropes) This has been stressed plenty of times. But to have jon righteously execute her and just retire...put him in too much of a high position narratively, which to me strikes me antithetical to GoT.
  7. I didn't think the Frey girls were that bad looking; just plain and somewhat unkempt. I like how one of them spoke up when the old man got her name wrong^^. Edmure is shallow for wanting a pretty wife but then again he's going through with it despite not wanting to anyway- for the sake of his family. Doesn't matter if his reasons for not wanting the marriage are trivial or justified, etc. the point is that he's making the sacrifice Robb should have made. The Blackfish comes across as a bully to me but I found his scene -the one where the Frey women were giving him the look, funny. The RW was just as horrific as I imagined from the books, I only wish the scene outside with Arya and the Hound was more dramatic. Not sure but it seemed a little toned down almost as if there were hardly any people around. Michelle Fairley was perfect though, and she nailed the episode.