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  1. I agree. Sansa's story is one of the ones I'm really looking forward to getting back to. It felt like we were left hanging with so many unanswered questions and plots waiting to come to fruition.
  2. sarah.jenice

    Was CERSEI Joffrey's True Murderer?

    Very true.
  3. sarah.jenice

    Was CERSEI Joffrey's True Murderer?

    It's an interesting thought, but probably not the case as other posters have pointed out. Cersei's definitely thought it was Tyrion, but I see where you're coming from wanting Cersei to have created her own downfall. However, I think she will do that with Tommen and somehow be directly responsible for his death.
  4. sarah.jenice


    @serinsight Interesting piece and not one I've seen before. I've always leaned more toward gods not being real in story but rather certain people/groups knowing how to wield magic, which is real. To this end, I think the question of who or what resurrected him. Moqorro survived a similar situation in the sea thanks to his Red God magical skills, so that's definitely a good bet. I really hope squishers/selkies/merpeople aren't really a thing. Sorry if I missed this in the OP, but how do you suppose he ended up in Valyria under the sea? The ship went down in Shipbreaker Bay within sight of Storm's End. I like some of the Valyrian links you've made to his prophetic rambling, especially about the dragons being birds with scales but I'm not so sure about Valyria existing under the sea. Or am I misunderstanding?
  5. sarah.jenice

    Why did Ramsey Bolton take the women and children of winterfell?

    Yikes. I think I must have repressed those Reek chapters.
  6. sarah.jenice

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. sarah.jenice

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    Interesting thought. It's possible he spied through them at some points and most likely also Mormont's raven and Balerion the cat.
  8. sarah.jenice

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    Great read, OP! You have a lot of interesting points, but I think it's important to remember that Bran isn't the only one who saw the 3EC. Jojen did, too, and his 3EC visits also started after surviving a life-threatening situation, which seems to point to that being necessary/helpful in awakening greenseer gifts. Jojen also tells Bran the 3EC is north of the Wall, which supports him being one in the same with the man in the cave. That said, I do think your idea of the 3EC being future is something worth considering. You might have already caught this from ACoK, but just in case, here's another indication that two different people are communicating with Bran in his dreams: I wish we knew more about how the Reed know so much about greenseeing. I especially am curious about Howland Reed's reaction of dispatching his (presumably) only children to Winterfell on a dangerous mission based on Jojen's dream. He must have some reason to believe in green sight and powers of the old gods.
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    Official Testing Thread

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    Official Testing Thread

    [quote name="Quote"][/quote]
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    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    I don't worry about the eye color differences since my own eyes can look green, blue or grey depending on what I'm wearing.
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    Board Issues 4

    How do you edit your signature? I can't seem to figure it out.
  13. sarah.jenice

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I really, really don't want to see Gendry and Mel. If I saw them naked in a preview, I must have completely repressed it.
  14. sarah.jenice

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Does anyone else who didn't like Ros feel responsible for killing her because I sure do? I've disliked her and agreed with all of the complaints about her taking up screen time, but she didn't deserve to go out like that. I guess Joff really couldn't catch the bunnies so he had to tie up a whore to practice with his crossbow. I can't understand what they are doing to Tormund. He's one of my favorite characters in the book, but I guess since the entire raiding party sans Tormund, Orell, Jon and Ygritte fell off the Wall and died, Tormund will be able to escape during the battle so he can have his later plot with Jon. I'm really loving all of the scenes with Jamie and Brienne. They steal the show for me. I didn't like Edmure at first, but he was hilarious in this episode wanting to pick his own Frey and the Blackfish is awesome. I've warned my husband about the Red Wedding but didn't tell him whose wedding it was and now he completely figured it out with Edmure's pending nuptials. I wanted to kick someone when Mel kidnapped Gendry. That just felt completely wrong, and I hope Gendry doesn't have any purpose to serve with the BWB in the books because how could they possibly explain him going back now. I was just waiting for Arya to tell him she would come for him or something, but she didn't. He did abandon her and all, but I was hoping she'd fight for him a little more. I never hated Mel in the books but the show really, really makes me hate her. If only Arya could have just stabbed her there...