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  2. I really, really don't want to see Gendry and Mel. If I saw them naked in a preview, I must have completely repressed it.
  3. Does anyone else who didn't like Ros feel responsible for killing her because I sure do? I've disliked her and agreed with all of the complaints about her taking up screen time, but she didn't deserve to go out like that. I guess Joff really couldn't catch the bunnies so he had to tie up a whore to practice with his crossbow. I can't understand what they are doing to Tormund. He's one of my favorite characters in the book, but I guess since the entire raiding party sans Tormund, Orell, Jon and Ygritte fell off the Wall and died, Tormund will be able to escape during the battle so he can have his later plot with Jon. I'm really loving all of the scenes with Jamie and Brienne. They steal the show for me. I didn't like Edmure at first, but he was hilarious in this episode wanting to pick his own Frey and the Blackfish is awesome. I've warned my husband about the Red Wedding but didn't tell him whose wedding it was and now he completely figured it out with Edmure's pending nuptials. I wanted to kick someone when Mel kidnapped Gendry. That just felt completely wrong, and I hope Gendry doesn't have any purpose to serve with the BWB in the books because how could they possibly explain him going back now. I was just waiting for Arya to tell him she would come for him or something, but she didn't. He did abandon her and all, but I was hoping she'd fight for him a little more. I never hated Mel in the books but the show really, really makes me hate her. If only Arya could have just stabbed her there...
  4. The Winds of Winter

  5. "The north remembers. The Red Wedding, Lady Hornwood's fingers, the sack of Winterfell, Deepwood Motte and Torrhen's Square, they remember all of it."

  6. Absolutely a 10! I've already watched it 4 times.
  7. I've seen numerous comments regarding the death of the High Septon on multiple fan and other sites reviewing the episode, and I've been wanting to set the record straight on his death. People have called the crowd zombies and really said a lot of negative things about that scene, but I was fairly certain that happened to him in the book, but it has taken me this long to get my hands on my copy. A Clash of Kings - Tyrion Page 599 (Jacelyn Bywater delivers the death toll to Tyrion) The list of the slain was topped by the High Septon, ripped apart as he squealed to his gods for mercy. Starving men take a hard view of priests too fat to walk, Tyrion reflected. I know the scene was pretty jarring, and I am not sure how a crowd could rip someone's limbs off with their bare hands, but it did come from the book.
  8. I totally agree that I was disappointed Myrcella cried. From what tiny bit we've seen of her, I've liked her. I guess it was to give Cersei more reason to be pissed at Tyrion. If Myrcella would have taken it like a true princess with no tears, it wouldn't have made as much sense for Cersei's threat to Tyrion. And you're probably right that Tywin would treat Arya as a hostage according to her station and probably in much better conditions than Sansa, but I can't see Arya (even TV Arya) wanting to willingly be a captive. She's a fighter, and I can't every see her turning herself over to the man who she hears working to take down her brother.
  9. On the dragons, my immediate reaction was that it was Xaro. They had that long delay with the Spice King, and since Dany is in his house, he was the first one I thought of. In the book, Xaro has zero interest in helping Dany conquer the Seven Kingdoms so the show has got to make him do something to betray her or it will make no sense that she doesn't accept his perfect offer of ships and tons of money to help her reclaim the Iron Throne. On Robb's woman, I think their scene tonight had a lot of clues in it. I think she is Jeyne Westerling and her story about being from Volantis is completely made up. Robb notices that she is highborn, and Catelyn notices that her family is completely fake. I also think her line about sending information on Robb's troop movements to the Lannisters was really telling. I think they are going to perhaps make her a full blown spy for the Lannisters. She was writing a letter, which as we saw with Arya indicates noble birth, and her joke about it being information for the Lannisters just struck me as true. She definitely folded it up quickly so that Robb and Catelyn couldn't get a look at it. Also, in the scene with Tywin talking about how they are going to defeat Robb, he clearly laid out that they won't beat him in battle and that they need to find out a way to make him fail. We know that failure happens with the Red Wedding, and I think in the same way Margery Tyrell is a combination of her character and her scheming grandmother, Jeyne could be a combination of her and her mother, making Jeyne the mole who reported to Tywin and worked to take Robb down.
  10. That was the first thing I thought! Davos is constantly thinking how he would have done that attack differently, and I would hate it if he makes the blunders that cause them all to suffer so horribly.
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