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  1. Hi Everyone! I've been perusing these forums for a while, and finally decided to join! I have been reading A Song of Ice and Fire on and off for the past couple of years. I'm currently on A Feast for Crows. I've also been watching Game of Thrones since it debuted in 2011. I also really love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I've been going through bit a rough time lately. My mom passed away 3 weeks ago :( Reading, along with prayer, has really helped with the grieving process. Though it is going to take a very long time.

    Oh dear, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that reading and prayers is giving your mind some rest. :grouphug:

    In the literature forum, in Misc, you could find ideas for more books to read if you wish, if you haven't seen that subforum already. Just be aware of the spoiler threads of certain books or series.

    Welcome to the forums QITN!

  2. Thanks. Probably wont have much time to visit the site over the next few days as my partner is due to give birth today. We are having a son and we have decided to name him Tyrion :)

    Wow congratulations to you and your partner!

    I hope all goes well, and we'll see you back here when things settle down at home :)

    Eta: welcome DarkGeomancer!

  3. Hey everyone I'm Alicia, I'm from the UK. I watched the TV Series before reading the books but decided to read them all and they really helped me take my mind off some things.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to contributing and reading peoples interesting yet sometimes strange theories, my favourite characters are Stannis,Daenerys and Cersei.

    Hi Alicia! Welcome to the board, and I hope you have a great time :)

    Cercei is a brave choice of favourite character :D She's one of mine as well. Bad person (in my opinion), but great reading. But that's a discussion for the book threads so I'll leave it at that!

  4. Hello,

    I'm new to the forum and glad I finally found a place to discuss GoT as none of my friends are either interested in reading the books or at least watching the series. I got hyped some time ago when I got ASOIAF for my birthday and couldn't stop reading until the last pages of ADWD. I lurked here for some time now and finally decided to sign in.

    Oh, and sorry for my crappy English, as you'd imagine I'm no native speaker. I read and listen without any problems but I'll be old and grey before I ever get the grammar right. I try nonetheless.

    Greetings, Mikado

    Greetings and welcome to Westeros, Mikado.

    So far I'd say your English is perfect, but I'm no native speaker myself either :)

    I hope you have lots of fun in the forums!

  5. You can ask me.. And I have only been here 3 days (I think!)..

    In fact, I will tell you without the need to ask. As I'm nice like that.

    When you sign in, at the top right you will have your name with a little triangle next to it. click the triangle then click 'my settings'.

    Down the left hand side you should see 'Display Name'.. Here's where you are looking for.

    If that's not it then i apologise, but I'm pretty sure it is

    Yep that is it :)

    I change my name temporarily every once in a while. There is a limit to it though, so you can't change it very often. The history of your name changes can be seen when someone's looking on your profile. You also still keep your old log in name all the time, so you only change the name displayed.

  6. Hello, newcomers!

    Welcome here. =o)

    I wish I can change my username :(


    And you can actually change your name if you really want to :)

    No , my fathers Swedish so for most of my life I spoke that :)

    Hej Ginny! Välkommen till forumet. Din engelska är säkert jättebra, vi hankar oss fram med lite halvdan engelska de flesta av oss! :)

  7. I found this and got all excited, registered... then forgot to check back and login!

    I'm from Norfolk, England, 25, addicted to the books and to a lesser extent the TV show... I can't help but criticise the differences but I'm still ridiculously excited for season 3. Re-reading the books again in my impatience awaiting the next one, but still enjoying them thoroughly :)

    Hi and welcome rhidassa!

    I hope you have fun in the discussions forums, there is a lot to theorize about and plenty of time to do it until the next book ;) Maybe the re-read threads are something for you, they are in depth and a lot of excellent board members are taking part.

    I'm a book fan myself, but like you I am very exited about season 3 too. It's just something fantastic about seeing the world brought to life, even if there are changes in the story that I am no fan of. It's a different story but it's a good one as well.

    Have fun!

  8. I have just changed my profile name. I used to be known as the published poet Iain James Robb. I am now The Killer Snark.

    Hi and welcome Killer Snark!

    Iain Robb will be remembered here, quite a splash that was as I recall but nevermind that. I hope you still feel welcome to all of the general discussions, and have a good time on the board! We are all of different opinions and happy to discuss.

  9. First time visiting this part of the board, but whattheheck, might just introduce myself then, especially when I see people writing in Swedish. Hej på dig!

    I'm Jakob, soon to be 22, I'm (obviously) from Sweden. At the moment I've recently returned from a roadtrip through the US which transcended into a backpacking-trip through South America. All along, my best travel companions where written by George RR Martin. Since returning home I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time on this board. I hope to be able to combine this addiction with studies since I'm starting university monday, Peace and Conflict studies. So, that's me, nice talking to all of you!

    And, yeah, my name is not at all ASoIaF-related, it's from a song by the Libertines (well, not originally, but tell that to 15 year old me trying to come up with a cool nickname), sorry about that one..

    Hej och välkommen Jakob! Peace and conflict studies are very interesting, a few of my former classmates in uni chose that as their secondary subject paired with political and environmental studies. I can only recommend throwing some national economics (macro) in there if you are aiming at a masters. It's incredibly useful stuff to know. And one of the most interesting evening classes I took was in globalization of the markets held by economics and anthropology professors. Best of luck in your studies :)

    I hope you enjoy the discussions on the board!

  10. Welcome CrannogDweller, I've seen you around! But a proper welcome is in order :D

    Trident full of dogs, welcome to the board! May the Old gods and the Seven grant us a short wait. Not likely though...

    Hey! Very excited to be here. Hoping to n00b tube my way into the realm behind the realm, without stepping on too many boots. :cheers:

    For all intents and purposes, my name is what it says my name is. For all other inquires, my name is Mike (son of Charlie). Third of my (middle) name.

    My favorite POV character is Jon; the big "pay-off" moment for me (should GRRM not deny me it) will be when Jon and Arya are reunited. :read: :crying:

    Welcome SaltSmokeAndSnow (SSAS?)

    I'm with you on favourite POV, though I do enjoy other characters POV almost as much. And I found that they grow a lot from re-reading.

    Hello everyone! Im Andrew, finally got round to joining this forum but i thought it best to finish reading Dance first which i got round to doing last week! So yeah hi. Im 20 im from Scotland and i love nerding out over this "universe"

    Welcome home! Seriously, you are in the right place...

    I disappeared when I first registered. Dunno why! But I'm Bacchus!

    Welcome GL! Fellow Swede are we? Hoppas det för nu tänker jag skriva på svenska :) Det är alltid kul att se någon mer härifrån Svedala på forumet, vi är några stycken. Skål broder Gandalf :cheers:

    All of you, have a good time on the board!

  11. Hi fellow n00bs! Welcome on board!

    As mentioned, be careful if you don't want to get spoiled. I would have hoped the "still reading" section was free from spoilers, but perhaps some don't follow the rules, and it is always one self who has to make sure not to get spoiled. Myself, I didn't even start reading any forums before I was done reading ADwD.

    Hey I'm Ed. I have read all 5 books twice since Xmas 2012. All three Dunk & Egg stories as well. on my 3rd watch of Season one followed by my 2nd watch season 2. I find it humorous so many think Jon Snow is a Targaryen even tho this was dispelled when he was burned by fire defending Old Bear. lol. Bran learned to control animals b/c dragons are coming. Sam went to the Citadel to learn about Dragons. Tyrion studies dragons. Jon has his own story arc to worry about. Look elsewhere.

    Firstly, welcome to Westeros forums!

    The thing that makes people disregard Jon's burned hand is that GRRM said specifically, to tell readers who thought otherwise, that it is not normal for Targaryens to be fire-proof and that Dany was unburned because of some magical protection that particular moment she walked into the pyre. She would probably not be unharmed if she tried it again. So Targaryens are not fire-proof generally. If you wish to read more about this there are threads about it and I'll provide GRRM's statement found in the Citadel, FAQ and So Spake Martin section of this board.

    From an interview:

    "Granny": Do Targaryens become immune to fire once they "bond" to their dragons?

    GRRM: Granny, thanks for asking that. It gives me a chance to clear up a common misconception. TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The birth of Dany's dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn't immune to that molten gold.

    "Granny": So she won't be able to do it again?

    GRRM: Probably not.

    Speculation is taking this into account, and among other things also the story of Aerion Brightflame Targaryen and the fate of Aegon V (Egg), Dunk and Duncan the Small. So, if you're interested in this you can find more in the forums and the wiki...

  12. Hello and welcome fellow ASoIaFians! (yeah, I just made that word up, but it will not catch on I'm sure, it's a bit hard to pronounce)

    I'm rather new to this board myself, only been on since September actually, but have spent far more time here than I should. There are so much interesting stuff to find here, and I can recommend trying to find old threads that discuss the topics you are interested in, that gives a lot of insights and creates new ideas. Sometimes the search function is turned off though, but it's always worth a try.

    I hope you'll have fun, I know I do :)

  13. Good catch. I remember that quote from ACoK, in that same book, Melisandre said

    Those spells were obviously put there by the CotF. Valyrian and Mel's sorcery is rooted in fire or blood, the CotF's magic could be rooted in their opposites: living green and ice(or water).

    Nice catch on that too! The CotF could have helped in those spells too, and if that is so, they seem to be helping in protecting humans from both ice and fire...

    The caverns can be a safe place to stay when fire is blazing just as it could be when winter comes.

    I have a theory about the CotF just like you say, that they draw their magic from nature. I think they oppose both ice and fire magic, since they do not practice sacrifice of others for the purpose of immortality or power. Some suggestions are that they do practice blood sacrifice but I think it is unlikely, they give their bodies to the trees for the gain of greenseeing and they live on in the trees since the weirwoods live for thousands of years. That is why there are sculls and bones in their cave beneath the grove.

    The northmen may have practiced (and some still do...) blood sacrifice but I think that is an abomination of the religion, not the essence.

  14. Just a subversive little thought; while its plausibly suggested the tunnels and caverns provide a refuge from the cold, they are also places of darkness and might serve equally well as a refuge from light and fire.

    "There is power in living wood", said Jojen, almost as if he knew what Bran was thinking, "a power as strong as fire".

    When Bran and co finally emerge from the crypts of Winterfell, and see that the godswood stood unburnt.

  15. I like this idea. Perhaps the godswoods were not planted inside the very oldest castles but built around them for a reason long forgotten?

    Ooooh that is very clever. Maybe Brandon the builder who supposedly built Winterfell, and perhaps some other places too, knew about this from the CotF.

    I think he had help from the CotF building the Wall and the Nightfort could have been built at the same time. The Nightfort was there during the reign of the 13th LC, the Night's King's kerfuffle (if the stories are somewhat correct) so that is not very long after Brandon the Builder (who for all we know could be the Night's King himself, heh, all the written stories come from Andal septons anyway, a little rewriting of history is not unheard of), and maybe even contemporary with the construction of the wall. There is a weirwood gate and now a weirwood sapling in that castle, perhaps there was a weirwood grove there when the castle was built? The wood the gate is made of perhaps was not put there but instead it was carved out if existing roots.

    The castles at the Wall in general have tunnels underground too. They were of course built much later, but maybe there was a forgotten reason for the tunnels but they still just kept on making them out of tradition or practicality. The Nightfort could have been the example setting a standard.

  16. it could be possible that all these secret caves and tunnels will become refuges for the living while the land is being invaded by the others and their wights. perhaps these were where people hid during the long night while they were fighting the war for the dawn (obviously not finished in a day so people would have needed to find some safe shelter from the others).

    I think you are on to something (again) here. :)

    The caverns beneath the weirwoods are beneath the earth (CotF sing to the earth), probably protected by some "weir-magic" and it would not surprise me if these places are the only ones that can keep you safe from the Others.

    Places like Mole-town and the crypts of Winterfell could be such other places of refuge, perhaps built for this purpose even, though the stories in Westeros may say otherwise.

    I would not be surprised if we get a POV searching the crypts of Winterfell only to find there is a cavern beneath the hearttree, that can be reached through the tunnels from the crypts. And that there are tunnels going other places too...

    So if the Others invade, those who have been in contact with the CotF and/or know of these hiding places can stand a chance to survive. I guess very few then...

  17. @daenarys snow

    I think you could be right, if there are enough caves above ground connecting the tunnels, but those places would have to be protected and kept clear. It could well be that it is easier for the Children to come above ground now that war have emptied much of the lands in the south.

    Maybe they also can live beneath ground without much food for long times so they could travel through the tunnels, but we will have to see if the story is true about Gendels children. What we know from that story is that there was a tunnel from north of the Wall to point south of it, but it's south exit was not very far since they were cought by Starks and Umbers, and that there are tunnels through parts of the area beyond the Wall.

    I think the tunnels will be significant in the future story somehow, there are so many references to them to just be story-fillers.

  18. Lysono Maar... GRRM misses Daario I think.

    The weirwoods were very interesting, it seems they only remain in places that are protected by some magic in the south. And in some godswoods. So this could be such a protected place for unknown reasons.

    Very, very interesting that Arianne sees weirwoods in the Rainwood. I thought there weren't supposed to be any weirwoods growing "wild" in the forests of the South? We know a couple of ancient southern Houses still have a weirwood in their godswoods, but I thought that those, the weirwood at the Ravenry of the Citadel, and the Isle of Faces were supposed to be the only weirwoods left south of the Neck?

    Were we just never told that the Rainwood has surviving weirwood trees? Or is it possible that new weirwood trees have begun sprouting in the south?

    There was a weirwood sapling in the Nightfort when Bran was there, so I'm thinking the "north" and or the CotF are reclaiming their lands.

    Maybe we will see saplings in other places too, I don't remember any at High heart but I could have missed that.

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