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  1. I didn't know they were releasing an omnibus collecting all 4 volumes
  2. Looks like this will be a bit like Blackwater in terms of chapters with it alternating between the characters in the battle before going somewhere else.
  3. Okay, so... we have the Theon gift chapter, Arianne I which was the second gift chapter, readings of Arianne II, a Tyrion chapter, a Victarion chapter, and now these 2 Barristan chapters. Plus presumably some new chapter in the ADWD paperback (whenever that comes out). Is that right?
  4. Okay, I haven't been watching the show (no HBO), so all my information is second-hand, but as far as I know, Ramsay's atrocities weren't mentioned in the season as they were in the book, so perhaps D&D didn't show the actual burning to keep viewers in the dark to the fact that it wasn't the Ironborn who did it, making the Bolton's betrayal all the more shocking when it happens.
  5. Umm... hello. Well, I've been lurking here for a few months. I found about ASOIAF on tvtropes (along with a few other things), and it really caught my attention. I got the first book last Christmas, but didn't start it for a while. When I heard that GRRM had announced a release date for aDwD, I started reading the series and was hooked. Don't have HBO, so I didn't see the show, with the exception of the first episode cause HBO showed that the weekend it was available to everyone. Yeah... As for my username, well, I wonder if Gerion Lannister is somewhere in Valyria (whether or not he's sane is another matter), and I figured that if we ever got a POV from him, it would be titled something like my username. Umm... I'm not gonna say my real name. So, hope this is awesome. Although some of you people scare me a bit.
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