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  1. Arek, did you try creating a new copy of the file? In my case, downloading the same image from the same gallery, with a new file name and file date, helped when a second file still gave me that message. (Or maybe it was a coincidence, but it couldn't hurt to try.)

  2. Though, weirdly, it allowed me to upload some files and not others. Two of them gave me a message such as "Could not rename file "/tmp/phpaDb8ob" to "public/4/4a/Tobho_Mott_TheMico.jpg"." Logging out and back in solved the issue, though only after I chose slightly different file names.

  3. Btw, my problem with "The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver" when I try to upload an image is still ongoing. Has anyone else had the same problem? I think it's a permission thing, but I can't solve it. Anyone? Ran?

  4. I am going to ask Random House for a list of countries where it's available, and if they can provide any guidance where it may soon become available. I fear the UK territories where HarperCollins Voyager holds rights is one place that is not likely to see it any time soon.

    Thanks. I'm sure there are many, many other Brazilian users eagerly posting "shut up and take my money" shot from Futurama on local forums right now.