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  1. Based on the best-selling novel Damage by Josephine Hart, Obsession stars Richard Armitage (Stay Close, The Stranger) as William, a London surgeon who seemingly has it all — a beautiful wife and family, respect amongst his colleagues, and a life that many people dream of having for themselves.

    Except for William, it isn’t all that and a bag of crisps. So he embarks on an affair with his son’s fiancée (Charlie Murphy, Happy Valley, Peaky Blinders) — a steamy situation that turns into an erotic infatuation which threatens to change their lives forever.

    Costarring Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Gangs of London), and Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel), Obsession, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, April 13, exclusively on Netflix.



  2. 17 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    I’ve hardly watched anything since early in February. The Night Agent (2023) Netflix Original is the first thing I’ve watched since Return. Quite preposterous, though not the part that is traitors in the White House, and other services.  So we’re trying throughout to figure who it is; the first, i.e. most obvious suspect, is murdered before the end of the second episode.  Since it is so ridiculous – o lordessa the dialogue! – its dumbness is equal to my jetlag dullness, thus it was good for priming watching again, and, watching, hopefully, better stuff.

    The best thing, maybe the only good thing, about this series is the actor, D.B. Woodside, playing a Secret Service agent, who once took bullets meant for a POTUS, and who got hooked on painkillers via recovery. Most of us saw him first as Principal Wood in Buffy, and later, as the angel Amenadiel, the brother of the series's titulary Lucifer.  Here he’s Agent Monks, a joy as always to see on the screen, and as sexy-swoony as ever.

    I watched the whole thing for my sins!:P

    Dear God,but the main male lead is the worst young actor i have seen recently.:ack:


    The Good Mothers is a 2023 British-Italian crime drama streaming television series directed by Julian Jarrold and Elisa Amoruso. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Alex Perry, which is based on true events, the series depicts how the three courageous women inside the notorious Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia worked with newly minted female prosecutor, to bring down the criminal empire.

    It won the Berlinale Series Award in the festival, the first time by any series. The Good Mothers will be available for streaming on 5 April 2023 internationally on Disney+ and on Hulu in the United States.

  4. New Rebus revealed!



    We’ve known for some time that Viaplay – the Nordic streaming service that recently launched in the UK – has been working on a new version Sir Ian Rankin’s Rebus.

    Now we know who is going to play the revered Detective Inspector.

    Outlander and Trust Me star Richard Rankin is stepping into the hallowed shoes, once occupied by Ken Stott and John Hannah.

    Based on Rankin’s novels, Viaplay says that the series opens with 40-year-old police officer John Rebus (Richard Rankin) at a personal crossroads after a fight with a notorious mobster in Edinburgh.


  5. International Booker prize announces longlist to celebrate ‘ambition and panache’



    The list includes books from Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov as well as Indian novelist Perumal Murugan who declared himself ‘dead’ after protests against his workOne of Ukraine’s best known writers, a novelist back from the “dead”, and an author who dictated her book are among the long listed writers for this year’s International Booker prize.The list, said French Moroccan novelist and chair of judges Leïla Slimani, “celebrates the variety and diversity of literary production today”.This year’s 13-strong longlist contains three languages – Bulgarian, Catalan and Tamil – that have never appeared before. In total, the list comprises 11 languages with three writers – GauZ’, Zou Jingzhi and Amanda Svensson – whose work has appeared in English for the first time.

    The shortlist of six books will be announced at London Book Fair on 18 April, with the winner announced at a London ceremony on 23 May.



    The 2023 prize is being judged by Leïla Slimani (chair), Uilleam Blacker, Tan Twan Eng, Parul Sehgal and Frederick Studemann.


  6. https://ew.com/tv/ciaran-hinds-becomes-latest-game-of-thrones-veteran-to-join-the-rings-of-power/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_entertainmentweekly&utm_content=new&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=64187b4c85f51e000144c12e

    "In addition to Hinds, Amazon also announced on Monday that Rory Kinnear and Tanya Moodie are joining the cast. Kinnear is perhaps best known for his role on the very first episode of Black Mirror, in which he played a beleaguered British politician who's blackmailed into having sex with a pig on live television, and just last year portrayed the shapeshifting embodiment of patriarchal oppression in Alex Garland's Men. Moodie, meanwhile, recently appeared in Sam Mendes' film Empire of Light and Showtime's TV adaptation of The Man Who Fell to Earth."

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