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  1. Jones, Gomez, Keita have been very average in pre-season so far. Carvalho and Elliot were disappointing tonight. Konate needs to learn not to step out everytime in defence. Diaz needs to score goals now, rest of his game is excellent. I'm also disappointed with Klopp that he didn't play Nunez with Diaz and Salah.
  2. Stick to the UK adaptations, they are far superior. Have watched and enjoyed both. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persuasion_(1995_film) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persuasion_(2007_film)
  3. So Liverpool having reached 3 finals and winning 1 of them made a nice load of money. Wonder how much roughly. They could buy Bellingham surely with just the CL money?
  4. The Boys’ Superhero College Spinoff Title Revealed: Welcome to ‘Gen V’ https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/the-boys-superhero-college-spinoff-gen-v-1235317442/
  5. Full clip on - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QH98YG1/
  6. Great news about the Salah contract extension. Julian Ward deserves credit. Now get a damn midfielder in!
  7. So Netflix dropped this anime called Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy. I have no idea what it's based on but the title and cheesy synopsis has me interested in watching it!
  8. ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Greenlighted By Netflix https://deadline.com/2022/06/squid-game-renewed-season-2-greenlighted-netflix-1235043538/
  9. So if one has a bad reputation, they can be defamed in public without consequence?
  10. Even though she defamed him with malice, as the jury found? Would that be justice?
  11. Amber Heard's statement on twitter is out. She is so full of herself and delusional.She claims her 'mountain of evidence' lost against the 'power of Depp'
  12. Heard has to pay 15 million dollars to Depp.
  13. ‘True Detective’: Jodie Foster To Star In Season 4 Of HBO Anthology Series https://deadline.com/2022/05/true-detective-jodie-foster-to-star-season-4hbo-1235033965/ Endeavour TO END after ninth series says ITV https://thekillingtimestv.wordpress.com/2022/05/24/endeavour-to-end-after-ninth-series-says-itv/
  14. It's hard to take this title loss by a fucking point again.Ok, Villa nearly did us a favour but it's those 8 draws that ultimately cost us. Against City, anything more than 6 draws and in a season and most likely we won't win next season again. And Klopp has to find a way to beat City in the 2 fixtures next season. The only good thing today was fucking Burnley getting relegated!
  15. Tom Hardy's Taboo Season 2 Finally Has A Planned Filming Start Date https://screenrant.com/taboo-season-2-filming-start-date-tom-hardy/
  16. starring Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, and Amy Brenneman.Based on the bestselling novel by Thomas Perry
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