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  1. Yes Jurgen , keep telling us we don't have "monopoly" money instead of buying a fucking midfielder. No fan is asking to spend 100 million in Jan. But surely you can get a decent one for 40-50 mill? Imagine if Thiago or Fab get injured and we haven't bought one. There are still so many games to play.
  2. 2023 crime drama/mystery preview https://thekillingtimestv.wordpress.com/2023/01/01/the-vast-killing-times-2023-crime-drama-preview/ My picks: Vera (Series 11&12) - Incoming: January Unforgotten (Series 5) - Spring Endeavour (Series 9) - Endeavour will be back for three, final episodes this year. ITV is badging it ‘the end of the beginning’. Dalgliesh (Series 2) - The second series of Dalgliesh will adapt another three novels from P.D. James’ international best-selling murder mysteries with each being told over two hour-long episodes. Bertie Carvel will reprise the role of the uniquely enigmatic detective. Death Of An Expert Witness, A Certain Justice and The Murder Room are the novels featured in series two. Candice Renoir (Series 5)
  3. Good results for us tonight. Now let's hope we don't bottle it against Brentford.
  4. Beat Tottenham and United this month and your game against City in February will decide it. Of course you still have to take as many points against other teams till Feb . From the City game onwards you have fixtures against mid table and bottom table teams which you should win. In April you play us at our place and Chelsea at home.
  5. So the question now is will Arsenal bottle the title or not?
  6. Henderson is done. He's making my blood boil. Instead of tracking the players whom he's supposed to be tracking, he was stood there like a cow. I would take off Virgil and bring on Konate.
  7. Henderson, Elliot, Ox and Robertson have all been terrible.
  8. I read this back in September and really liked it quite a lot. FYI, this is the author's first secondary world fantasy. He mainly writes literary fiction under the name Will Wiles.
  9. What a player he was in that season for us...oh well, all good things come to an end.
  10. Episode 1 of the new LFC podcast. Hosted by Robbie Fowler and Peter Mcdowall.
  11. Apart from his World Cup goals, he's been in pretty good form in the Dutch league, in the last 41 games he has 21 goals and 25 assists. To be honest, this is a pretty sweet forward line-up
  12. Man held after three people killed in shooting at Kurdish centre in Paris https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/23/dead-injured-paris-shooting-reports
  13. Is this the end of an era at Liverpool? Simon Hughes Dec 22, 2022 https://theathletic.com/4023649/2022/12/22/liverpool-klopp-ward-fsg-edwards/ Could someone summarise the main points from this article? It's behind a paywall.thanks.
  14. This is what happens when you play the inferior defender. Konate is heads above this clown Upemecano.
  15. The FA badly want an English coach to win a major trophy don't they? Good news for us though, TAA will be on the bench, resting.
  16. My brother saw it earlier today. He found the middle part of the movie slow and boring. He gave it 5/10.
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