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  1. I'm really looking forward to what Amorim can do with this squad, especially defensively.

    An excellent in-depth analysis of his tactics if anyone's interested:




    Core Tactical Approach

    Unless anyone has footage from his Casa Pia third division games which proves otherwise, Amorim has always used a 3-4-3 base system for all his teams. This naturally has some variations in different phases of play – and indeed it’s these variations that mark him as an interesting coach tactically (which will be discussed in detail in Part 2 and Part 3) – but his core idea has always been built on a clear positional 3-4-3 foundation with inside forwards3 in the half spaces, wing backs providing width and 3 CBs to recycle possession and provide security at the back, enjoying the strong positional coverage that the formation naturally brings.

    Amorim’s tactical approach is founded upon a solid defence. Having gone almost two decades without a title, Amorim’s prioritised solidity without the ball as the way to bridge the gap to FC Porto and Benfica, with Sporting conceding the lowest xGA in the league in both of his first two full seasons, and again currently lead the way this season.4


  2. Some of these players need to be cleared out in the summer by the new coach.

    Origi at least scored important game winning goals for us. This Nunez is a horrible finisher! Waste of 80 million.

    All Diaz does is dribble, dribble , dribble......

    God I miss Mane! :(

    Slobo has turned into Bozo unfortunately. 

    In short, not convinced by these new players so far.

  3. 6 hours ago, Mexal said:

    My takeaway from that game is we can win in Munich and should. So on we go.

    Bayern have an excellent record against English teams at home in European competitions.

    IIRC, between 1970-2023, only Norwich, Liverpool and Manchester City have beaten them in Europe at the Allianz.

  4. 2 hours ago, House Cambodia said:

    Been reported today a Saudi club will offer £70 million. Down a fair bit from the £100m+ last close season.

    If no competing club comes along with more than 70 offer , then with 1 year left on his contract, Edwards/fsg will have to decide whether they take the 70 mill or keep Salah for a final season and let go on a free.

    No doubt he will give us 20 goals and 10 assists again, minimum. Cause unless they have a top replacement who can guarantee similar numbers, what's the point of selling him.

    We cannot rely on either one of Darwin/Diaz to get us those 20 minimum.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Iskaral Pust said:

    Hot-take: Liverpool should sell Salah this summer if there’s a good offer available. and execution.  But the quality of his scoring has dropped off a lot, and his scoring mostly relies on the team spamming him with chances rather than him finishing well.

    I would sell him only if Saudi teams came for him, create a bidding war ,sell for minimum 100-120 million.

    He will be 32 in June so I don't expect any European team to pay more than 50-60 million , at best.

  6. 21 minutes ago, ljkeane said:

    Come on. He's seen him coming, nicked the ball away and is absolutely going for the penalty but he's not obliged to hurdle Wan Bissaka's leg.

    :lol: Fuck off. You're really burnt out on the best manger we're likely to have for the forseeable future? Ok then.

    U fuck off . 1 title in 9 years. Bottling the league title thrice now? 

    Is there a trophy for being best manager for coming second or bottling the league thrice now? 

    Klopp even said today in an interview, he collects relationships not trophies. 

    Is there a trophy for relationships? Loser mentality.

  7. Our front three must be the most wasteful in front of goal.

    Salah especially has been absolutely average. 

    Klopp plays Konate against relegation fodder Sheffield but plays the inexperienced kid Quansah against United at OT. Nice one Klopp <_<

    Oh well, it's now Arsenal's to lose this PL race.

  8. If true, could City and Chelsea escape points deductions etc?


    ‘A ‘luxury tax’ has been considered, where those clubs who overspend will have a financial punishment which would increase the more they splash the cash. But clubs can choose to press on regardless if they wish.

    ‘The monies collected, which could run into the tens of millions, would then be redistributed to those Premier League who complied with the rules. It has been discussed that some of the fines could even go into an ’emergency fund’ to assist EFL clubs in financial danger.

    ‘Currently, such a tax features in America’s Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association, and relates to the amount spent on the salaries of the playing squad.’


  9. The long-awaited adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s novel “The Mirror and the Light” has wrapped.

    In the first images from the production, released by the BBC and Masterpiece PBS, Kate Phillips can be seen reprising her role as King Henry VIII’s third wife Jane Seymour, while Mark Rylance returns as the king’s chief advisor Thomas Cromwell and Damien Lewis as the king himself.

    Based on the final novel in Mantel’s award-winning “Wolf Hall” trilogy, which follows the rise and fall of Cromwell, the new images come some 18 months after Mantel’s sudden death at the age of 70.


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