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  1. 26 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    In other not giving a damn news.

    Bayern's calamities continue. Losing to Lazio was certainly not how this was supposed to go. It was just a 1-0 loss, so nothing is broken for them, but an exit against Lazio could mean exit for Tuchel before the end of the season, too.

    Dammit, wanted Bayern to win. If Tuchel gets sacked, high probability they will go for Alonso, which I don't want... obviously ;)

  2. Prey Director Dan Trachtenberg to Helm New Predator Movie Called Badlands

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new movie is titled Badlands and is set to begin production this July. Trachtenberg also co-wrote the story with Patrick Aison, with Aison penning the script.

    While we don’t know much about the plot of Badlands, we do know that it’s not a sequel to Prey and takes place in the future. Like Prey, however, it’s also rumored to star a female lead.

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