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    Fantasy fiction, science fiction, Arthurian legend, classic lit, writing (short stories, poetry, fanfic), tv fandom, music, history, games, lgbt.

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  1. Hi, I'm Susie :) I'm from England, and am currently a little way into the first book in asoiaf. My friend had been harassing me for years to read the books, but I was prompted by the TV series starting. I watched a few episodes, and decided that I wanted a more in depth view and the world and the characters (now my friend won't shut up about how he'd told me to read the books). I'm going to finish the current books before I even think of watching the series – which, is very well done, but I've found I much prefer the fiction to the series. I hope to meet people I can have debates with about it! Although I'm not particularly good at arguing my point...nothing I ever say makes any discernible sense.
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