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  1. The fact that he's a white walker-type humanoid who used to be a member of the night's watch who has some sort of control over ravens and is in contact with the 3-eyed crow (who the TV viewers have already been introduced to)...
  2. This. Time one-thousand. Storm is one of the best books of the series, with nary a dull spot post red wedding. If anywhere the show doesn't need to add any fabricated story lines, its here. Cold hands would have made bran a million times more interesting. IMHO
  3. I am very upset about the end of this episode. Readers have been praised for not spoiling unsullied viewers, and now the show (apparently/maybe) spoiled us. Not cool HBO. I don't think I'll be watching anymore, and that makes me sad.
  4. Where the hell is Ghost?! I was really looking forward to seeing Tywin's horse shit in the throne room, but at least they included it..unlike Renly's damn peach. and... where the hell is Ghost? oh, and how is Sam going to get out of THAT predicament? I'm not even going to begin to discuss the major plot changes or the butchering of the HOTU, I can't even stomach it. I guess we should all try and think of it as something to kill the time until the next book is released/written.
  5. Hound redemption... the only thing that saved this episode--well that and the mention of "the bastard of the Dreadfort". I just really thought the sack of Winterfell (along w/ Ser Rodrick's beheading) and the Kings Landing riots were cheesy as hell. This was my least favorite, boarding on worst episode ever...and I'm usually not that much of a complainer, I usually defend the "visual representation" of the novels. But this one was just plain bad. Disappointed.
  6. Asha- I couldn't agree more. I love love love her in the books, she is one of my favorites. "Yara" is a completely different character. She looks nothing like how Asha is described and just comes off as a spoiled brat. Granted, Asha does have some bratty moments in the book... But I feel like they are really portraying her wrong and it bothers me. Of course I'm sad about no Jojen and Meera, but I think I can live with it... I really like Osha in the show. (null)
  7. Hey guys! I'm an English grad student from the Philadelphia area. I'm new to forum posting in general, but I couldn't resist this one since this book series pretty much runs my life.
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