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  1. Whether it be just clicking "random page" over and over or going to one subject and clicking a link in that page and then a link in the page it brings you to, etc.   I've only gone about an hour at a time but I'm sure there are some who have surfed a lot longer. 
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    It's not my site but the place I consider my "home site" on the net and that has some good GoT discussions is a Message Board dealing with movies/tv in general that is part of a large site called Tigerdroppings (the overall site started out as an LSU football fan site but has expanded to include all kinds of stuff): http://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/movie-tv/ During seasons there are weekly GoT episode threads (one for readers that we call Maesters and one for non readers that we call Hodors - kind of the opposite of the sites that refer to them as sullied and unsullied) Aside from the episode threads there is one large "Crackpot Theories" thread (obviously contains book material) that stays on or around the front page and is up to close to 1000 pages and various other GoT threads that come and go. Most are labeled in the subject line whether they contain reader material.