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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Except that we know some can work a "glamor" and slightly change their appearance. If COTF are still in the south, IMO they wld usually be in hiding. For example, the COTF Leaf we meet in ADWD's in the Bran chapters claims to have walked the southern kingdoms for many years--yet appears to Bran and the others as a COTF. It wld be my speculation that Leaf had walked the south but had done so in a glamored disguise. (And so would assume that there are some more COTF in the south even at the book's time but very, very few.)
  2. Glyn Tarvoke

    References and Homages

    In ADWD prologue, I think the wolf One eye is a homage to the wolf One Eye from Jack London's White Fang.
  3. Glyn Tarvoke

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    In A Storm of Swords, there is a prophecy not yet discussed by the Citadel. Davos, page 602. The quote reads, I think Stannis has misread his vision. I think the vision refers to him, Stannis, as a future he sees in the flames--not to Joffrey who dies choking. Later, we see Stannis's flesh melting away: he is described as continually losing weight as he deals with problems as he tries to grasp Westoros's kingship. Stannis has good points to be sure, but leading men is generally a position for which he ill suited. By the end of ADWD, Stannis is described as nearly skeletal.
  4. Glyn Tarvoke

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Also, Doran knows he is going to die soon. He needs Arianne to get some experience quickly. He knows that if Dorne throws in with JC and IMO the mummer's dragon, she will need to deal with any aftermath. Therefore, its important she herself check out the situation with JC and Aegon.
  5. Glyn Tarvoke

    References and Homages

    For Braavos homage, I'd go with Holland, over Venice. Amsterdam is filled with canals; it had a long ship going history (many colonies in places like Java and so forth); and is famous for its religious tolerance. Fought several wars to be free from the Spanish/Italian dominated Catholic Church. Now, we don't see the Braavosi riding bikes but apparently they are not invented yet.
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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Interesting. Sounds like Euron but I tend to doubt that one. I think seducing your brother's beloved wife is enough to cause a lot of hate--and maybe a death or two. I often wondered if Theon Greyjoy's brothers had molested him. The books mentions beatings and cruelties but not the molestations--and it would be strange if Theon was molested not Asha now that I think about it so I'll maybe that speculation should be ruled out.