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  1. Why should he? The blog post is clearly not meant as a clue for further plot points because all that could change as he points out in the post itself. He won‘t change stuff to be different than the show so that it is different. But that still might happen for narrative reasons. The blog post is more athmospheric than clue giving and I like that. Even GRRM has the right to say how he liked the shows last season and he does so in the post. But why would he give specifics? As for specifics, the very long post a few posts ago has a lot of good points. I do however think that the two big plots will be switched chronically from the show to the books. Meaning we first get the showdown at Kings Landing (and then maybe at Casterly Rock where Cersei fled back to) before we move North for the fight against the Dead (or they move South after having defeated Stannis at Winterfell). This will allow for a sort of Sacrifice plot in the heart of winter or somesuch that the show clearly didn‘t want to do (and why they invited the Night‘s King for that purpose). We‘ll see, hopefully soon
  2. Well, first of all, the Winter will need to last longer. I mean they kinda forgot about that in the books, that Grand Council Scene was awfully sunny. Then he‘d need to come down and they would need to settle on an elective monarchy + a „council of the 7 Kingdoms“ with those 7 ambassadors having some powers. But doing this in Kings Landing seems wrong (by the way, if Dany truly sacked and burned Kings Landing, how can they set up the capital again there?). However, the proposal that Bran is a show stand-in for Willas (the cripple!) here seems intriguing. Generally, the show ending was not enough „breaking the wheel“ for me, too many old ways here. But I must agree with most what has been said in here. In that way, the show made me just more hungry for the next books.
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