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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Been a couple of years since I read the books, so I'm hazy enough not to pick up on every change, which makes it more enjoyable. (My sister sat through The Hobbit making notes on all the deviations from the book, as her son had wisely forbidden her to speak!) Thumbs down to Sky though, for talking over the end credits with the wonderfully ironic rendition of the Bear.
  2. I really enjoyed this episode. To me some good talk scenes are well worth a dearth of action. Love Asha and Theon. Loved Davos and Stannis. I can't help feel if you're going to commit suicide by falling in love with the wrong woman, let alone bring about the deaths of your mother and followers, Talissa is a lot more worth it than boring old Jeyne Westerling. I liked how Talissa's back story told us something about Volantis and the slave society, which hasn't really been touched on yet but will be so important. Wish Arya had got to kill a guard though.
  3. Hi, I'm Emma Read lots of fantasy in my teens, then sort of 'grew out of it'. Watched GOT and now I'm reading the series avidly - best thing I've read in years, I'm enjoying it SO much. Just finished book 3 (am I the only one who can never remember the names? I'm sure there was an 'and' in it...) so I'm steering clear of forums beyond that. Now I have to wait for OH to finish 4 so I can read it. Agony! Anyway, I'm lurking about here reading this and that, may even post one day...
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