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  1. Second, it seems like they switched Maester Cressen's character and Davos' character! Cressen was urging Davos to tell Stannis "the truth", and yet Davos has ALWAYS told Stannis the truth! That's one of the reasons we AND Stannis love him. On a corollary note, the way Melisandre treated Cressen was totally off-character. In the book, she is very polite to him, even urging him to put aside the poisoned wine. Well, there is one scene where she tells Cressen to where the fool's cap, but in general, she does not speak in the vulgar way that she talked to him "you smell of fear and piss and old bones"...that is NOT something Mel would say. And she's not a favorite character of mine. Also, I think that to people who haven't read the books, the burning of the 7 might be very confusing. There is not enough information. Imho, they should have spent more time on Dragonstone, with this man Stannis and Davos etc. whom the viewer knows NOTHING about -- the ones who haven't read the books, that is.

    The relationship between Davos, Stannis, and Melissandre in my opinion is going to be the hardest to portray in a short period of time. I figure give it sometime and see what happens, you never know.

    Why were there no clansmen or Bronn accompanying Tyrion into Joffrey's nameday jousting? It was a symbol of his power. I agree that Jack Gleeson does his part exceptionally well, but that leads me to another scene that I hate - where he says "how many women did he fuck when he got tired of you?" and Cersei slaps him. She never does that in the book. That's Tyrion's job.

    Actually Bronn and the Clansmen follow Tyrion into the scene, right after the drunk is spared and made a Fool. Bronn is standing next to The Hound.

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